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Or at least crushing on a hot girl. So, you send her a text at noon. The hours go by. Trust me, she has. She has just chosen not to text you back right away - on purpose. It might even be a day or two until she responds.

I messages her bestfriend asking to check on her as i feel she's bit depress on the work problem she is having; then she messages me in facebook telling me to leave her alone and she need to focus on herself. I would suggest pulling way back and focusing on your life. Fall in love with yourself and find hobbies. Post fun things on social media that you're doing.

You might have come on too strong with her and scared her off. Build up your confidence and how you feel about yourself from the inside. Hi Apollonia, I am someone who is constantly unlucky in love. This year I meet a wonderful person. We had a mutual friend, and through that friend we started hanging out more which built attraction on her part. In the beginning of the break up, which she broke off, I was getting pranks and music was being played.

Songs that we listened to. I would constantly talk to my friends about her which she found out and got her angry. She blocked me on social media and I went into no contact for a month.

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In this time she changed her number as well. My friend did approach her and ask if she would talk to me without me knowing, which annoyed her even more.

10 Signs She's NOT Interested She Avoids YouShe Never Calls or Texts BackShe Keeps Her DistanceShe Gets Annoyed Talking to YouShe Makes It Obvious She's Taken (more items). You don't need to waste your time trying to mind-read now: she's let you know straightforwardly that she's not interested, so you can move on to someone whose Author: Madeleine Holden.

Next night she did unblock me on social media and basically told me to leave her friend alone as we had a fall out and I was trying to fix things between us. I responded with I have no issues and asked if she had any.

Around 4 days later I notice in my friends list on chat, she is online, I was a little confused as I know she had reblocked me.

So I checked my pc and noticed I was unblocked. A couple of days later I messaged her apologising for being a dickhead and I hoped she was well. Which I responded that has nothing to do with me as I stopped talking about her. She did read the message but has not blocked me, so there is some form of way to establish communication.

My heart and mind say to slowly continue, but everyone says to walk away. What should I do? Keep trying or walk? Basically she said if i want him, i can grab him any time. Hlo brother my challange my gf never wants to meet me whenever you tell her to meet you she say that she busy coz she is at school? So how to get her back. I really want her. What I can do. I never leave her. I want only her. What I do. I get her back. Better to have once loved and lost than to be miserable and trapped.

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Women are trouble. Appolonia I got a really good question. I was seeing this woman for 5 months everything was going great even up until the last date where I noticed she was hugging in the store as we walked around like a couple. I said she was my friends but only because I hadn't asked her to be my girlfriend. We wanted back to her place watched some TV while she was in my arms went to bed had like the best sex yet.

I may had came off a bit needy on a text I sent a few nights later.

The Main Signs She's Not Into You And Isn't Interested

Then she proposed us being friends. She did look extremely tired though so I think there was some truth to the work thing. I texted her a like twice after that day then I didn't text her for a whole month because i was not in the right emotional state. O had texted her when I got back from my vacation would love to see you if you're interested. Turns out she had left on her vacation which I remembered she told me about before.

I'm not sure but thats what I'm feeling. She had really liked me a lot before. If you have any tip what I could do I would definitely appreciate that too. Thank you Appolonia. Hi Juan. I think you might be right on this one.

She might have just tried to protect herself and been very confused. I think at this point, the only thing you can do is just see what happens when she gets back from Virginia and make your intentions more clear. Keep your emotions in check. Just know that you learned from this. I would just take out all expectations. If her work picked up and she realized she's not able to date or doesn't want to at the moment, then that would have nothing to do with you.

You could also ask her. You guys dated for 5 months, you built intimacy, when she reaches back out to you and ask her what happened and give her to the space to be open and honest. The only way that happens though is if she feels safe emotionally with you, meaning that you are in control of your emotions, you're not putting your sense of worth on her, or your validation and you understand your happiness is not dependent on her.

Just take out all expectations on this. See how she responds when she gets back from Virginia. If it really is her work and she can't date, then just wish her the best and grow from this.

Wishing you the best, Apollonia. Thank you Apllonia. There was too much there for it to be a game. Hi Apollonia, I meet this girl about a month ago, I spoke to her and it took her time to agree for a relationship, with an excuse that she was shy, before she said YES.

We are three states apart from each other and one month into the relationship and I have been the one calling and texting always, but little or no response from her. How do I know if its working or not? Thank you for taking the time to read 10 signs she's not into you anymore. I would suggest communicating with her and telling her "I love it when I hear from you. I would also suggest pulling back and allowing her to text and call. She might not be a phone person. If you see that when you guys are together, things are great, then try to communicate with her that for long distance to work, it would help a lot to both put in the effort with communication.

If you need more help I would suggest booking a private coaching session. Thank you for such an interesting post.

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Do you think that your position applies to friendship for mature people over I have been in love for years with a woman who seems to like me. We hang around often and we have a good time together. Yet, I think that my friend does not appreciate me as much as I do.

Recently she ignored me for at least two weeks.

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She spent Christmas and New Year with her two female friends without asking me what I was doing. I was upset and I asked her where I stand for her. I also told her that she gave me mixed signals about our relationships.

Signs shes not interested in dating you

She told me that she only care for me. I thanked her for the clarification and we did not communicate since. I really miss her despite the fact that she does not treat me right.

I do not have many very good friends and I am hesitating with two options: to be contend with an unsatisfactory relationship for me I give more that she does or let it go and move on. I have decided not to contact her anymore and wait to see if she call me. If she does I am not sure to know what to do and say Any advices? I been in the bunkers the past month. I was so sad told her I booked a bus ride and told her how I felt later she told me she chased another guy away and that she sabotages her self and all the good things.

The whole ride home I was sad. Dry texts and short responses should of told me and never talking on the phone. Hey Dave, we're putting this girl on a pedestal and she's not available. She sabotages herself, this is an indicator that she doesn't love herself and she's not ready for anything.

I would suggest reading Attached by Amir Levine. Look for what you learned through this experience. That's now a non negotiable for you.

Think about what you need in a relationship. What did you gain from this experience? I have been dating a single mum for almost a year she is also during her divorce process and child custody and currently i also moved to an other province. Howeverrecently she started to challenge me and the dont respect the agreements which we agreed about her dress or actions. Hello Apollonian, All you've said is happen to me the girl I love is not just getting attracted to me anymore. I feel so disheartening.

Hello apollonian, I'm confused about her she shows most of these signs, and I'm madly in love with her. She avoids being alone with me, but if eventually we are in a group she likes to stay really close to me and even make skin contact, even to the point of holding hands that I try to avoid cous it increases the pain, when I try to talk to her she snobs me but I notice she always looks at me.

So please I want to let go but sometimes she makes me feel like there's hope. Pls what should I do. Hi Apollonia it's really killing me inside I love her a lot we have been together for three years but now all she does is ignoring my calls, calling me when she feels like, she avoids talking to me all she does is laugh at me when am talking to her concerning important stuff I am really bleeding and my heart is aching and breaking into pieces.

This girl am talk to told me when I get my place she is not over to see me am not go be able come see her but she still want sex me buy her food. There's this girl I came to know about through a friend's Instagram.

I sent her a friend request and upon approval from the mutual friend A Few weeks later we meet through that mutual friend I tried my best not to make her uncomfortable except maybe an occasion or two on text I'd really like her to reciprocate with me on the feelings.

Kindly answer me please. Hey Apollonia so I meet this girl about 6 months ago and she was head over heals for me. I was going threw a really bad time in my life and did a lot of stupid things and accused her of a bunch others because I was just not there.

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I buy her tons of presents she mite say thank you. She never wants to hang out at your place or hers alone. Because then you might be tempted to try to go in for a goodnight kiss.

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She just avoids it by meeting you in places. Okay, this one might sound ludicrous. So cut your losses and find another fish in the sea.

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By Dr. Before feeling all flowery in love, you have to make sure whether she loves you back or not. Reading the signs she is not interested in you is important. Woman is not only speaking verbally, but they use body language and sending indication as well. Bluntly telling a man that she is not interested will be rude, so she is using many signs instead. Unfortunately, not all men have and experience of one sided love so they have a hard a time to be aware of the signs.

Here come some help for you. Read down the list carefully, you probably find in them in your crush. Umm, hope not.

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This is the first signs she is not interested in you anymore. If you know about the signs she is into you, woman will make a chance to brush her arm lightly with yours. That kind of small body contact is wanted by her. On the contrary when she is not interested, she will avoid touching your body as much as possible. Still referring to the body contact. Even though in a cornered situation like that, she will always find a narrow escape.

She suddenly feeling unwell and excuse herself to the bathroom is one of the example. And this happen every time you try to touch her.

You are going to a gathering with her friends.


You also see this as a golden opportunity to get close with her friends. A casual friend, without hinting that she is involved in some kind of romantic feeling with him. Come on, we all know the difference. When a woman is not interested, she will never mind about your feeling. She is the main focus of the relationship. She may not that bad, she is just trying to make you lost your feeling and eventually walk away from her.

A simple date in order to know each other will do.

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