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As for the charater li ying continue to prove it to us that she is versatile and she can do many characters 3. Zhao li ying drama. Zhao li ying and feng shao feng luo jin and tang yan breezec on october 28 at pm said. The two recently teamed up for the drama the story of minglan but this isnt the first time that the two are rumored to be dating. This is the best drama everyou guys complained too much like little babiesgrow up nothing wrong with this dramathanks for watching from usa. The drama was a huge success in china achieving a peak rating of

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Inthe list started to include Chinese celebrities born in Hong KongTaiwanand other countries. Prior to that it only included celebrities born in mainland China.

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He looked at her meaningfully when asked by a fan for his telephone number, and who is his ideal type among his co-stars. Do you really want William then?

Rumour has it he was dating AB for years then did a movie with Charlene Choi and they started dating, only she was also married at the time and it cause the break up of her marriage. She got divorced and a couple of months later they were caughtand admitted to dating only a few months. ZH previously dated Zheng Shuang. Now hes dating Gulinazha.

Zhao li ying chen xiao dating

As for Willam he was dating Charlene Choi of Twins but they broke up. But anything is possible i guess. This guy is gross. I agreed with you. I would say FSF is a playboy.

Zhao Liying (Chinese: ???, born 16 October ), also known as Zanilia Zhao, is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her roles in television series Legend of Lu Zhen , Boss & Me , The Journey of Flower , The Mystic Nine , Noble Aspirations , Princess Agents and The Story of Minglan . Sep 23,   These "insiders" alleged that Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying began dating shortly after the shooting wrap-up of Legend of the Lu Zhen (around spring ) and even news of their co-habitation in Beijing emerged. Hawick Lau as Mo Shaoqian, Ying'er as Tong Xue, Li Zhinan as Song Yi, Zheng Zhenglong as Wen Hao, Wen They include Bridgette Lin. But self-proclaimed number 1 paparazzi in China, Zhuo Wei is protesting that Michelle Chen is a 3rd party between Chen Xiao and his ex-girlfriend Zanilia Zhao Liying, causing their eventual breakup. Chen Xiao and his ex met on the set of comedy 'Female Prime Minister' and fell in love. And was once voted as Most Compatible Onscreen Couple.

She really deserve a better man! Stop masquerading fake news as truth. Are you freaking serious about her never having dating rumours with others?

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Do you truly follow her career since her shot to fame in New Princess Returning Pearl at all? After that, she had a series of dating hullaballoo with almost all of her co-stars in every drama series.

Jul 10,   For Zhao Li Ying this would be her first dating news aside from the rumors with Chen Xiao early on, and like most dating news Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying recently worked together on the C-movie Journey to the West 3. I hope it's true, totally game with them being a couple and love watching pretty new love blossom. Chen Xiao Dating Co Star Michelle Chen ????? ????. As for the charater li ying continue to prove it to us that she is versatile and she can do many characters 3. 32 thoughts on zhao li ying confirms drama our glamorous time with jin han tina on july 18 at pm said.

Just recently before the sighting with FSF, she was just entangled in dating rumour with her manager. What is your problem, seriously?

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Every lead actor and every lead actress has dating rumors, so what? FSF was the one who pissed people off, when he started dating a much younger girl.

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Plus he changes his girlfriends like other people their underwear. So what? Why are so mad? Did I ever call her a slut? Stop putting words into my mouth.

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One, I simply corrected some wrong info written in this article that ZLY fans keep perpetuating: first, they think that ZLY and CX being a thing is legit, which is untrue, and many times they use this unconfirmed rumour to bash Michelle Chen as the third wheel that destroyed their precious imaginary ship; second, she has a bunch of dating rumours on her own and this is not her first like koala stated.

They drag FSF to the mud about his dating history even though he only has what? Lol pointing out the truth is called badmouthing now. Fans should see past her drama characters to her actual personality. So stop saying Feng Shaofeng is too good for her.

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To each their own.

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