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The s were truly the heyday of over-the-top dating shows, but few could compete with the heavily tattooed, tequila-swilling, fight-prone cast of ' Rock of Love. While Michaels eventually cast aside the partiers in favor of "good girls" every season - including the season that inexplicably took place on a bus - it was still riveting to see what offense the proudly inebriated contestants on this VH1 would be kicked off for each week. This CW reality dating series, which shared the title of its UK predecessor, managed to make quite the impression on reality tv fans during its eight-episode run back in While watching women perform farming competitions in the hopes that they would get to live the ' Little House on the Prairie' lifestyle full-time didn't seem to draw enough viewers for a second stateside season, it was good clean fun while it lasted. Fortunately, anyone who misses the US version can catch the reboot Australian reboot to get their fix. The only thing worse than a blind date is three blind dates, followed by a series of infuriating guessing games, but that's what made ' Gay, Straight, or Taken ' so fun to watch. On each episode, a woman would go on dates with three men, only to discover that one was in a relationship with a woman, one was gay, and one was straight and single.

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Why you couldn't stop watching: Because this family was entertaining as fuck. It's that simple. Why you couldn't stop watching: Because you related to the women more than you'd ever like to admit, and you're a sucker for reality TV shows, obviously. Why you couldn't stop watching: Because it was your two favorite characters from I Love New Yorkand that's basically it.

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Why you couldn't stop watching: It was like watching an accident happen Why you couldn't stop watching: Daisy stole your heart and you're still trying to get it back. Why you couldn't stop watching: Because you watched all of the Saw movies, and always wondered what it would be like to star in one.

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Why you couldn't stop watching: Because it was a beautiful, beautiful disaster. Also, Tila Tequila is an amazing stage name. It showed on the Style Network, may it rest in peace.

The show featured Kimora Lee Simmons, a supermodel, her three kids and what daily life is like for her.

Kimora is extra and truly shined on her show. She lived lavishly and made sure she was always at the center of attention. The show also featured his bodyguard Big Rick. The show personified Playmates and made them more human than Playboy ever could.

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The show was wild, lavish and turned models into stars. The stars aligned when Laguna Beach was created, these teens had no idea the fame and fortune that awaited them.

When the show ended a spin-off called The Hills was formed. This show made mascara tears iconic and for that we give thanks. The best friends made sure that viewers were never bored even though the jobs they were doing were beyond dull.

My Favorite VH1 Reality Shows Of The s

The two spoiled rich Cali girls gave up their phones and credit cards to go live on a farm and work at fast-food restaurants. This show followed newly married couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson in the early months of their marriage.

And sure you can say that the shows that are on VH1 now are pretty good, but nothing will ever compare to sitting at home and watching Flavor Flav or Bret Michaels choose the love of their lives which they ironically did for three seasons. And who can forget some of the memorable people who got their fifteen minutes of fame just for the pleasure of us!

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So here are some of my favorite VH1 reality shows of the s. A spin-off of Strange Lovethis masterpiece of a show saw Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav find love after his relationship ended with Bridget Nielson. In it, twenty women scratched and clawed their way to the rapper's heart. And who could forget the infamous spit take with Pumpkin and New York?

Season 2 saw the return of New York and once again being turned down by Flav.

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Season 3 never lived up to the height of the first two seasons. But in the end, Flav did find love with the mother of his youngest child. Flavor of Love ended up making two spin-offs, Charm School and I Love New York.

Rewatching these shows today is comedy gold. The only one still relevant after all of this is New York, who had a number of shows on VH1 and was even a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK. Most of these shows you can find on Hulu. If you miss watching these shows, create a Hulu account and relive the days of reality glory!Author: Daniel Zuaro.

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This is not a valid email, please try again. Rock Of Love. Poison lead singer Bret Michaels spent three years looking for love in the hearts of twenty-five women, with the third seasons taking place on a tour bus.

It was short lived after the controversy of contestant Ryan Jenkins killing his girlfriend and then himself. And those shows pretty much made up my middle school life.

Reality dating shows 2000

Rewatching these shows today is comedy gold. Most of these shows you can find on Hulu. If you miss watching these shows, create a Hulu account and relive the days of reality glory!

I've never been a big reality show lover though all bets are off for "The Bachelor," of course.

Why you couldn't stop watching: Because, like many reality shows on VH1 in the '00s, this brought the drama. And unlike other shows, she didn't limit herself to one gender, she was dating both! VH1's third-ever logo, which was used from - This is a list of programs currently broadcast or will air soon or formerly aired on VH1. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material . 15 Dating Shows From The s That Would Never Air Today. Reality dating shows today make up some of the most dramatic and ridiculous television out there. Tap to play or pause GIF.

The only other exception I'll make is for food shows. I've been watching Gordon Ramsay curse at contestants on "Hell's Kitchen" since before I was old enough to know any four-letter words or how to turn on a microwave.

As the years have passed, I've made an attempt at replicating some of the drool-worthy dishes I've seen on TV, and now that cooking is the primary option during quarantine, I've been bingeing in every sense of the word.

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Coming from an Indian family, cooking for loved ones and gathering at the dinner table has always been a big deal, as is for most of my friends who are also children of immigrants. It consumes the storyline as much as anything else does, they're both ridiculously good looking, and the season ends with the two in quite a predicament.

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That said, there is an argument that the real love story being told on the show is that of Pope and Kiara. I wouldn't describe myself as a workout fiend you'll never see me signing up for boot camp class earlier than 10 a.

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As much as I love the feeling of putting on a new set of workout gear, I cringe at the thought of dropping tons of money on clothes I plan on sweating buckets in.

Unlike the model who frequents the treadmill next to me, after a good workout, my clothes and hair, and socks are typically soaked and dying to jump in the laundry the second I get home.

If I'm planning on sweating that much and washing those clothes frequently, they have to be sweat-wicking, easy to move in, supportive of my curves, and generally inexpensive.

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