In depth…Dieter Balzer


Balzers work are both colourful and playful, but have a geometric precion mirroring that of calculated engineering. Playing within the confines of two – and three-dimensionality and positive and negative space using materials such as wood and foil, his works presents the viewer a sculptural dialogue on space and form.

Balzer is inspired by various art historical movements, especially credited Constructivism and Minimalism, which is apparent in the forms of his works.

Dieter Balzer was born in Neuhofen/Pfalz, Germany in 1958 and attended the University of Heidelberg, College of Art in Chesterfield, England, and Statens Hogskole, in Bergen Norway. His work has been included in exhibitions throughout Germany and abroad, including at the Museum der Wahrnehmung in Graz, Austria, Wilhelm-Hack Museum, in Ludwigshafen, Germany and the Museum Ritter in Waldenbuch, Germany.

Dieter Balzer currently lives and works in Berlin.


Las obras de Balzer son coloridas y juguetonas, pero tienen una presión geométrica que se basa en la ingeniería calculada. Jugar en los confines de dos – tridimensionalidad y el espacio positivo y negativo utilizando materiales como la madera y el papel, sus obras presentan al espectador un diálogo escultórico sobre el espacio y la forma.

Sus obras están inspiradas en los movimientos históricos diferentes de arte, especialmente acreditado el constructivismo y el minimalismo, lo cual es evidente en las formas de sus obras.

Dieter Balzer nació en Neuhofen / Pfalz, Alemania en 1958 y estudió en la Universidad de Heidelberg, College of Art de Chesterfield, Inglaterra y Statens høgskole, en Bergen Noruega. Su obra ha sido incluida en exposiciones en toda Alemania y en el extranjero, incluso en el Museum der Wahrnehmung en Graz, Austria, Wilhelm-Hack Museum, en Ludwigshafen, Alemania y el Museo Ritter en Waldenbuch, Alemania.

Dieter Balzer Actualmente vive y trabaja en Berlín y sus obras puedes entrarlas en nuestra galeria, JanKossen.

Art Southampton 2015

Art Southampton the Premier International Modern, Contemporary + Design Fair and marketplace for acquiring the finest works of art available in the Hamptons. The 2015 edition will feature a carefully selected group of 80 international art galleries exhibiting paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photography, video and installation by modern and contemporary artists.

 Art Southampton has already cemented its status as the premier contemporary and modern art fair in the Hamptons, offering the highest quality of 20th- and 21st-century masters, as well as, noteworthy emerging artists. The 2015 edition will also incorporate design and the decorative arts. Last year’s VIP Preview benefiting the Parrish Art Museum and Southampton Hospital sponsored by GRAFF Diamonds, Maserati of North America, and Ruinart Champagne set a new standard in luxury presentation and attracted top collectors, cultural leaders and philanthropists of the East End and attendance exceeded the prior years VIP Preview of 4,200 guests throughout the evening. During the course of the five-day fair, a record 21,000 collectors, art enthusiasts, curators and influencers visited the luminous 100,000 square-foot pavilion.

Art Southampton will continue its support of prominent local cultural and not for profit organizations which play a vital role in life on the East End which have included the previously mentioned Parrish Art Museum and Southampton Hospital, as well as, The Ross School, Southampton Fresh Air Home and Robert Wilson’s internationally renowned The Watermill Center.
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Jul 9–13, 2015

Arte Southampton la Premier Internacional Moderno, Contemporáneo + Feria de Diseño y el mercado para la adquisición de las mejores obras de arte disponibles en los Hamptons. La edición de 2015 contará con un selecto grupo de 80 galerías internacionales de arte que exhiben pinturas, esculturas, obras sobre papel, fotografía, video e instalación de artistas modernos y contemporáneos.

Arte Southampton ya ha cimentado su estatus como la feria de arte moderno y contemporáneo de primera clase en los Hamptons, ofreciendo la más alta calidad de los maestros y 20th- del siglo 21, así como, artistas emergentes notables. La edición 2015 también incorporará el diseño y las artes decorativas. VIP Vista preliminar del año pasado en beneficio del Museo y Southampton Hospital de Parrish Art patrocinado por Graff Diamonds, Maserati de América del Norte, y Ruinart Champagne establece un nuevo estándar en presentación de lujo y atrajo a los mejores coleccionistas, líderes culturales y filántropos del East End y la asistencia superó el prior año VIP Vista previa de 4.200 clientes en toda la noche. Durante el transcurso de la feria de cinco días, un récord de 21.000 coleccionistas, amantes del arte, curadores y personas influyentes visitaron el luminoso pabellón de 100.000 pies cuadrados.

Arte Southampton continuará su apoyo a las organizaciones locales de beneficio cultural y no para prominentes que desempeñan un papel vital en la vida en el East End que han incluido el ya mencionado Museo Parrish Art y el Hospital Southampton, así como, la Escuela Ross, Southampton aire fresco Hogar y renombre internacional ,El Centro Watermill de Robert Wilson.

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The Chrysanthemum & The Sword

130615123651A master of traditional of Japanese painting, Hiroomi Ito belongs to a small group of Japanese artists who produce not only their own pigments but the rice paper upon which the artwork is painted on as well.

In his first solo show, Ito examines the schism of the present-day Japanese psyche; refusal to accept one’s cultural heritage; and whether the fusion between traditional and modern has indeed resulted in a loss of “….the pride of being Japanese”.

The first impression of Ito’s work is that of classical painting. The artist employs materials and techniques reminiscent of the style of ancient Japan. Ito’s subject matter, however, is in fact quite contemporary ; the artist looks at modern society’s erosion of the family structure -the backbone of Japanese culture- along with the pride associated with belonging to an old culture.

In his series “Unlimited Desire”, Ito uses symbolism in his compositions. Inspired by European 15th century still life paintings, Ito depicts dishes typically found in Asia, as a reference to both devotional and secular images. The paintings communicate the family head – or “lord of the home”-  as an individual who is healthy, wealthy, and possesses the strength to protect the family from ill environmental influences.

The gold represents the wealth of the owner, or “master of the home”. The steam generated by the cooking fire, signifies the passion for life, and  the strength to deliver “food on the table” – to provide well for the home. The choice of seafood symbolically demonstrates how the “master” has taste and is well educated, with the ability to make wise choices on behalf of the family.

Born in Japan, Hiroomi Ito now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Sheila Giolitti

“Physics proves the fundamental unity of all material existence.

Quantum physics suggest that human consciousness may affect the outcome of physical experiments, suggesting the essential unity of everything extends beyond the physical universe of matter and energy, and that the deepest reality is not some minuscule particle of matter, but a universal consciousness that pervades everything.

My preoccupation with interconnectedness of all matter and consciousness as an ongoing process is present in the construction of my work as well as the concept. Each experience, be it organic or constructed, leaves its mark. As a whole or in fragments, sometimes less defined than others, but always affecting what comes next. In many instances this is carried on to the next work in the series, allowing for a continuing dialogue from one piece to the next, and directly tying the existence on the newer piece to the piece created before it, and the piece created before that.”

Sheila Giolitti, 2015

Sheila Giolitti’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, where it has received both critical and commercial success. Her work has been included in group museum shows at the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile Alabama, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA and the Daegu Culture and Art Center, Daegu, South Korea. Her solo museum exhibitions include the Rawls Museum and the Portsmouth Art Museum.

Art in America magazine Washington editor J.W. Mahoney wrote about her show at the Portsmouth Museum, “Sheila Giolitti’s mysterious fables are curiosities of a different order altogether. These are deeply autobiographical works, and as such they take us into the complexities of a personality that can be – equally – enraptured by the abstract beauty of the natural geometry of a thatcheria shell and by the sensual reality of a female nude. She will also occasionally include texts, fragments of poetry or open thoughts that take a painting to a further dimension of meaning. In “Transcendence,” the word itself is drawn across a large blue triangle, upon which is set a smaller panel containing a collaged drawing of a woman and, below her, three squares with images of oak leaves in them. All of these elements are symbolic signals from within Giolitti’s own evolving psyche; like a company of dancers, each of them draws and modifies significance from each other. And what we see is an assemblage of secrets that tells a tale about the mysterious interior life of memory, dream, and possibility.”

interrupted ii

Giolitti’s most recent work explores the dialogue between the interconnectedness of all matter and consciousness as an ongoing process. This preoccupation is present in the construction of her work, as well as the concept. The works are composed in layers of mark making built up and stripped away. As a whole or in fragments, sometimes less defined than others, but always affecting what comes next. Giolitti’s involvement with the physical making of the surface is an integral part of the work. Each layer of clear resin allows for a cataloging of time and the change that it brings within each piece. These different elements find themselves bound within a determined space. These boundaries serve both to unite and separate. They are definite or subtle, encroaching and ignored, erased only to reappear, self-organizing themselves into larger more stable wholes.

Sheila Giolitti received her BFA in  ceramics from Middlesex University, London UK.