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Many foreigners seek to know how to date Vietnam women. Vietnam girls have a natural grace and beauty, you know, the way they move, carry themselves, the way they revere their men and the way they make you feel so respected and dignified. In other words, these women make you feel like the total man, they pamper your ego and give you a great time. Their finely chiseled features tell you that the Creator was not in a hurry when He was making them. Their mannerisms show strength of character. You will love them!

Though public kissing are usually not ok for the more traditional girls. To be on the safe side, try ta get the first kiss in a more more secluded area.

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Hope it will help. And do post an ate here later! Andy, ate for you. My week went well. We were holding hands by the second day. Kisses by the third and the rest by the 4th. Which surprised me, As she originally said that can only do that if she is in love with that person. We got on so well, had two days spending with the daughter too. She took me to the airport and hug and kissed me goodbye.

This time for 10 days.

The #1 MYTH About Dating Thai and Vietnamese Women

She has also suggested that when her sister moves out that I can use her Spare room in the new year. I just hope she has the will power not to give in.

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I retire in ten years but can do it in 5 but pension would be halved. She likes a man with a little belly and want me to put on little weight. Lol never heard that before, that be difficult as I like to keep fit and eat healthy. Sounds like things went great. Just ignore it, since it can be a way to see if she can control you. Just continue hitting the gym and eat healthy like before.

Keep us ated! Hey Chris. Like I wrote in this article, I recommend Vietnam Cupid. I was wondering if you happen to know anything about gay dating in VN. I have been talking to a girl in VN for a few weeks now and she has mentioned that she plans to move to the US in the next year because she wants to live a normal life with her wife one day.

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Any advice is very welcome! Hi Rebecca. No, I have no experience about the gay dating scene here in Vietnam. And yeah, in a country like Vietnam where the family is so very important, not having a good relationship with your parents is a huge red flag.

However, in this particular case it could be because she is gay. To know for sure, you guys should meet up to see if things click.

And they must be taken seriously! Though at this point I am too old to impress just about any lady, much less a young lady even though a pretty lady has always been in my eye. Your article is great!

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I love Viet girls but the dating culture here is way too slow. I move pretty quickly and expect more casual datingsomething that is better in Thailand or the Philippines. Another thing is the motive of these girls to chase foreigners.

I had one girl kept fixating on the UK and only insisted on meeting guys from England. I had another try and extract info from me on where her kid can get free education abroad in EU or America while we were having drinks. Vietnam is the right place if you want a great girl for a long term relationship. However they should be easy to filter out after just one date.

Where Can I Find A Good Vietnamese Girl?

Where do you meet these girls? Tinder and the clubs seem to be where most of them hang out. Normal Viet girls are totally fine with just cheap coffee dates. What has been written about them appears to be true. Things are going quite well with one of them. They have a questionaire to fill out. There are questions about how much I could offer for a dowry, and how much I could spend on a wedding. What are typical numbers for a girl with a college education and regular job?

Thanks for your reply. I am happy to hear things are going well with your girl. But that marriage agency sounds sketchy. I would instead try VietnamCupid where you have much more control over the girls you meet.

Anyway, I have a friend who just got married to a college educated girl. Had another video chat with my girl this morning.

She is so heart-melting sweet.

Vietnamese Women: The Hard Truth They Don't Want You To Know

Verbal communication is slow and challenging, but we communicate very well via text without using translation. I am 63 how do Viet women like older men? I am 18 years older than my girlfriend. And I have friends in their 50s dating viet girls in their 20s.

Hi Andy, I read your article with great interest.

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I am Alex, 61 from France. I Wonder if you believe it possible to find a travel companion for the duration of a trip there, like I am used to do in the Philippines?

I met her 10 years ago I worked for her at the apt.

Oct 30,   The most convenient way to meet Vietnamese girls is using an online dating service. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and talk to hundreds of beautiful girls. The major advantage with online dating is that you don't need to be in Vietnam. Vietnamese culture is family-oriented: Festivals, holidays and even dating are seen as events in which the entire family can and should participate. Romance is not just a private act between two people, but an event involving both friends and kin. After getting to know each other through the dating process, the man and the woman often make the decision to get engaged, as marriage is the primary purpose of dating in the Vietnamese culture. However, before the engagement can occur, the man is expected to ask for permission to marry from the woman's parents.

After paying the membership fee and money withdrawn from my account suddenly my VC account got suspended for reasons of fraudulent payment concerns. Now I should send scanned copies of credit card and ID!!!?

Did you ever hear or experience about such a procedure? Thx Jay. Hey Jay. Locals here are culturally prohibited to show any affection in public. Be it holding hands, kissing, or putting the arms on the shoulder of the opposite sex.

They find it disrespectful and you must follow suit. Being caught in public doing affectionate things might be a cause of scandal for their clan. Viet men usually bring their dates to public places where they can be easily seen. This may not apply all the time as the younger generation is already breaking the rules.

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Asian guys have this pride ever since dating began. Never contest with them about splitting the bill because, in Vietnam, men should pay for dates.

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This is a proof that they can be good providers. Locals here value such trait as women are taught to entertain men who can sustain a family. This roots from their ancestors, unlike American guys who might consider accepting your share.

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They will already have the bill at hand even before you can grab your wallet. Asian families are typically extended where children, parents, and grandparents live together.

Some may leave the house upon marriage while other may still stay. Viet families are close-knit and they cling together as much as possible. They will likely take care of them until they pass away. Viet guys will surely ask the consent and opinion of their parents about dating you.

This is one of the reasons why they would invite you over. In short, you are dating not just the guy but his whole family. This might be appalling at first, but once you get their affection, they will fight for you no matter what.

As much as Viets are true gentlemen, expect that they will be very formal on your first date. Anyway, there are still jerks in this country, so be careful.

This means that they respect you and your parents. He would usually bring gifts during his visits to your house so be appreciative enough to accept it.

Nov 14,   The dating game plan. Dating in Vietnam isn't much different from the rest of the world. The following is my game plan when dating Vietnamese women. For the first date, I like to keep super simple. A coffee house. A fun bar. Maybe even a walk. Something like that.

Sex is one thing that is unlikely to happen on your first date with a Viet guy. Locals are taught to keep distance with their dates, especially on first ones.


If you want a one-night stand, you might find it hard to do it with a Viet local. Viet guys are romantic once you won their hearts. They are true gentlemen and worth the date.

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Are you seeing a Viet guy? There are lots of best boutique hotels in Hanoi that you can. If you had visited here. These sound more reasonable to me than many traits American men tend to embody.

On average, would Vietnamese parents be okay with their son dating a white woman?

Vietnamese american culture dating

So if you have knowledge of Vietnamese Culture, well behaved, patience, and understand Vietnamese is a plus in front of his parent. This would make me nervous in a normal dating situation but his actions are very different than his words. A lot of the things mentioned above are true, we have been together for 4. But I respect and enjoy the cultural differences. Your email address will not be published.

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