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There are a lot of mother-daughter songs out there to celebrate the special bond a mother and daughter share. You can play these songs on special occasions e. Below is a list of some of the most popular mother-daughter songs which will make you cry every time you listen to them. This wonderful song by Carrie Underwood is something worth listening to. It expresses the mother-daughter love quite accurately in so many words. The way Taylor is able to tell the lyrics, it seems like the song was meant for you.

Miley and her father Billy Ray sang this song together. At the time, Miley was moving to Los Angeles to work on her acting career. The song ended up hitting the Billboard charts and was re-released as a duet together. When you have a daughter, it feels like she was sent down from heaven.

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This song is all about Bob watching his daughter grow up and have her first pony ride, then turning 16 and becoming a woman. If your little girl seems to be growing up just a little too fast, this sweet song is for you.

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You may remember this song from the soundtrack to Flicka. It is a country tune that talks about how much a father loves his little girl.

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While he wants her to have the best life possible, he also feel like she has him wrapped around her little finger. The dad sings about how he wants her to take on the world, even though he will always think of her as his little girl.

Go on, take on this whole world. Released inthis is one of the songs about daughters growing up that is perfect for moms out there. It talks about a mom rediscovering the world and life through the eyes of her daughter. While parents always pass on life lessons, a child can also show you the wonder, strength and peace of the world as well.

Songs about dating my daughter

Through your child, you can start to really learn what life is all about. When you have a daughter, there are many tender moments.

My Wedding Songs does The Father Daughter Dance or the Dad Bride Dance is formally the dance between the father(s) of the bride and the bride herself. The bride should choose one of her favorite melodies to act as the father daughter songs. There are many . Dec 03,   These songs show the different perspectives of having a daughter - from doting on them as babies to letting them go as they chase their dreams. Jason Blaine - Dance with My Daughter One of the most heartbreaking moments in a father's life is letting go of . "Lions & Tigers" by Sleater-Kinney Written by: Corin Tucker For: Marshall Tucker Bangs (son) In the light of the pointed politics of the album (One Beat) that it appears as a bonus track on, the difficult circumstances in which Tucker's child was born (nine weeks premature), and the bark that accompanied that band's usual bite, 'Lions & Tigers' carries a charmingly pop skew.

You build a trust that starts from their birth and extends past college. Even when you are no longer able to have her at home and watch over her, you are still there to support and love her from afar.

Song For Our Daughter

Originally, Ben Folds wrote song about his son. The song has a very simple melody that is easy to follow. While Ben Folds wrote the song for just his daughter, the lyrics make it quite relatable for any parent and their daughter.

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This is one of the oldest songs on this list. This classic song has lyrics that every parent can instantly relate to.

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When your daughter is born, it is like she immediately catches your entire attention. She is just so precious, lovely and wonderful that she feels like an amazing gift of God.

He wrote it after the birth of his daughter, so he used an outro that has recordings of him playing with his daughter.

Mar 08,   10 "Funny" rules for dating my daughter. It's super HILARIOUS! my dad found this on this funny site! it also has a contract that goes with it. The songs are GAME and GO AWAY by SIRENS EYE!!:D Author: Ashlyn Moore. Songs about dating my daughter. Flash Workout, which aims to combat child obesity by dating youngsters to songs dating active. The song was released on Pepsi Music CD. Retrieved January 31,. Retrieved Dating 1,. Archived swift the original on March 29,. Archived from the original on September 1,. Beyonce's New Album 'B'Day ' ". Archived from. Apr 09,   Laura Marling has described her seventh solo album as a kind of conceptual work. Song for Our Daughter, she says, is about "trauma and an enduring quest .

This is one of the best songs about daughters growing up if you are just watching your newborn or toddler grow. Billy Joel wrote this song about his daughter, Alexa Rey.

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This song is often covered because of its classic melody and the timeless lyrics in the song. Laura Marling has described her seventh solo album as a kind of conceptual work. It has also turned up months earlier than expected. Scheduled for release in August - the beginning of the annual three-month season when albums by major artists traditionally appear - it has been brought forward.

10 Songs About Daughters

Yet there is always the chance the opposite may happen. These are, as you can hardly have failed to notice, extraordinary, ujankossencontemporary.comecedented times.

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Marling is still wont to change her accent with the frequency that some singer-songwriters change plectrums. Which is certainly a bracing way of delivering maternal counsel. That said, the title track is extraordinarily beautiful, a quality it shares with the rest of Song for Our Daughter.

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And so it is here. The piano-led Blow By Blow, the gentle strum of For You, and the feedback-flecked Held Down are all lavished with gorgeous, effortless-seeming melodies.

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