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She was born on Thursday, October 21, Is Teddy Moutinho married or single, and who is she dating now? She lived in Mexico as well as Manhattan, New York. Teddy Moutinho is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Teddy had at least 1 relationship in the past.

She then yelled that hurting was all he ever did, stringing her along for years with half-baked declarations and then marrying other women.

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He had actually convinced her that he was truly in love with her, that he wanted her, but she came to realize it never was about her. She stated she was done being his sloppy seconds or his consolation prize. Owen told her that the thing with the snow, he did it for her because he knew how much she loved Christmas.

Teddy ignored it and told him they were done. She threw him out of her apartment and broke down.

Feb 04,   Teddy Moutinho's Boyfriend. Teddy Moutinho is is not dating anyone currently. Teddy had at least 1 relationship in the past. Nationality: Brazilian.

Seeing how miserable Owen was, Amelia reached out to Teddy on his behalf, but Teddy made it clear she had no interest in him anymore. Nearly three months later, she arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital again and was unable to find anybody she knew. She finally ran into Bailey, who had her scrub in for an emergent surgery.

In surgery, Teddy told Bailey that she came here looking for a job. Since Bailey didn't immediately respond, Teddy tried to take it back. After surgery, Teddy apologized to Bailey for putting her on the spot.

Bailey told Teddy that her question was actually yet another sign in her life. She had wanted to temporarily step down from the Chief of Surgery position to fall in love with surgery and research again and spend more time with her family. She then offered the job of Interim Chief of Surgery to Teddy, who was very much interested.

After their talking it over, Teddy stayed in Lila's mother's ICU room so she could see her daughter's wedding via livestream. Lila's mother noticed how moved she was and how she kept touching her stomach. She asked Teddy if she was expecting, which Teddy confirmed. Teddy visited Owen's house the next day, but she found Owen and Amelia panicking because Betty had run away from school.

Teddy decided not to surprise them with more bad news and helped to look for Betty in the city, but none of them found her. They later reconvened at the house. Owen took Amelia to a meeting while Teddy stayed behind in case Betty came back.

He returned with Leo later and while they were alone, she brought up her last visit. He knew he should have called her to tell her about Leo, but he was too embarrassed to do so after her accusations against him. He talked about how he always wanted a kid and then Leo turned into a whole family situation with Betty and Amelia.

Realizing Owen was happy with his life, she decided again not to tell him and left while he comforted a crying Leo. Owen informed Amelia and vented some anger at Teddy for keeping at a secret until today, but they had to focus on saving the patient who had started crashing. Teddy explained she came to tell him but found out he had started another family in record time. She clarified that by not expecting him to do anything, she meant that the two of them getting together was off the table, so he could be as involved as he wanted to be and stay with Amelia.

She then told him she was staying in Seattle because her baby deserved a father and she deserved her friend. When the patient had been stabilized, she told him she was at sixteen weeks, that the baby was fine, and that she did not know the sex yet.

Later, Amelia yelled at her for not realizing she had a stake in this, too, with Betty and Leo. Their argument ended when the elevator doors opened and they rushed to the OR, where they saved him. Afterwards, Teddy admitted she did want him to be involved. He did, too. They then agreed to figure things out together and decided to celebrate that they were having a baby. Now officially employed, Teddy made acquaintances with Tom Koracick as he was practicing for Catherine's surgery.

While he was nervous, she expressed confidence in him. Shortly after the surgery, she ran into him and congratulated him on the good outcome. He was a bit down because they didn't get it all.

To cheer him up, she offered to buy him a drink, but he preferred a rain check because he wanted to smell good when she spent money on him. Over time, Tom and Teddy interacted some more while at work. On Christmas Eve, Owen took Teddy out into the ambulance bay to stand in the snow. He assured her that they would establish their own traditions with their baby, too.

Nearing Valentine's Day, Teddy had another ultrasound with Owen present. Together, they found out that they were having a baby daughter. Afterwards, he arranged dinner for two of them.

As their relationship developed, Tom and Teddy found out they were staying at the same hotel and bonded over the breakfast buffet. Owen wasn't happy when he found out about the two of them. Later, Tom and Teddy worked on Lucille Rei a patient who had a very close friend by her side at all times aside from her husband.

In surgery, Teddy commented on their situation and said the whole thing was just a whole lot of denial, thinking that Lucille's friend was settling for table scraps because she was married.

She said there's always a torchbearer in that type of situation. Tom thought she was talking from experience as a torchbearer from her situation with Owen and left, stating he was done.

After the successful surgery, Lucille's husband Marvin told her that the situation was hard to figure out. Lucille and Julian just decided a long time ago to let their love just be the easy kind and not risk it on something as fickle as sex and romance. While he was Lucille's third husband, there had only been one Julian, and he was fine with that. Afterwards, Teddy comforted a distressed Owen when the arrival of Betty's parents made him fear that he would lose Leo. That night, Teddy visited Tom in his hotel room and told him that sometimes, friendships are meant to be just that despite big feelings.

While she and Owen were meant to be just friends, she thought she and Tom were something else. They shared a kiss and he invited her in for a club sandwich. Teddy was surprised to be dating at 30 weeks old, but she enjoyed it.

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When the hospital was flooded with victims from a mass overdose, Teddy was forced to page Owen while he was saying goodbye to Leo.

He happily accepted the patient influx to keep himself distracted. Later, Betty was found was to be amongst the patient and she started to show symptoms of an aortic dissection, caused by her combining meth and opioids. Teddy diagnosed it and decided to operate herself because the situation was so dire that it would be better for Amelia if her sister was not Betty's surgeon.

Maggie agreed and let her do it. Teddy put in a stent and also had to reconstruct her entire distal aorta, but Teddy pulled it off and Betty made it through. Teddy delivered the news to Owen, Betty's parents, and Amelia, who hugged her in relief. At the end of the day, Teddy took moment in a quiet ER to unwind.

A few days later, Teddy and Tom attended Catherine's party together. Owen and Amelia caught the two of them making out in the hallway and Teddy shared that Tom gave her a surprise trip to Palm Springs, which Owen did not like. He provided her with drinks and snacks throughout the evening, knowing she wasn't having a good time with Owen angrily staring at them the entire time.

He offered to feign diarrhea, but she didn't want him to leave a party thrown in his honor. Shortly before Catherine's arrival, an argument erupted between Owen and Tom when he tried to talk Teddy out of taking the trip. She insisted on going and Owen called him out for preying on a pregnant woman and yelled that he did not want a dirtbag like Tom around his daughter, stating he was not a father. Tom then punched him. Owen wanted to retaliate, but Teddy blocked him and said Tom was a father.

Tom then put his hand in an ice bucket and went to give the speech, which was cut short when a supposed fire broke out in the kitchen and everyone was evacuated. Teddy and Tom enjoyed their trip together.

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They treated an expecting couple and Teddy sat by the woman's bed in the ICU to make sure she made it through the night. Owen offered to do it, but she preferred to do it herself and Tom was away to Baltimore, so Owen decided to sit with her and he rubbed her feet. When the patient deteriorated and became at risk of losing her baby because a necessary hysterectomy, the doctors were thrown for a loop when Vincenzo DeLuca came out of nowhere promising a miraculous fix with his gestational sacks research.

However, he was overstepping as the research was not even close to human trials, so Alex stopped that from happening and the doctors planned the hysterectomy. Teddy later comforted the couple as they mourned the loss of the baby and broke down in Owen's arms once she left the room.

With a birthing class coming up, Teddy invited Tom to join while Owen also told her he was coming. However, before the class started, she started to experience pain.

She thought it was stress and went to Maggie's blue-light room, but that did not help, so she had intern Casey page OB and Owen, who left Tom in the birthing class. Carina examined her and diagnosed cervical insufficiency, so Teddy put herself in a Trendelenburg position. On Carina's suggestion, Owen put a gurney next to hers and started talking to Teddy and his daughter to calm them down, praising Teddy, while Teddy herself felt too shy to talk to baby, thinking the insufficiency meant she was already failing as a mother.

Tom later joined them when he found out what happened. Teddy told him she did not want to worry him. He then sat by her side and fed her ice cream. Shortly after, Tom and Teddy started looking at houses together. Owen offered Teddy to move in with him, but she declined and said she'd figure it out. They were surprised when Megan Hunt dropped by the hospital to assist on a case. When Megan found out what had been going on between them, she called Owen a dum-dum for letting it get to that point by his behavior, to which Teddy kind of agreed.

Megan later sat down with Teddy as she was looking at houses and told her that while Owen was an idiot, he did love her and that Teddy could let it be easy if she wanted it to. Teddy said she did not want to take Amelia's vacant spot in that house, which Megan understood. Per Megan's request, Teddy checked in on him after his first session via text message. With the due date three weeks away, Teddy still had not found a place because she kept comparing everything to her perfect place in Germany.

Meanwhile, Tom made arrangements to have someone cover him in Baltimore so he could stay with her until the birth and asked Teddy if that was okay with her, which was the case. While Tom set out to find her a house, Teddy noticed that Jo Karev was off balance when she made a mistake with Gus Carter. Afterwards, Tom paged her to a room to show her that he had rented her the perfect place that closely resembled her place in Germany, stating that the baby deserved a happy mother and more than a hotel room.

Teddy loved the place and agreed to move in. Teddy and Tom started planning the nursery together. After hearing Kari talk about how Toby's bravery had inspired her to live her best life, Teddy realized that she loved Owen and wanted more than the safe feeling that Tom gave her. Teddy thought she and Owen were back together, but Amelia was just there for Leo. Teddy then told her that Tom made her laugh and feel safe, but Owen made her feel passion, rage, and ecstasy.

While she and Owen hurt each other, she wanted that kind of love in her life so her daughter, too, would know it. She wanted to tell Owen all that before the baby was born, but Amelia pointed out that her water had broken. As fog started to cover Seattle, Amelia made arrangements with the hospital and set up a babysit for Leo while Teddy realized she had not planned for the baby's arrival at all, something her late mother would chastise her for.

Amelia timed Teddy's contractions and deemed they had enough time to drive to the hospital herself. However, the freeway was closed due to the fog and they got stuck in a traffic jam, but Amelia got inventive and made a police officer drive them in his car.

Teddy appreciated her genius move and stated they could be friends in another life. Amelia said they could be friends in this one if Teddy could overcome her disdain. Teddy said that was only last year, but that was to blame on the tumor.

She then asked Amelia if she was still in love with Owen. Amelia said maybe she was a little bit, but that she fell in love quickly and easily. She then let slip Owen's brief fling with Carina while talking about having a little crush on Carina, which agitated Teddy.

She, Owen, and Allison were soon visited by Amelia, who brought by Leo. Teddy was forced to take care of Leo when Bailey came to fetch Owen and Amelia for a trauma. She couldn't get him to stop crying, but she was saved by Tom when he came in and took him off her hands.

Tom figured she had given birth when she didn't reply to his calls. He also knew she must have gotten back together with Owen, who rode in on a white horse and made all the right promises.

Teddy took all the blame and started telling Tom he was a wonderful. He knew that and told her she would come to regret her decision, and then he would be there for her because he loved her. In the meantime, they would remain friends. Tom then took Leo back to daycare. A week later, Teddy had returned to her hotel room, where she was holed up with a crying Allison. She became miserable. Owen dropped by with supplies and invited her to come live with him, but she refused, stating they weren't supposed to start their lives together in that house.

Owen took care of Allison so she could go shower. Their arrangement continued over the next couple of weeks, with Owen eager to help out but handling things badly. When Teddy had a clogged duct, he offered to milk. She was offended and took off with Allison. She developed the habit to go to the hospital with the baby to calm herself down whenever she would panic.

During one of those visits, she ran into Bailey and she confessed that she hated maternity leave and that she felt like a bad mother. Bailey distracted her with some work talk and stressed that hating maternity leave didn't mean she was a bad mother, because Bailey had hated it, too. Another week later, Owen finally stepped up and came to tell Teddy he had listed his house and already had hundreds of listings for other houses to look at.

He had also upgraded them to a suite for the meantime. Teddy thanked him for finally listings the house and they shared a kiss. One morning, Owen was paged to the hospital for a trauma so Teddy had to take Leo to daycare. She brought Allison and hung out at the hospital for a while. Owen found her changing Allison outside on a bench near the coffee cart and took over from her since she was failing.

Teddy was planning on going to the park but Owen suggested a tour of the hospital instead, humoring Teddy as he knew she was missing the smell of blood. He showed her scans of a patient of his with a dissection.

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She pitched a solution that had good results on a case she had back in Germany. Owen was informed that Tom was approaching so they moved to the OR gallery, where she told Allison about the cool things they get to do in there. Owen then suggested he stay home with Allison for a while so she could go back to work. She refused because she didn't like failing as a mother but Owen said being back to work would make her happy again, which in turn would make her a better mother.

Besides, he didn't like work when he had to avoid Tom. She then happily accepted his offer and went to get changed right away, leaving Allison in his care. Shortly after returning to work, Teddy worked with Maggie and Taryn on a woman who had been hit by the frozen body of a stowaway who had fallen out of a plane.

Teddy had seen a similar case in Germany. Link came to assist and Teddy asked him to harvest a vein from the patient's leg but by the time he was done scrubbing in, the patient had been declared dead. Teddy felt that the world was broken, not just the medical system, as it forced people to climb into planes and freeze to death and then crash into innocent people who were in the absolute worst place on Earth possible; a feeling that only got stronger now that she had a baby to raise in that world.

Owen came to pick her and Leo up. On their way out, they ran into Tom, who had gotten rid of the restraining order so Owen could return to work. Owen surprised them both by revealing he had taken a job at Pac-North. Tom thought he would come to regret that and invited him to call him when that happened, reminding Teddy that the same was still true for when she regretted choosing Owen over him. Teddy and Owen walked off smiling and she teased him about his new workplace.

On Halloween, Owen dropped off a box of handmade costumes his mother had made for him and Megan. Teddy was impressed Evelyn had the time to make costumes herself while working full-time and raising two kids by herself. They agreed to meet up that night for the parade on the peds floor. She, Bailey, and Tom operated on a man who was competing in a costume contest, which led her to wonder when costumes became so important.

She thought Owen was equating good costumes to good parenting. She didn't know what they were doing since they skipped so many steps at once by going from best friends to a family of four overnight.

Tom told her he didn't understand what she was doing either and told her not to let Owen make her feel inept at motherhood over costumes.

Bailey advised Teddy not to worry about the costumes and just enjoy the time with her kids. After taking the patient's loved ones to go see him post-op, Teddy met up with Owen on the peds floor. She dressed up as a kick-ass surgeon and told him she wouldn't be like his mother. He knew that, which is why he brought over the box to see if any costumes might fit Leo or Allison.

She then understood he hadn't brought over the box to shame her and admitted it had inspired her. She revealed she had dressed up their children as zombies, which neither he nor Bailey liked as a costume for babies.

Teddy dropped Owen off at Pac-North one day. He tried to take a picture of Allison but his phone storage was full. She told him to delete some stuff but he said he needed a bigger phone. He kissed her goodbye and went inside while she drove off to Grey Sloan. She and Owen entered the hotel arguing about sleep training, which all sources gave different advice on. Since she was suffering from severe cumulative sleep deprivation, she happily accepted Link's coffee.

At the hospital, they took scans and diagnosed a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage. Tom took on the case and started operating to evacuate the hemorrhage. Teddy sat with Amelia in the gallery until Link came in. After Paul died, the three of them drove back to the hotel, where they learned Meredith got to keep her license.

Teddy congratulated her with the others and went back to work afterward. Maggie asked Teddy to scrub in with her for a valve replacement. While Teddy found it odd for such a basic procedure, she happily accepted the opportunity to operate on a non-traumatized heart for the first time in months. During surgery, Teddy talked about the work at Pac-North. Owen had shown her around there and asked her to come run cardio. She had been thinking about it because she was missing cardio and Maggie was doing a terrific job at it at Grey Sloan.

Maggie then scolded her for chit-chatting. Near the end of the surgery, Tom complimented Teddy on her technique from the gallery. Once he was gone, Maggie wondered why Teddy didn't tell him to leave her alone. Teddy still felt guilty for breaking his heart and he was harmless. Maggie asked if she was sure because it seemed to her like Tom still thought he had a future with her and Teddy didn't seem to want to set the record straight.

Teddy was then called away for a trauma in the pit but soon returned when Maggie was panicking over the fact that the patient's heart hadn't restarted yet after having taken him off bypass. Teddy pointed out it was likely hibernating myocardium and got Maggie to calm down and agree to her recommendation. After ating the patient's wife, Tom told Teddy he was in need of a new Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

She thought he had fired Maggie to give her what she wanted and finally told him she had really moved on from him. Tom informed her Maggie had actually quit herself and proceeded to point out that Owen still hadn't proposed to her while he had a baby with her, while Tom was ready to marry Teddy this very day. He asked if she really wanted to close the door on him and walked off, leaving her to overthink what he had said.

Teddy was on duty in the ER when several of Grey Sloan's residents were brought in injured after a car crashed into Joe's bar. She and Amelia teamed up to treat Casey, who was experiencing a severe PTSD exacerbation but went missing on their watch. While they were looking for him, they came across Owen, who complained about Tom being an ass to him. Teddy asked him to cut Tom some slack.

Teddy also vented to Amelia about Owen not having proposed yet. It made her wonder if her showing up pregnant with his child triggered his PTSD, which was rooted in a pattern of obligations and not wanting to disappoint people, and made him feel trapped with her.

Amelia said she thought Owen was just trying to do things differently. Teddy also performed an angio on Levi Schmittwho was experiencing heart attack-like symptoms but turned out to be suffering from broken heart syndrome.

Afterward, Owen took Teddy to an on-call room and proposed. She stopped him mid-proposal and told him he didn't have to propose and she didn't want to reinforce his PTSD patterns. He said she wasn't and that he was starting a new pattern of loving her and their family with his whole heart. She then gladly accepted his proposal and they went out to cheer the news with some staff, including Amelia and Link, while a disdained Tom looked on from a distance. Soon after, Teddy lost the ring and she started looking around at work.

When Owen dropped by for a surprise lunch to discuss wedding plans, she blurted out she had lost the ring and got emotional because she aware of the significance it had in his family.

Owen told her not to worry and assured her they would find it. Owen took apart the sink pipes in the attendings' lounge as Teddy thought she may have lost it there, but it wasn't in there. They then received word that Leo was vomiting in daycare and went to check on him.

They took an X-ray to be safe and discovered Leo had swallowed the ring.

Teddy Riley Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses

While they waited for Leo to pass it, Owen told her she could keep the ring stored somewhere and only wear it for special occasions and suggested she just wear a necklace with the first letter of each of their family members on it. When Leo finally pooped, Teddy volunteered to find the ring. Owen and Teddy met while they both were army surgeons.

Owen brought her to Seattle Grace Mercy West as a present for Cristinaclaiming her to be a "cardio goddess", and Teddy later worked out that Owen brought her as a present for his girlfriend, appearing more surprised by the fact Cristina was his girlfriend. She knew what Owen was going through with his PTSD, but she wasn't able to help him because she was seeing Mark at the time, and he was with Cristina.

During the shooting, Owen finally decided that he wanted to be with Cristina, which Teddy understood. This ended their romantic feelings for one another, and they continued being best friends. Years after Teddy left the hospital to move to Germany, Owen realized that he wanted to be with her and flew out to Germany to visit her. They slept together and spent a day blissfully happy. However, their happiness was cut short when Teddy learned that Owen had come because of Amelia's suggestion after he had slept with Amelia the day before.

Teddy kicked Owen out, and two left things on bad terms. Months later, Teddy returned to Seattle with the news that she was pregnant with Owen's baby.

Though Owen was initially mad that Teddy had hid her pregnancy from him for so long, they eventually made up and decided to raise the baby as friends. After Owen broke up with Amelia again, he started therapy and realized he was actually in love with Teddy. Teddy realized that she was also in love with Owen just as she went into labor with their baby. As she was giving birth to their daughter, AllisonOwen declared his love for her. After a few months of raising Allison together, Owen proposed to Teddy with his mother's ring and she accepted.

They slept together and had a romantic relationship for weeks leading up to the wedding of Owen and Teddy. Owen finally found out after Teddy dropped her phone in Tom's office and a voicemail of Teddy moaning was heard by the OR. Owen later listened to the voicemail in full and cried in a supply closet. He called off the wedding. Sloan asked Teddy out, but she initially declined. Eventually, she accepted and they had dated briefly. After finding Reed Adamson in Mark's bed, Teddy ended things.

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After their marriage, Henry listed Teddy as his emergency contact person, because he didn't have any friends or family left. Henry developed real feelings for Teddy, but he decided not to tell her. She started dating, and they discussed her dates over the food she always brought home for him. However, when Teddy started a relationship with Andrew Perkins for the second time, Henry couldn't keep his feeling still anymore. He told her how he felt, which made her doubt about her relationship with Andrew.

Right before she would leave for Germany with Perkins, she choose Henry over Andrew and kissed Henry. Henry told Teddy that he wanted to go to medical school, but Teddy didn't want him to go. When Teddy went home that night, she tried to make up with Henry, but found him coughing up blood. Henry had a tumor on his lung and needed surgery. When Cristina and Richard opened him up, they found that there was no chance of saving Henry and he started to code.

Webber stepped in to do CPR, but after 20 minutes, it was a lost cause so he stopped and Henry died. Webber told Owen not to tell Teddy as she was in surgery, and then they would lose another patient, so Owen told Teddy that Henry survived. Finally, after the surgery, Cristina told her that her husband was dead. Teddy demanded to see him and then broke down in tears.

Andrew was the main trauma counselor who had to approve and clear each surgeon for surgery. Teddy was very upset by this, but eventually moved on.

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Andrew was offered a permanent position in Germany and asked Teddy to go with him. She initially accepted and they were all set to go. However, she had second thoughts about her relationship with Henry and chose to stay. Tom and Teddy started dating after she came back to Seattle to raise her child with Owen. Though Tom initially had worries about Teddy's relationship with Owen, she convinced him that she and Owen were only meant to be friends. Tom stayed very involved with Teddy's pregnancy, including attending birthing classes with her.

Tom even helped Teddy find the perfect apartment in Seattle. Tom often fought with Owen over Teddy, as both men wanted to help Teddy with her pregnancy. When Teddy went into labor and had an emotional moment with Owen, Tom was not alerted and was left at home building a crib for the baby. She broke up with him after giving birth and chose Owen. Later on, despite being engaged to Owen, Teddy had a playful snowball fight with Tom and went to his house that night.

They kissed and shut the door.

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Later, they kissed and locked the door again in Tom's office. Teddy met Allison when Allison nearly ran her over with her bike. They hit it off and Allison asked Teddy to move in with Allison and Allison's girlfriend, Clairebut she and Allison began an affair together after that.

She ended up joining the Army because of that feeling. Years later, Teddy and Owen named their daughter after Allison. One day, Arizona took Teddy aside and told her that they should be friends.

Teddy and Arizona shared a special friendship. When Mark asked Teddy out, she confided in Arizona, who suggested that Mark was like candy: eat it and forget about it. After a long absence, Spencer finally appears again when Teddy tries to get a summer job at a beach clothing store in the mall.

Tinder Challenge - Teddy vs. DoBoy

Spencer tells Teddy that she has to act dumb in order to get the job because the manager wants employees that are loose and carefree. Spencer and Teddy are shown to be good friends by this episode. After the drama with possible feelings for Emmett, Teddy is relieved that Emmett quit and that there is a new frog working in her show at Super Adventure Land.

Teddy is shocked to discover that Spencer is the new frog.

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After the events in the episode before, Spencer asks Teddy to get back together. He asks Teddy for a second chance and promises to never cheat on her again. After Amy gets Teddy a car so she never has to kiss Spencer, she decides to get back together with him, and Bob and Amy give their blessing. Teddy and Spencer are happily back together and are still working at Super Adventure Land. The couple is tired of performing outside in the heat all day, so they audition for an inside job as George and Martha Washington.

Spencer gets the job, and Teddy doesn't. When Spencer's new co-worker attempts to flirt with Spencer, Teddy ruins their first show as she dresses a Ben Franklin. After the show, Teddy and Spencer kiss, and are subsequently fired since some kids found "George Washington" and "Ben Franklin" kissing. With Teddy and Spencer back together, Spencer hasn't won a single basketball game, causing the whole school to think Teddy is a jinx. In order to prove them wrong, Teddy and Spencer stage a fake break up and plan to announce their "reconciliation" after Spencer wins the game.

Teddy accidentally gets excited too soon when she thinks Spencer has already won the game and goes ahead and tells people that they never broke up. Spencer is now under pressure that he has to make the next shot or they lose the game. Spencer makes the shot and wins, and he and Teddy hug.

The couple plan to go to prom together after Teddy makes a big deal about Spencer asking her to the dance properly. Amy forces Teddy to wear her old dress from her high school prom, but Teddy changes her outfit when she and Spencer leave. Before the two are able to get to the prom, Teddy gets a text from PJ, who tells her that he is having a terrible time at his prom with a girl who his homeschooled. Spencer and Teddy decide to go to PJ's prom instead to liven it up, and when Teddy asks if Spencer is okay with being at this terrible prom, he replies by saying "as long as I'm with you, I don't care where we're at.

Spencer and Teddy secretly rehearse and perform in a musical and are trying to hide it from Amy because they think she will steal the spotlight once she finds out. When Amy does discover their secret, she and Teddy have a small fight but makeup later, and the show goes on. Shortly before their ten-month-anniversary, Teddy reminds Spencer of the date, and it seems that he has forgotten but tries to hide it.

He tells her that he plans to take her to a fancy dinner for their anniversary. However, when he comes to pick her up the next day, Teddy is forced to take her Grandma Linda along because Amy can no longer stand having Linda in the house.

Teddy Riley: Wife, Dating, Family & Friends Teddy Riley is currently married to Donna Roberts. The couple is currently living with 8 children while Donna being the biological mother of Dejanee, Taja and Tiara. Who is Teddy Riley dating in ? Feb 05,   Teddy Park's Girlfriend. Teddy Park is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Teddy had at least 1 relationship in the past. Teddy Park has not been previously engaged. He began dating "Miss Gold Digger" actress Han Ye-seul in Nationality: South Korean. Feb 08,   Spoilers ahead for Season 15, Episode 12 of Grey's Anatomy. She may be pregnant with his baby, but Teddy and Owen are strictly platonic at this point. Owen chose to stay with Amelia, although he Author: Martha Sorren.

Teddy and Spencer try to have a nice dinner, but it is interrupted when they lose Linda and have to return home to find her. After seeing Spencer's volleyball game, Teddy becomes inspired to join the girl's volleyball game. They chat about her joining even though she is not the most athletic of people.

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Wrecks ". For their one year anniversary, Teddy enlists PJ to cook a special dinner for her and Spencer. She sets up a nice date at PJ's apartment so that Spencer won't suspect the surprise and decorates it to look like Paris.

Teddy Moutinho

However, during the date, Teddy gets upset because Spencer doesn't remember how they met. He makes it up to her by telling her how long they had been apart. Spencer and Teddy have a small fight after Spencer doesn't make a big deal out of a problem that Teddy is having at school. Spencer then takes relationship advice from Bob, who says that the key is to make a big deal about everything, even if it's not even worth getting upset about.

Teddy and Amy overhear this and teach the men a lesson. Teddy pretends to be mad at a salesman and enlists Spencer to confront the big, scary salesman until Spencer finally admits that he took some bad advice from Bob and apologizes to Teddy. Teddy and Spencer bring Charlie to see Santa Clause.

Unfortunately, Santa goes on break before Charlie can see him causing Teddy to get frustrated. Teddy ends up in Super Adventure Land jail again. Spencer recuses himself from testifying because he's in a happy relationship with Teddy. They sing "Song for you" during the Duncan's talent show.

When Spencer gets accepted into a performing arts school in Boston, he must leave immediately.

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He and Teddy try to maintain a long distance relationship, with Teddy even sneaking away one weekend to visit him in Boston. However, when her surprise fails and he ends up visiting her in Denver at the same time, they realize that they cannot handle long distance. They tell each other that they love one another for the first time but decide to break up because they are hurting each other by not seeing each other for long chunks of time.

Teddy and Spencer, who have remained good friends, chat through a video call, where he reveals that he is dating a girl in Boston named Gigi. This prompts Teddy to start dating again, but she only begins dating a guy who looks exactly like Spencer, proving that she has yet to move on.

Towards the end of the episode, it is shown that Gigi also has an uncanny resemblance to Teddy. Spencer returns to Denver for Teddy's 18th birthday party as a surprise, only to find out that she now has a new boyfriend named Beau. Later, Spencer sits Teddy down and admits that he still has feelings for her, has broken up with Gigi, and wants to get back together with her.

Teddy tells him she also still has feelings for him but is with Beau and needs to make a decision. Eventually, Teddy chooses Beau, and Spencer leaves, heartbroken, telling Teddy that they can no longer be friends because he is still in love with her, and it is too hard for him to see her with another guy.

Before Teddy's going-away party for her departure to Yale University in the fall, Bob runs into Spencer at an ice cream shop. Bob invites Spencer to the party, but Spencer is unsure because he and Teddy are not on good terms. Spencer does show up for the party, though, and he and Teddy sing a song together, reconciling their friendship. The next day, Spencer goes over to the Duncan residence because he left his jacket there.

He and Teddy make small talk before making plans to see each other in college because their colleges aren't too far away from each other. They then kiss and get back together. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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