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And lucky me, I think these two are in a real relationship, which is like a dream come true. I love that lakorn world likes to play Cupid, shooting their arrows at our favorite pairings. I wanted an easy going, fun jaunt into HD quality, Grammy and Sean-Esther euphoria, and I certainly got that out of the show. I was immediately on board. I could watch them pretending to be a couple all day, any day.

It was her who decided to be ujankossencontemporary.comofessional and cancel an event with him. So many ex-couples or former friends can separate personal and work matters by doing events together because they know that's part of their job.

Whether it's true that Ken wasn't cursing at Sean or not, I still find Esther's camp annoying. I especially do not like her mom whatsoever. I like Ken.

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I can deal with him. Not so much.

Aug 13,   Caption: Ester Dean in an interview with Hana Mae Lee on October 4, Ester Dean: Dating a Boyfriend! Ester Dean seems busy on her career development which is the reason she is not dating any boyfriend. Or we can say that she is searching for a . May 30,   The whole world doesn't revolve around them. I don't care if Belbel is dating Esther for real or just using their relationship it as an excuse to hide his sexuality, the issues between Esther/her mom and Sean is their business so I don't see why he needs to butt in. Talk about being an attention seeker. I feel bad for Sean. Apr 20,   By Esther Lee. April 20, Ariana Grande and Big Sean have split after eight months of dating, their reps confirm to Us Weekly Kevin Mazur/WireImage. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new.

It's time that the media stops attaching Sean to Esther and vice versa. My boy Sean needs his space. He's doing well without being known as Esther's koojin and whatnot. I am not a fan of Esther so I am not familiar with her camp but hopefully she mature quick! And as for Ken I am having second thoughts on him.

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I hope he isn't like that At least it seems like Sean is keeping it real and mature. Esther didn't tag sean in her ig. But behind all of it are lies. But i really hope that they work things out.

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Geez what dramas! I sure hope it's not true about all of them. I am not a fan of Shaun and Esther but Ken P. And if Ken P is shady that like, I might change my mind yo!

ONEHD will probably cast them in another lakorn soon. If not, give it a year or 2. They love scandals. That's how they sell.

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Anyways, I'm not that big of a SeanEst fan anymore. Ken too.

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I mean, I'm neutral with Ken but I'm also whatever about him. I think I like Sean more than these two lover. I wanted an easy going, fun jaunt into HD quality, Grammy and Sean-Esther euphoria, and I certainly got that out of the show.

I was immediately on board. I could watch them pretending to be a couple all day, any day. Smooches and hijinks galore, what is not to love?

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However, the story itself has glaring issues and flaws which we will get into shortly. Mami would be willing to do anything for her. Wealthy Mom has arranged for these three men to cohabitate with her and there is very little Mami could do about it. And so commence the hijinks! She hilariously dresses as a maid you know the seductive Halloween costume kind and proceeds to play capable cook in front of Rayji and cleaning maid in front of CU.

Ultimately she just wants her girl back.

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Mami is immediately smitten by this female who appears at her Boy Paradise, kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel for her. She realizes that GiGi and Rayji had gone through a tough breakup, and Rayji tells GiGi that Mami is his new girlfriend as to keep the girl at bay.

Guess WHO? I mean, CU. What a scoundrel. An adorably, silly, endearing scoundrel. Mami starts to fall for CU slowly, while CU seems to have already liked her in the first place.

He makes her laugh and they are so naturally happy together. His actions kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little. More on that later. But I did enjoy the bromance between him and Sean. It turns out, Mom contrived for the three men that she knows to move in with Mami in order to change her mind about being a lesbian. From what we know, Mami hates men, she thinks they are untrustworthy.

So how did she develop a severe distrust in men? Did something happen? Or did she develop a preference for women the older she got? It would be nice to have been provided with an explanation so that her behavior is more sympathetic, at least to me. Because once she figures out that she is attracted to a man namely CU her lesbian tendency got switched off. Thus, we are left to our own devices. And your guess is as good as mine. I just want to slap the shit out of Namsom.

Sisters before misters. Much like the guy code, bros before hoes.

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So Namsom takes advantage of this, knowing that Mami and CU are in a fake relationship, and she asks Mami for a favor. She wants CU for herself, therefore Mami needs to breakup with him. Right before this, Mami misunderstands that CU leaked a picture of her and Rayji to the media, so she loses trust in him. One day you will know and you will regret this!

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Nothing like a mysterious confession, right? Who the hell ARE you sir? Their breakup scene was pretty sad, being that Sean is such a drama queen, complete with tears and puppy dog hurt eyes. She came to breakup with him but he came to make up with her, so when he hears her pawning him off to her best friend, and she refuses to admit to her own feelings, he eventually agrees to date her best friend- because he could never come to hurt her.

Sean esther dating

WTH Show. At least she knows it?

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During that breakup scene, I was hoping that one of them become sensible, like maybe CU, who is in the position to say no. OMG, watch that scene, you may bust a gut.

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CU rescues her once again by coming up with the idea that HE will be her only boyfriend in the media. His boxer is a colorful pink and red decor of watermelon - he says he has more cheesy boxers where that came from LOL. These two, they crack me up. Back to Namsom and CU. So weird. And CU was the one to reveal her true colors. Case in point, the bedroom scene between CU and Namsom.

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He recently discovered that Namsom had been framing him about the photo leak, she was responsible for leaking it to the media. That night Namsom sidles up to him, having effectively cleared the house of everyone so she could seduce him, not knowing that CU knows her game. Mami loved her unconditionally but yet Namsom would go behind her back and destroy her friend this way. Jane Main Role. Waen Main Role.

Sean Jindachot (Birthname: Thorn Jindachot) is a Thai actor and model. His older sister is actress and model Ploy Jindachot. He's a freelance actor, but mostly works for One HD. Jun 17,   Well the story is that Sean developed genuine feelings for Esther and after their hit lakorn Leh ratree together their promotional activities and such together suggested they were dating. Sean himself said he liked Esther was trying to court her but she denied it saying they are just close sibling relationship but said she will keep an open. Make every single moment count. Tinder is more than a dating app. It's a cultural movement. Welcome to #swipelife.

Linin Main Role. Korya Main Role. Wanida Main Role. Prick Kang Guest Role. Prikkang Main Role. Summer Main Role. Mami Main Role. Suchada Suthakul Main Role. Kate Main Role. Patty Support Role. Wilairampa Taewaprom Support Role.

Wilairampa Taewaprom Guest Role. Naetnipha Support Role.

Jeed Main Role. Nan Main Role.

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