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The truth is, dating is a game. Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you lose. Sometimes, you draw even. So, who is the girl who has game? She's the girl who always seems to win.

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She says enough to answer your questions, but never to the point of disclosing private information. She'll tell you she had a wonderful meal at the best French restaurant in the city, but she won't tell you who she went with. You'll know she paints, but she won't tell you where her art is displayed. She's like a Russian doll.

Her personality, career, family or social life and personal enrichments all come out slowly, after you two have spent time an appropriate amount of time together.

The girl with game is going to reciprocate enough attention for you to know she's a presence in your life, but not enough for you to know you have her.

Ti dating new girl

You'll feel like she is on the fence. After all, she isn't texting or calling you non-stop, she isn't initiating dates and she isn't tagging you in Instagram photos or Tweeting at you.

She isn't using you for free drinks, free meals or entertainment. She isn't being manipulative to see what she can get out of you. She only gives her time and attention to men she likes or wants to get to know, but her standards are in check. The last thing she wants to do is appear eager, needy or aggressive. The girl with game is sexy, but in a subtle manner. You see her sexuality in her entire being without her even trying.

You'll see it in the way she walks in her stilettos, her sheer black tights, her natural hair, her soft, red, manicured hands and her coy, mischievous smile. She is aware of the kind of lover she is, and she knows she will take you to paradise. But first, you have to prove yourself.


The girl with game isn't the girl who loses herself in love. She gives her time, affection, love and empathy to you, but not in excess. She doesn't expect you to control her happiness, just as she doesn't want to control your happiness. If you aren't interested in going to the ballet with her, she will go alone or with friends. If she doesn't want to see the UFC championship with you and your friends, she won't go. She isn't afraid to say or hear the word "no.

The girl with game has mastered the hardest skill in the game of dating: how to handle it when a man breaks up with her or ghosts her. Both situations are very hard, especially when you've unveiled and accepted the truth. Someone you liked or even loved has decided he or she doesn't want to be in your life anymore.

People Discuss What It Means To Be 'Dating' Someone

However, the girl with game knows there is a reason behind the "silence is golden" proverb. The moment you break up with her or the moment she realizes you ghosted hershe does the only thing that brings power back to her: She never speaks to you again.

But she will be damned if you know about it. Instead, she takes the high road, and - with supreme discipline and emotional intelligence - continues her life without you. She then prepares herself to play the game with another contender who might be a better man for her. By Margaret Makrouhi.

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She is the girl who gives relationship advice. She doesn't ask for it.

2. Always Be Creative

As Mae West says, A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up. She is confident. She has self-esteem.

Make every single moment count. Tinder is more than a dating app. It's a cultural movement. Welcome to #swipelife. Feb 06,   During Super Bowl weekend, T.I. showed up to a Houston party with a new girl on his arm. While his estranged wife Tiny keeps begging him to come back, it looks like T.I. has officially moved on with his new mystery girl. Do you think T.I.'s new boo is an upgrade?Author: Sasha R. Jan 09,   The other day, my friends and I were talking (read: extensively gossiping) about an acquaintance and her new boy. I tried to say they were "dating." Someone else said they weren't dating .

She is her own best friend. She doesn't chase or pursue you. The girl with game reciprocates contact. She doesn't initiate it.

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At any point in a relationship, being an excellent discourses and conversationalist is always useful and is an important skill to master if you want to keep her interested in you. Engaging in topics that interest the both of you could do the trick.

I have already highlighted the fact that you should do your research and keep track of the things that interest her.

Now, use these topics as conversation starters and ask her questions about them, this helps create great conversations between you two that she will surely remember. By making her discuss the things she is interested about to you, she will be more open to you about her experiences and whatnot. Bonus tip, when you want to impress the girl that you desire, even more, send her love notes, flowers, chocolates, and all that cheesy stuff to her office. Not only will you be her in mind the whole day, but it can also serve as great conversation starters when you meet her later.

The point is, great conversations can most often lead to the right track in relationships. Master the skill of conversing, and open topics that will potentially make her feel good about your presence. Women still like it when the guy that they date are gentlemen. Women still crave for them. These little things still matter to womenso if you want to meet her at the end of an altar, show that you care. Open doors and pull out chairs for her, make sure you put your hand on her lower back when walking across the street, or making sure that you always walk outside of the curb.

Doing the little acts of courteousness like the ones mentioned can assure her that you are a guy that she can trust and depend.

TIP & Tiny Talk to King Harris About Dating - T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

Ask permission from her about things like calling her, because the last thing a woman wants is a guy that calls her twenty times in the middle of the night. Make her feel comfortable with your presence, and always keep your cool around her. After all, the two of you are still just getting to know each other.

Trust me, the biggest turnoff is being creepy and acting desperate.

Has T.I. given up on his marriage to Tameka 'Tiny' Harris?!? The legendary hip hop artist was spotted stepping out with a mystery lady on Feb. 3 at the NFL Network Media Party ahead of the Super Bowl. May 16,   T.I. is moving on with Bernice Burgos, but we hear that it's not a total picnic for her. Bernice feels like she's living in Tiny's shadow, and even feels threatened by T.I.' Author: Gabriella Ginsberg. Don't tell Tiny People Think This Woman Is T.I.'s New Girlfriend. While enjoying festivities for tonight's big game, T.I. turned heads in Houston when he walked a red carpet with a new woman. The King of the South was seen at the NFL Media party with a beautiful woman by his side.

The woman you desire will respect you, and she will let you know where you stand. This way you will have a better chance of ending up in the relationship that you want.

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Good looks can increase the chances in winning your girl. Overall, prove her right by being the reliable and trustworthy man that she wants. Stay calm and always be a gentleman if you want her forever. If you think clinging to your girl is a thing that excites her, then I may have bad news for you. Always keep a healthy space between the both of you.

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It is vital that you maintain the both of your lives outside the relationship. Personal spaces matter, so that you are not restricting her only to see you all the time, it will also retain both of your identities. Remember all the fun stuff that made you attractive to your girl in the first place? Keep doing those. Keep hanging out with your friends and keep doing the things you enjoy.

Maintain your busy lives together, ensuring that you both have the ample time for each other. Keeping personal spaces can give her room to miss you, rather than being uninterested in your presence instead. So if you plan to make a girl interested in you, make her pursue you all over again and live your lives in the middle of everything.

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If you want your girl for the rest of your life, show it to her.

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