Pricing Your Artwork

The question of how art should be priced is an especially common one, particularly for emerging artists with little access to feedback on their market rate.

In general, artists tend to undervalue their art. Fresh graduates fear price standing in the way of a final sale, while some artists are simply unsure of their talent. As such, artwork pricing should be based on the following factors (rather than personal ideas of self-worth):

  • How much time did it take to create your artwork, frame it, ship it, look for juried art competitions, fill out forms, read and reply to emails, prep images, etc?
  • How much did your medium cost? Price out the paint, canvas, print, frame, packaging, and shipping.
  • How much experience do you have? How many years have you been creating? How “big” is your name?
  • How unique is your artwork?
  • What kind of reputation are you looking to foster? Do you want to be considered a high end artist or an affordable artist?

Note: We deduct the standard 50% gallery commission. This should not, however, translate into a doubling of your price. We will not accept a doubled price if your market rate does not support this amount. Always keep future gallery representation in mind and remember that 50% commission will be included.