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They could be dating the most wonderful person in the world, but will drop that partner like a used tissue if someone more attractive finds them interesting. They may not even like the person all that much, but they look good together. Bonus points if said person is wealthy and spends a ridiculous amount of money on them to keep them around. They treasure luxury items with high-profile labels, and are sure to mention those items in conversation whenever possible, especially if they get to laugh off how much they paid for them. The only things that these people get involved with are those that will benefit them in some way, somehow. And so on. Help you be a person they like better, or more like themselves, of course.

But here are some slightly subtler signs that your relationship is shallow.

Because when you allow yourselves to engage in a fight, you seize the opportunity to work through an issue and hopefully, come out the other side with a greater understanding of each other. In fact, a fight can give you and bae the chance to further strengthen your bond.

Think of it this way: No matter how compatible you are with someone, you're bound to eventually face something worth fighting about.

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At some point, your partner will do or say something that annoys, offends, or upsets you. If you and your boo only bicker about trivial things rather than things that actually impact your relationship, then that could suggest your connection is superficial as well.

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They sit across from each other at the table scrolling through their phones, barely making eye contact let alone having a conversation. How much do you and bae really know about each other? Do you know what their career aspirations are?

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Do you know what scares them more than anything? What are their values, and what can they not tolerate?

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One of the best ways to get closer to someone on a deeper level is to ask them questions. However, after spending the weekend with my loving, yet outspoken mother and showing her all these dating apps, the words that uttered out of her mouth were, "Your generation is so superficial.

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I feel bad for you. Back in my day, men actually met you in person, called you on the phone and asked you out on a date. This myriad of online dating apps have given rise to a pick and choose shopping behavior that emphasizes looks more so than ever.

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We now browse potential suitors as if we're looking through a catalog, or better yet. Online dating apps appear to have been stripped down peoples' most superficial qualities.

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Look at Tinder for example. The premise is simple- swipe left if you don't like someone's picture, swipe right if you do. Don't like the fact that some guy has a receding hairline, swipe left, and you're onto the next, don't like that girl's teeth, swipe left, and repeat.

Online dating apps appear to have been stripped down peoples' most superficial qualities. Look at Tinder for example. The premise is simple- swipe left if you don't like someone's picture, swipe right if you Mara Opperman. This isn't all that superficial but it is a tad petty. The thing is that dating a woman with kids is a huge commitment right off the bat. You know that you're never going to come first and that there may not be much of a honeymoon period because soon enough you're the father figure in the lives of her children. Needless to say, it's. Mar 29,   Which one are you attracted to? If you pick #2, you are superficial. If you can't imagine dating someone like #1 because of said flaw, you are superficial. If you are embarrassed by the idea of even being associated with a person that is a #1, you are highly superficial.

If you and another person both happen to swipe right on each other's picture, congrats- you are a match OR as Tinder says, you can "Keep Playing. Keep playing what? Unfortunately, it feels like most of these dating apps are all following this same trend, encouraging people to pay less attention to the written portion of someone's profile.

I was in a relationship with a guy who found/finds me insanely attractive and whom I found the most attractive I had ever been with (he had all the things I like in a man, broad shoulders dark skin black hair full lips strong jaw perfect nose deep.

Oops, did I fail to mention that you can write up to about characters or less about yourself on Tinder? Again, most of these online dating apps seem to be all about your photos and a few stats. If you're not photogenic, chances are you'll probably be rejected.

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The problem with judging a book by its cover is you're most likely choosing people for all the wrong reasons and missing out on all the possible matches for all the right reasons. You can't possibly look at a book cover and know how good the content of the book is going to be, just like you can't possibly look at someone's picture and know how good the chemistry will be.

And truth be told, attractiveness and appearance are important, but it's probably not a good foundation for a long term successful relationship.

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So, maybe my mom is right. So far, these online dating apps haven't worked for me. Maybe it's time to do things the old fashioned way.

Oct 13,   Are You in a Superficial Relationship? October 13, // by Alejandra Saragoza // Leave a Comment. Shares 15 Facebook Tweet. Today's dating world brings about all types of relationships, from friends-with-benefits and booty calls to serious and long-term romantic connections. In college it can be more common for students to play the field. Dating. All Dating Advice She's Superficial. If she's more interested in the car you drive, the money you make (or will make) and the total price of all your possessions, she's probably. Apr 29,   If Your Relationship Is Superficial, You'll Notice These 3 Signs. By Rebecca Strong. April 29, Today's dating landscape includes a wide variety of relationships. They can range from casual.
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