How to Frame Artwork

Gallery Hanging Rules

We prefer works that are shipped and delivered in ready-to-hang condition, preferably with a wire attachment between 1/3 and 1/4 of the way down the side of the piece.

Unframed works are accepted but require wire attachments for wall hanging. The decision to frame with or without glass or matting is entirely at your discretion.

The gallery reserves the right to refuse hanging of works deemed not presentable.

Overseas applicants

Artworks arriving from overseas, will be accepted unframed or unstretched. You are however responsible to order the frame (online stores, see below), and have these delivered to the gallery. Staff time are charged USD30/hour for framing.

Please plan ahead, and have your artwork arrive at least 1  week before the opening to allow us time to frame your art.

For works on paper, you need to pre-order and pay for your frame online. Visit these websites IKEA USA for instance or  here. Delivery is normally one week, so plan ahead!

Once your frame is delivered to the gallery, we charge an hourly USD 30.- service fee for each artwork we frame for you.
Please be advised, we are unable to ship the artwork framed to you, if you have no pre-paid label to cover this extra cost.

For works on canvas, based on the size of your artwork we will send you a quote for material and workman hour fees to stretch your canvas.  Do have a budget of min. USD 70.- upwards. The final cost depends on the size of the canvas.  If unsold, your artwork will be shipped back rolled.

Fixing fee

There will be a minimum $32 fee for each of the pieces that require fixes in order to hang. If your artwork needs to be prepared in any way for hanging, there will be a minimum $32 fee depending on the amount of work that needs to be done on the artwork.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • opening frames to clear, dust, hairs or other debris between the artwork and the pane,
  • readjusting pictures onto their mounting,
  • touching up, repairing edges and sides of frames,
  • wiping off canvases that have been wrapped in wax paper, etc.

Photography and print mounting

All photographic prints and easy-to-wrap artwork must be properly mounted or warping does occur and we cannot hang a warped print.

Place the name of artist and artwork taped securely to the back of each piece.

If your artwork is different from what was represented in your submission and or the presentation does not meet our gallery standards we reserve the right to refuse to hang it. 


Works on paper

No gaudy gold or silver frames, plastic or battered frames or unfinished wood frames are acceptable!

Use archival materials in making and presenting your artwork to preserve your art.

We ask that you frame your artwork in simple, typical gallery black or white frames made out of wood. This ensures for a finished professional look. When framing in wood, consider purchasing a framer’s point driver for flat artwork.

You must have gallery approval if your framing does not meet our specifications.

Mount your photographed prints! An unmounted print can bubble in the frame and looks extremely unprofessional.

For canvas artwork

Make sure that it is stretched well. If you are framing with glass/plexiglass, ensure there are no hairs and dust caught between your art and the glass. Unless it is part of your piece it should not be in there. Use some canned air and blow unwanted debris out.

Do try and use stainless steel braided picture wire for the back of the artwork. It works best for smooth hanging and deters rusting. Make sure that the screws you use and securely placed into the back of the frame and won’t pop out when it is hung – this will damage your work!

What not to do:

Glass is not recommended.  If you do use glass please package very well even if dropping off your artwork. We recommend plexiglass for those who are shipping as we have received artwork that could not show because of glass breaking in transit.

Do not leave dust inside the frame.   The finished presentation – front, back, top and bottom – is part of the whole work. It should appear to be new and well crafted, not battered and shop worn or flimsy or fragile.

If it looks bad we do reserve the right to refuse to hang it.