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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. As Skye transitioned from the Framework to the real world, she found herself back in , everything from those four years nothing more than a dream. Or was it a warning? She finds herself with a challenge. Can she fix the past to change the future that made them all suffer?

Quickly she rose through the ranks of Stark industries. Keep reading. Smutty one-shot sequel to Between the Shadow and the Soul. Skye has a weakness for 2 things: neck kissing and spanking. The neck kissing doesn't throw Ward off that much but the spanking came out of left field.

They were flirting fairly heavily one night after drinks and Skye kept arching her back and curling around him forcing her ass in the air and though it had him mesmerized, Ward was able to hear Skye whisper "hit it" in his ear. The numbness from the alcohol didn't stop Skye from thoroughly enjoying the spanking and long hours of sex that followed. His eyes must be pitch black now as he stared at Skye.

She was on her hands and knees in nothing but her black lace bra and panties. He licked his suddenly dry lips as Skye looked at him. She gave him a sultry smile.

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He kneeled behind her on the bed, suddenly extremely thankful that they had chosen to rent a motel room nearby instead of returning to the base. He rested his left hand on her hip and raised his right hand. Skye surged forward with a hissed. The sounds she was making was making made him even harder, if that were possible. Deciding to make it more interesting, he gripped her underwear and pulled them off.

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The rip echoed around the room. It took him three seconds to rid himself of his clothes. In that time, Skye pulled off her bra, leaving her breast bouncing and free.

skyeward smut

She laid on her back and spread her legs in invite. Ward crawled up her body like a demon possessed. He immediately sucked a brown nipple into his mouth before thrusting into her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him further in. Her hands gripped his back. He pulled out slowly and thrust back in hard. Skye left out a long, loud groan as he repeated the movement again and again. He happily complied, ramming into her so hard and so fast that the entire bed was moving with them. Only I can make you feel this way. He could feel her shaking her head in agreeance. His hands gripped her hips tightly.

skyeward skye grant ward skyeward smut skyeward - skyeward fanfic - agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. agents of shield aos maos reading is good for the hiatus grant ward is taskmaster skye is quake lots of name cameos mariafics. Skye And Ward Dating - Quote, 50 year old woman dating 35 year old man, like you lyrics jong hyun dating, dating man cerebral palsy. Voyeur. Celina Sweet Chocolate escort in Bamburi Mombasa. Hi Guys, I'm a new and young chocolate sexy model, call girl at Bamburi/ - | unleash Three years ago Skye and Ward ran in hopes of finding a life together, leaving the team in pieces but circumstances are forcing a broken team back together and a family to ask for the help of some old friends. SEQUEL TO .

She would definitely have bruises in the morning. His thrust grew erratic and she began to tighten around him.

Only yours! It was the mixture of her orgasm and her admission that had him stilling over her as he emptied his seed deep inside her with a resounding moan.

He collapsed on top of her, completely out of breath. After a few moment Ward reluctantly pulled out of her and fell to the side. Knowing that something did not feel right, Ward followed his girlfriend and remained hidden while Johnson met with Jemma Simmons.

While they were about to leave, Ward ambushed them and asked Johnson whether Simmons was his source within the Resistance. On the way, Ward told Johnson that she was an Inhuman and was surprised to know that she was already aware of this fact.

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Afterwards, he drove Johnson and Simmons to safety while erasing their tracks. He also learned Johnson's true identity and stated that they needed to talk later. Johnson ignored him and proceeded to continue doing so before the pair tried to leave the Triskelion.

However, Melinda May summoned Johnson to a briefing, so she trusted Ward with Radcliffe's location and asked him to give it to Jemma Simmons. Ward and Jemma Simmons fly to Ogygia. Ward returned to the Playground and informed the Patriot that Johnson though Ward kept calling her Skye could be in danger.

Ward confronted Simmons about the fact that his girlfriend seemed to have changed after encountering Simmons and questioned his loyalty, but Simmons proved her allegiance by showing him her S.

ID, so Ward reluctantly gave her Radcliffe's location. Ward then took S. The three of them quickly found the former scientist.

Skye and ward dating fanfiction

Simmons and Coulson began to confront him about his actions but Ward, who did not understand anything about their conversation about another world and feared that HYDRA agents could have spotted them, ordered Radcliffe to come with them, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the Zephyr One with Madame Hydra and The Doctor on board.

Ward, Simmons and Coulson hid in the woods nearby, keeping eyes on Radcliffe discussing with Madame Hydra. When The Doctor brought Agnes Kitsworth and threatened to kill her, Ward took his own rifle and aimed at him, but Simmons told him not to kill The Doctor, stating that she knew him, that he had been brainwashed and that they needed him. Ward disbelieved that but chose not to shoot The Doctor, who killed Kitsworth. Ward returns to the Playground.

After returning to the Playground, the Patriot and Ward confronted Simmons about what happened on Ogygia, but she broke down and left the room. Ward took part in S. He then joined the Patriot when he summoned Jemma Simmons for questioning. Simmons finally told Ward and Mace about the fact that they were all living in a alternate reality which was purely virtual.

Ward and Mace got offended because they thought Simmons was saying that what they did with the S.


After she left, Ward and Mace discussed what Simmons had told her, with Mace thinking that there might have been some truth in it and ordering Ward to investigate further. Later, Ward discussed with Simmons as she was smiling at Alphonso Mackenzie playing with his daughter Hope. Simmons told him about all the misdeeds his real-life counterpart had done, to which Ward apologized. Ward and Simmons successfully infiltrated the compound and entered a collapsing building who had been bombed by HYDRA.

Ward watched the building crumble on the Patriot while he tried to rescue Chris Adler.

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When Melinda May arrived in the building and ordered them to stay still, Ward told her that they would all die should she kill the Patriot. Helpless, Ward had no choice but leaving the building, letting the Patriot sacrifice himself to ensure their escape.

Once outside, he watched the building collapse, killing his leader and friend. After watching news reporting the death of the Patriot and slandering his name, Ward and the other S. Angered and fearing that her girlfriend might be in danger, Ward decided to find her and gathered a team of S. When he suggested that Phil Coulson joined them, Coulson told him that waiting for Johnson to reach them was a wiser plan. The two then discussed the circumstances in which they had a chance to join S.

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Despite Coulson advising otherwise, Ward went on the field to retrieve Johnson, but it was finally Coulson, Burrows and Alphonso Mackenzie who found her and brought her back to the Playground. Back to the Playgroun Ward told Daisy Johnson about the fact that he knew about Jemma Simmons 's theory about all of them being in an alternate reality and was shocked to discover that her girlfriend seemed to share these ideas. This made Ward fully understand and admit that his girlfriend was gone and replaced by someone else.

SkyeWard - The Light is Coming - Fanfiction

They decided that they should display these images to the public in order to trigger a rebellion against HYDRA. Ward infiltrates The Bakshi Report studios. Therefore, Ward took a team of S.

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Right before broadcasting a subversive broadcast featuring Phil CoulsonWard offered to stay behind with Burrows and other S. He also had a final and emotional conversation with Johnson, asking her if he would get his girlfriend back after she left the Framework. Johnson replied that she did not know though she hoped so and told Ward that he had helped her understanding the real-life Grant Ward.

Read Skyeward Oneshot from the story Level Eight: a skyward fanfic by livelaughact (Crutchie and Les) with 2, reads."Ward " Skye says as he packs his b Reviews: A bit of a sublte Skye And Ward Dating - brag, but I banged a few women who were out of my league, thanks to this app. I'm not stupid, but I don't enjoy complicated or scammy sex sites, this one is different. Also, they actually have 24/7 US-based customer service if you have any problems on your profile/

The two then bid farewell. Ward learns of people supporting S. After Johnson's departure, Ward launched the broadcasting. Burrows ran to warn him that people were gathering in front of the building.

Skye buried her head in his shoulder and clutched onto his t-shirt tightly with one hand. Ward shuffled back so that he could lean against the wall of the bus. When the couple were relatively comfortable, Ward wrapped an arm around Skye's small waist. Skye let go of his shirt and snaked her arm around Ward's back and clutched his t-shirt jankossencontemporary.coms: TV Shows: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- archive with over 8, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. They thought their biggest obstacle was going to be figuring out how to be parents while living on a secret spy base and still being on somewhat shaky ground with one another. Boy, were they wrong. His career is well underway, hers is very nearly just beginning. They're both about to go down a path that will change their lives forever.
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