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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Star awakes one day with her cheekmarks back on her face. What could have caused them to reappear?

While it seems likely for Starco to be canon, it is safe to say these two have and will sustain a healthy friendship to some degree, no matter their relationship status. Regardless of all the ship teasing the show and the creators still like to throw at the fans, there is hope to believe that these two could become more. Now that Jackie has broken up with Marco, he is single again. There is also the inclusion of the Blood Moon in many episodes.

Although the curse has been broken, it has teased at Starco for a lengthy time now. The way Star acted towards Marco when he came to Mewni could only make sense if she still had feelings for him. She pushed him away to be a laundry squire so she could try and forget those feelings in peace, but after realising Tom won't be the same as Marco, she made Marco her squire so they could go back to the way things were and just hang out as friends, and Marco being her squire made it so Star had control of Marco's actions and ensure that she would not feel emotionally hurt again.

Furthermore, in Booth Buddies Marco revealed his feelings to Star and at the end of the episode, they shared a kiss, still dealing with the after-effects of it. Also, when Marco confessed to Tom in the Season 3 finale of him kissing Star, he surprisingly didn't erupt into a fit of rage but instead took it well and even hugged Marco and Star at the end of the episode.

Star butterfly dating tom

This could be seen as him becoming more mature and accepting the fact that he will no longer be in a relationship with Star as of Sad Teen Hotline they are broken up but still would be on good terms with both her and Marco. Small things, such as Star suggesting their feelings weren't from the Blood Moon Curse, point to the possibility of Starco. Especially with Marco's confession to Star in Mama Star, it seems that Starco has great possibility to be the main endgame ship of Star vs.

With the most recent episodes, Star and Marco are now a canonical couple by the end of "Here To Help" and their relationship as a couple so far is overwhelmingly positive with the sheer closeness that they shared in the next few episodes.

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Click here to view full gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In " Is Another Mystery ", Tom gets a little jealous of all the time Star spends with Marco on adventures and wants to go on an adventure alone with her, and he tries to help her convince the monsters to stay on Mewni.

Even though he fails, his genuine and heartfelt efforts bring him and Star closer together. Star tries to bail on the awkward situation at first, but she turns around to save Tom's life and decides to stay and spend more time with him and his family.

Star vs the Forces of Evil - Star and Tom KISS and Marco Gets Sad - Lava Lake Beach

In " Junkin' Janna ", Tom is so beside himself with nothing to do whenever he's not around Star that he spends hours sending her text messages. In " Doop-Doop ", Tom and Star begin to drift apart when Star is unable to decide whether or not she wants to go on a vacation with him.

In " Sad Teen Hotline ", after going on a trip by himself and doing some soul-searching, Tom breaks up with Star when it becomes clear her life is taking a different direction than his. This time, their breakup is resolved more amicably than before. By the end of " Mr.

Candle Cares ", the two are on slightly friendlier terms, having bonded over a mutual admiration for Star's free-spirited nature. In " Friendenemies ", the two bond further over a shared love for the band Love Sentence and the martial arts movie star Mackie Han though they end the episode by stating they still do not like each other.

Despite this, they have hung out semi-regularly since then, as Tom says in " Naysaya ".

In " Stump Day ", he and Marco briefly fight when the latter calls him a bad boyfriend for not celebrating and accuses him of forgetting Star's birthday, but they appear to later reconcile. He also shows some insecurity regarding Marco and Star's closeness; during the search, he asks Star if he is doing things "better than Marco". Marco and Tom work together a great deal in " Divide " and " Conquer ".

When the original plan to trap Meteora fails, Tom stands up for Marco, stating that he believes in his value as a leader and appreciates his stubborn nature. When only the two of them remain, Marco admits that he kissed Star, which Tom originally believes to be a bluff and appears relatively unfazed at first.

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Nonetheless, they are both willing to give their lives for each other, showing how much their bond has grown. Despite Tom's trepidation about dragon-cycling, he wants to do it because he wants to be as cool as Marco. In " Jannanigans ", Tom encourages Marco to form a romantic relationship with Star, assuring him that he has no problem with them being together. Tom appears to be close with his family, particularly his mother Wrathmelior, who has a personal investment in his love life and serves as a constant source of affection, advice, and support for him.

Click here to view the gallery. Avarius family : Dennis Avarius.

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Olga's princesses. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? In season 4Star demonstrates determination through her relentlessly searching for her missing mother all the while helping Eclipsa be accepted as queen over a period of several months.

Star Butterfly Dress Up: An interdimensional princess, from the kingdom of Mewni, named Star Butterfly is sent to a new dimension, the Earth dimension, to learn how to use her newest possession, the royal family wand, and she finds help along the way meeting an Earth boy named Marco Diaz, and she lives with Marco and his parents causing all kinds of interdimensional . Star Butterfly/Tom Lucitor Star Butterfly/Marco Diaz (74) Marco Diaz/Tom Lucitor (50) Star Butterfly/Marco Diaz/Tom Lucitor (30) Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz (17) Star Butterfly & Tom Lucitor (16) Marco Diaz/Jackie Lynn Thomas (13) Marco Diaz & Tom Lucitor (9) Moon Butterfly/River Butterfly (6) Marco Diaz/Kelly (6) Include Additional Tags. Daron Nefcy has denied saying that it won't happen. This doesn't confirm that it will happen just that it can still happen. What seems to be the issue is that when people heard Eden Sher (Star's voice actress) state in an interview that she wasn't a fan of Starco they somehow got the idea that it meant that Daron Nefcy wasn't into Starco.

However, all of this puts a noticeable strain on her. By " Cornonation ", Star cites she is tired of all the politics and just wants to return to being a normal teenage girl, further stating she had forgotten what exactly that means. Early on, Star has somewhat of a nervous tic where she chews on the top of the wand.

Star appreciates Marco's help, advice, and kindness whenever she needs it, and she always finds ways to help him out when she sees she can.

However, she has been shown to be resentful whenever Marco thinks she can't handle something herself and has on several occasions clashed with Marco over the differences between her adventurous personality and his cautious tendencies up to the point where she questions their friendship. Nonetheless, their friendship remains unbreakable, as demonstrated in " Gift of the Card " when they are prepared to die in each other's arms.

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They also are usually quick to make amends if they end up in a fight or disagreement. In " Blood Moon Ball ", Star and Marco briefly dance together under the light of the Blood Moon, which according to legend binds their souls together for eternity.

In " Sleepover ", Star's feelings for Marco are implied to be something more than just friendship, as when she yells out his name in frustration, the Truth or Punishments Box remarks "Truth. Star Butterfly has a crush on In " Naysaya ", she is extremely happy that Marco finally managed to ask Jackie out and continues to be happy for them when Jackie does the same in " Bon Bon the Birthday Clown ", but after seeing them together, she becomes dismayed and jealous.

She tries to call Marco repeatedly and even resorts to using a dark magic spell to spy on him and Jackie.

Star Butterfly

When Star sees Marco and Jackie together, her jealousy causes her spells to go out of control. She is further shown to be jealous of Marco and Jackie's relationship in " Just Friends ". In " Running with Scissors ", Star is briefly enamored with Marco's adult physique, barely being able to speak.

This creates a strain in their friendship, upon which they start avoiding one another. In " Starcrushed ", Star struggles with her growing feelings for Marco, and with the threat of Toffee looming closer, she confesses that she indeed has a crush on him before tearfully leaving Earth. In " Return to Mewni " and " Toffee ", Star is casual about referring to Marco several times as "cute", uses the All-Seeing Eye spell to see him from afar, takes one of his hoodies to wear as a cape, and uses skills that he taught her in order to survive in the Mewnian wilderness.

When Marco later rescues her from a castle dungeon, they reunite with a warm hug, indicating they still deeply care about each other despite the circumstances of their separation in "Starcrushed".

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In " Scent of a Hoodie ", with Star no longer needing to go back to Earth, she shares an emotional goodbye with Marco and holds onto his unwashed hoodie after he returns to Earth just so she can have something that reminds her of him.

At the end of the episode, however, she learns to let go of unhealthy obsessions with material objects and simply cherish the memories of her and Marco's time together. Believing she would not see Marco again for a long time, Star tries to move past her feelings for him, focusing on becoming a responsible princess and getting back together with Tom.

Tom Lucitor

As such, in " Lint Catcher ", Star becomes briefly upset at Marco for dropping in on her unannounced and showing ingratitude when she gives him a job in the castle. At the end of the episode, though, she makes a new room in the castle for him and appoints him as her royal squire so they can hang out again.

In " Sweet Dreams ", Star trusts only Marco to help her with her sleep-portaling.

When they reunite at the end of the episode, Star hugs him and thanks him for saving her. In " Stump Day ", Marco throws a surprise birthday party for Star, much to her dismay; she never celebrates her birthday on the actual day in order to honor the Stump.

In " Marco Jr. Additionally, once she restores his normal appearance, she embraces him and says that he is "beautiful again. In " Booth Buddies ", Star and Marco get trapped in a photo booth together while trying to take best friend pictures.

As they work through the issues of how much their relationship has changed since "Starcrushed", they kiss each other, leaving both of them in a state of complete shock and regret. In " Divide " and " Conquer ", Star and Marco share several tender moments with each other before the battle, and each of them blush heavily. Star entrusts Marco with delaying Meteora while she searches on finding her mother. When Tom later presents her with a soul-drained Marco, Star despairs, loses all focus on the battle and flees to try and heal him at the Magic Sanctuary.

When he, along with all of Meteora's victims, regain their souls and return to normal, they share a tender embrace. In " Curse of the Blood Moon ", Star and Marco wonder if their budding feelings for each other are only the result of their souls being bound at the Blood Moon Ball. With Tom and Relicor Lucitor's help, they have that bond severed, and they lose their memory of that evening. However, during the soul-severing process, they wonder if their feelings for each other were actually not the Blood Moon's doing.

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In " The Knight Shift ", when Marco reveals that he plans to go back to Earth someday to be with his family and go to college, Star is sad at first, but the two agree to never stop having adventures together when that happens, and Marco gives Star a cape like his. In " Cleaved ", despite his initial misgivings, Marco eagerly goes along with Star's plan to destroy all magic.

After they succeed in doing so, Star and Marco hug even as the Realm of Magic collapses around them, believing they belong together with or without magic.

The remaining magic within them creates a dimensional rift; when the rift explodes, the dimensions of Earth and Mewni merge into one, allowing Star and Marco to be together. In " St. O's, the place she fears most, for her best friend's birthday, even when she seemed too broken by the school's harsh teaching. In " Ponymonium ", she invites Star to dinner at her castle, though she later reveals to have done so in order to get proof of her sisters trying to steal her claim to the throne.

After Star vents her anger over this deception, Pony Head says Star is like a sister to her, and they make amends. In " Bam Ui Pati! Star has a harder time getting along with her mother.

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Not fond of her mother's strict rules and traditional sensibilities, Star liked being sent to Earth, which allowed her to get some space from her. In her journal, she included an entry that stated "Mom's a poophead", further showing how much she doesn't like her mother's restrictions. In fact, in " Sleep Spells ", Marco identified Moon's overbearing nature as the crux of Star's emotional problems.

At the same time, Star fully knows the danger of her mother finding out that she is being too reckless with the wand or exploring other dimensions without permission, which would lead her to be sent to St.

Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. Regardless, the two love each other immensely. By season two, Star and Moon's relationship is much stronger; Star is more comfortable approaching her mother with personal problems, such as in " Mr. Candle Cares ", and Moon is more appreciative of what makes her daughter special, as shown in " Game of Flags ". Star has also shown herself to be more willing to stand up to her mother, initially refusing to return to Mewni with her in " Starcrushed " until Moon informs her of Toffee 's return and wanting to face Toffee in " Return to Mewni " until Moon reveals that Toffee and his army killed her mother.

She also convinced Moon to give Eclipsa a fair trial after she broke free.

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