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By Christian Gollayan. May 3, pm ated July 26, pm. Real-estate website Apartment List surveyed over 13, renters across the US to find the top 10 cities for dating in the country. Raleigh, NC, took the top spot, with Meanwhile, New York City, known for its ultra-competitive dating market , ranked 10th, with just Read Next. I was a victim of 'stealthing'.

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Recently, we reached out to our 19,+ Agenda newsletter subscribers and asked them: How would you grade the dating scene in Charlotte? And what are your thoughts on the Charlotte dating scene? Aug 02,   I've never been to NC the state at all, but am trying to get a better understanding of particularly the raleigh/durham area and what's the dating like being around 3 major college campuses not talking Wake since it's quite a drive to Winston-Salem. May 12,   The cities that are best for singles are cities that have a strong college, military, government or tourism presence and Charlotte does not fit any of those categories and Raleigh hits two. So I'm assuming the scene in raleigh is probably better.

Gap takes 40 percent off everything for sitewide sale. More Stories. New York Post Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And the tale of two cities rolls on!

This is the best city for dating in America (it's definitely not NYC)

Historically, Raleigh and Charlotte have always tried to one up each other! They both seem to be fairly safe and offer a wide variety of social activity, depending on what you are looking for.

The people are friendly no matter your job or background, unless you are a one of the annoying tourists that can't drive. I used to think Raleigh had a better social scene than Charlotte - back when I was in college 10 years ago. Now that I'm a little older I have a greater appreciation for Charlotte's more upscale scene. Raleigh's relaxed friendliness seems more appealing at first, but after a few years the frumpy atmosphere gets boring and repetitive.

Charlotte may not have as much variety as larger cities, but if you try you can always find something new to do.

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In Raleigh, after a while you find yourself doing the same things over and over, and the RTP area starts feeling very clausterphobic. Although I've been married now for seven years, I can tell you that the singles scenes in both Charlotte and Raleigh are for the birds. I was born in Charlotte, raised in Gaston County, went to college in Raleigh, and have lived in Charlotte most of my post-college life. I met my wife at a place you wouldn't typically think of for blossoming romances-the Post Office.

We've had ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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Heaven forbid anything happen to her or our marriage-I'd just assume head back to Gaston County and join the monks over at Belmont Abbey. I am a 30 year old African American female with a professional career. I recently moved here last August from Durham.

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I lived in the RTP for 6 years. I have noticed that many of the people here are very "cliquish" and "snooty". I've tried to experience everything that I can in Charlotte from the nite clubs, parties, games, and other social events, but haven't had any real luck in meeting too many new people and making new friends which is hard in your 30s.

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I think that Charlotte is great compared to Raleigh-Durham, but I can't find the single men anywhere. However, the ones I do find seem to be very snotty acting and I'm a down to earth, can shop at Wal-Mart and Nordstroms kind of girl. R-D is great for your college years and focussing on the medical profession for sure. But, Charlotte is definitely more corporate oriented and grown up.

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West Raleigh, really captures the "college town" atmosphere. Keg parties, football games, young college students living out all of their early life lessons the hardway.

Center Raleigh, NC is really the heart of The city with the "Artspaces" coffee shops, hemp furniture? East Raleigh is slightly more urban, but with a middle class twist.

Sophisticated Simplicity. Our in-person speed dating events, virtual speed dating events and matchmaking services offer fresh alternatives for Raleigh singles. Whether you're looking for a night out with fellow singles, prefer a night in with our virtual events or find one-on-one matchmaking to be your cup of tea, we bring just the right amount of flirty to suit any need. The Raleigh metro area is a top dating scene in the US, a singles survey from Apartment List finds. The North Carolina region's young professionals and college students may have helped it . Moving to the area soon, how's the dating scene? All that aside, I know there's a lot of college people in the area but how's the dating scene looking for a mid to late 20s guy? My club days are winding down although I still enjoy a good visit to the bar. Raleigh mainly, Durham too to a degree. Lots of young knowledge workers. Food/bev.

So it really depends on what you're interests are, and where you think you might find people you can relate to. But finally as for the "Single scene" you just have to find the neighborhood bar, club or grocery store that fits. Thanks for all of your comparisons!

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It's interesting to see how everyone views Raleigh and Charlotte, with some vast differences in opinions. I lived in the Raleigh area since college for 15 years. Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary.

It's a great place to go to school, have a career in high-tech field or medicine. Then I moved to Charlotte, which has a bigger diverse feel. But along that comes with more crime. So Raleigh has fresh young innovations while Charlotte has more older sophisticated feel. That's probably about right. Both are great places. Great article. If anyone lives in Charlotte and they are single www.

Okay first, I've never lived in either city. However you people are sadly confused, I live in Charleston and I am in my late 20's, I do not go out to bars looking for my wife, I go there because it's a meat market just like in every other city in americe. I'm going to help all you people out, especially the women in there 30's that move to Charlotte and go to the night life scene and then complain because you cant get a date.

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Theres a reason your surrounded by Pam Anderson types and the guy's there aren't interested in you, you simply can't compete. Furthermore, why would you, get out of that, go places that display your common interest's that you would look for in a suitable mate, I for one meet women at the dog park.

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I love animals, I want a woman that loves animals, wow what a concept. However after spending 5 years as a bartender in Charleston's meat market for the 18 to 28 year old demographic, I have learned that your going to the wrong place and then downing the city for it's lack of a social scene.

Let's review, bar's are meat market's, guess what, a guy isn't going to hit on a girl in a bar that he doesn't think is attractive, he doesn't know you, he doesn't know you make mean banana pancakes while listening to Elvis Costello, naked on a Sunday mornings. All we know is were drunk and if we'd like to be inside of you or not. Does that sound like your soulmate, hell no. Does that mean your cities got a bad singles scene, know that means your not physically attractive at 35 compared to a bunch of 22 year olds running around a bar, espicially not to other 22 year olds, not unless you go under the knife on a monthly basis.

Men fall in love with there eyes, women fall in love with there ears, think about it and give my passed away grandmother credit for the quote, I'm out. There is nothing to do for someone in their thirties. Believe me, I was all gung ho about moving here and now I regret it.

May 03,   This is the best city for dating in America (it's definitely not NYC) Raleigh, NC, took the top spot, with percent of its residents satisfied with the . Apr 15,   Heartbreaking: Raleigh named worst city in America for dating. By Lauren Ohnesorge - Senior Staff Writer, Triangle Business Journal Zoosk, an online dating service that, while it won't Author: Lauren Ohnesorge. We are the group for singles in the Triangle to meet and enjoy fun events together. With an age range from +, we have a diverse group of people. We have, at a minimum, three events a week held at locations all across the Triangle area. Our goal is to provide events that are welcoming and give singles the opportunity to talk and mingle with.

It's very boring. Don't get me wrong it's very safe and beautiful. There is no nightlife and everyone goes home before 2am. And yes this is a perfect place for someone in their 20s verses someone in their 30s. To top things off.

From what I've read Charlotte seems to be a better place to live. At least there is a "city" feel to it. I think I will check it out because Raleigh is for old retired people wanting a quiet life. Such a big disappointment. I couldn't be more excited. Raleigh is where everyone in college hangs around waiting tables. Charlotte seems like it is for people actually doing something with their life!

Raleigh nc dating scene

Not to mention there is more than 1 street with bars on it. I am so sick of "Glenwood South" and ready to leave! I moved from NYC to Charlotte over a year ago. I love Charlotte and I love Raleigh. Dating in Charlotte is tough for me because I am very outgoing, assertive And, I must add that men from Charlotte want more of a "sweet and dainty" woman which is fine but not me.

Now, for some reason to me the men in Raleigh have a little bit more of a free spirit about them. I am in Raleigh at least once a month primarily because my boyfriend lives there. I would say Raleigh is better for dating simply because there are more men and they are a bit more open And, I know this is off the subject but the job market sucks in Charlotte and Raleigh One always thinks the place where they have the most fun and connect with people is the better place to live. I do agree Charlotte is a better nite scene where you can meet more singles who aren't college aged.

It seems more hip here but I like the more casual and family-life scene in the triangle area. I think Charlotte is becoming like Atlanta so I am not a big fan of that. Too many apps. I know single women who say the Charlotte market is hard would love some ideas or advice here for meeting someone in their mid thirties.

Also, everyone knows everyone. This could be because I can be a little picky but my dad told me to keep my standards high! Especially in more diverse communities. However, it seems the boozy culture can lead to more hookups than ongoing relationships. Seems to be one of the negative things Charlotte is known for. Join 51, Charlotteans who wake up to the Agenda newsletter each morning at 6 a.

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Get the latest news, including current coronavirus status in Charlotte. By Ted Williams October 20, Views:. Story Views:. Join the 51, smart Charlotteans that receive our daily newsletter. I promise. Read Next Story. Most Read. FAQ: North Carolina is now in phase one of reopening.

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