Manitoga: Peter Bynum’s Ecstatic Light

May 13 to November 14, 2016, Garrison, N.Y.

Untitled # 321 Acrylic paint on 3 sheets of tempered glass 24 in. X 36 in. X 3 in. D  2013The Russel Wright Design Center is pleased to announce Ecstatic Light– the illuminated paintings of 2016 resident artist Peter Bynum. A site-specific installation of Bynum’s works will be on display in Russel Wright’s House and Studio, marking Manitoga’s first presentation of a contemporary artist within the interiors.

The installation will be on view during seasonal public tours and special programs, including artist-led tours. A Member Opening Celebration will be held Saturday, May 21, 2016, 5-7pm.

Says Executive Director Allison Cross, “Peter Bynum has conceived a new way of painting. He presses paint between multiple sheets of glass to release its primal energy, then infuses it with light to expose paint’s intrinsic branching behavior. These three-dimensional,illuminated paintings on glass, with their energy and ecstatic beauty, evoke the life-force found in ecosystems throughout nature.”

“In all life-forms, energy circulates through a nervous system,” says Bynum. “In animals, energy flows through a system of veins and arteries, in plants, through roots and branches. Paint has within it this same sophisticated intelligence — an organic ability  to express the life force in action. When paint is suffused with light, this ‘secret life’ of paint is revealed.”

According to Cross, Russel Wright, like Bynum, experimented with light, elements of nature, the effects of layering, and new ways to use materials at Manitoga, pushing boundaries and our expectations. “Peter’s ethereal illuminated paintings represent a significant departure from the history of painting. And like Manitoga, they offer an immersive experience. Our viewing of the installed work will unfold, becoming part of the choreographed whole and intimacy of visiting the site.”

Peter Bynum’s paintings will be a featured element of Manitoga’s 2016 tour season.

Registration for tours and other Manitoga programs and special events is available at Visit Manitoga.


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