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Date someone who looked exactly like your sibling. Date someone who said that you looked like their sibling every time you had sex. Date someone who insists on never doing the dishes. Date someone who always cooks dinner for themselves, but never lets you have any. Date someone who never laughs at your jokes. Date someone who only laughs in inappropriate situations. Date someone who makes animal noises when they orgasm.

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Accidentally swipe right and match with a creepy clown? Or on someone dressed as the grim reaper? Your match offer you gas money to leave after not being impressed with you in person?

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Or turn out to be a catfish? Find out that your match is into bestiality? Via Disney. Or into licking feet?

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Have your match bombard you with messages until you respond? Or send nonstop nudes? Via NBC. Accidentally "super like" your second cousin?

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Run into your parents? Accidentally call your date the wrong name all night? Admit you social-media stalked everyone in their family? Go on a date with someone you find very attractive BUT annoying? Go on a date with someone who is very sweet BUT boring?

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Have toilet paper stuck to your shoe all night? Get a piece of spinach lodged in your teeth? Have your date talk so loudly that everyone can hear your conversation?

The ultimate sitcom battle. Are you more of a Potterhead or more of a Ringer? Would you rather These are tough!

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It's okay if you hate fries dipped in a milkshake; there's no judgement here. Unleash your inner potato.

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Let's settle this. The lesser of two makeup evils. Would you rather have a chatty Uber driver or a chatty hairstylist?

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Ew, David, these questions are kind of hard. I'll say it: Cinderella is good, but Shrek is art. Would you rather get stood up or ghosted? Don't play on an empty stomach.

This "Would You Rather" For Famous Hot Guys In Vs. Is The Most Frustrating Quiz You'll Ever Take I've always wanted to be in a love triangle between Milo Ventimiglia and 11 Online Dating "Would You Rather" Questions That Will Probably Weird You Out. Would you rather vote votes. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! 11 Dating "Would You Rather" Questions That Are Impossibly Hard. I would. by Rosa Pasquarella. BuzzFeed Staff Tap to play or pause GIF Would you rather vote votes.

Nine-Nine or Team Cockroach? You calling my name Will you be baking sugar cookies with Kookie?

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Would you rather wield the Deathly Hallows or the Infinity Stones? Are we ditching these trends in the s? From shutter shades to man buns to scrunchies, it's been quite a journey.

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Hold on tight, Spider Monkey! No gravy or no alcohol? Sprinkle-covered pickle or chocolate-covered Cheeto? Would you solve mysteries with Veronica Mars or Betty Cooper?

Can You Make It Through This Difficult Dating "Would You Rather" Game? It could always be worse. by This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community. You can join and make your own. The Hardest Dating "Would You Rather" Ever. To split the check or not split the check? Don't miss Pop TV's new comedy Hot Date, Wednesdays at 8 and 11, premiering November 8. Oh yeah chicken shop We don't. Yeah. Moving on, Would you rather date somebody that always talks about the X date somebody that keeps the exercise, but I have like a type of people you talk about the X two people that currently day like I don't know why you think that I need to know about everything cuz that tells me that you're not over it now.

These results should be interesting. Pea haters, unite.

Would You Rather

Would you rather date Stefan, Damon, or Klaus? Differences in opinions? We can work this out! If you have to pick between two evils, make sure it's good makeup. Elf or Grinch? You decide. Would you rather use sandpaper as toilet paper or use hot sauce as eye drops?

This "Would You Rather: Relationship Deal Breakers" Quiz Is Incredibly Frustrating. Would you rather date someone who vote votes. BuzzFeed Daily. Keep up with the latest daily buzz. "Dating A Straight College Man" Would You Rather: The Awful Edition Would you rather date a man whose Would you rather date a man whose Image: Via Twitter: @kathasty Apartment looks like.

Hot cocoa or eggnog? Normal iced coffee or fast food iced coffee? Sorry, you can only pick one Scott brother!

The Hardest Would You Rather For Makeup Addicts

Spooky, scary, skele- Ten sends shivers down your spine! Tiana's beignets or Hagrid's cake?

Would you rather dating buzzfeed

Are you more "wish upon a star" or "the only way to get what you want is through hard work"? Would you rather date Villanelle or Eve? Let's see how your choices compare with everyone else's.

Would you rather battle Thor or battle Peter Quill? Would you rather have ice powers like Elsa or cooking skills like Tiana?

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