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Life would be so much easier if you knew without a doubt that the person you're currently dating is the right one for you. It would definitely save you the trouble of having to waste your time and get your heart broken by all the wrong ones. But since life isn't as straightforward as many of us would like it to be, you may need to rely on signs, logic, and intuition, to determine whether your partner is really right for you or not. If you've been having second thoughts about your relationship, experts say there are a few telling signs that you've met your soulmate. As great as your relationship can be, second thoughts can hit you out of nowhere.

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Love a juicy podcast? Click here to subscribe, or listen wherever you get your podcasts. New relationships are fun and exciting, and they turn your tummy into those mushy, so-disgusting-kind-of-cute butterfly knots. Dicksand is as strong as it is sneaky. The good news? Take it from Michelle, 24, who has vowed by this rule and is now in a two-year relationship.

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She again referred me to read my contract. Summary: I went on a total of 1 date with a man who does not own a home. That is all I received from Elaine. I do not have cash to throw around frivolously on bogus services that are based on misrepresentation. Also, I would hate to see anyone else fall prey to this unscrupulous woman regarding InterActions. Read 2 More Complaints. Customer Reviews 3 Customer Reviews.

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