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By Yoekko. It is to be noted that there were also points within the manga where Todomatsu was placed as the last brother in some activities involving the order, or the first if working backwards, leading to question if the original listing had an oversight to begin with he is also seen at the end in the color illustration for "Osomatsu-kun after 30 Years". Readers may also note that it makes more sense to have Jyushimatsu fall 5th and Todomatsu be last in order to match up to Ichimatsu and Karamatsu's placements, as they are often separated off into duos with the other two as Osomatsu and Choromatsu 1st and 4th would be.

However, the first instance of named duos teaming up in the manga and some other instances like "Sextuplets vs.

The 3rd run of the manga which uses the original order in its first chapter has a setting in which Jyushimatsu is insecure about being a sextuplet "whose name is called last", but the same situation is also used to apply to Todomatsu in another story when Osomatsu lists him last but is unable to remember his name. It is to be said that regardless of who was intended as the "youngest", there was never really any treatment like that or general rank-pulling in the group besides Osomatsu being the leader.

In Osomatsu-san: The Moviethis order becomes somewhat of the basis for the trios the sextuplets are divided off into during their second year of high school Oso-Kara-Ichi, Choro-Jyushi-Todo. This was also at times used as the basis for dividing the boys off into trios in the show, in episodes 39 and A way of grouping off the boys seen at times in the early manga, bearing some close resemblance to the finalized order but some places still being different such as Karamatsu falling third.

Though the order usually ends in Jyushimatsu, there will be occasions where he and Todomatsu are swapped around. The six are listed this way in the first opening of the anime, allegedly because this was believed to be easier for children to remember.

This order can be seen at rare early points in the manga, and in the boys' cameo in Akko-chan's Got a Secret! A variation on this, with the last three sextuplets reversed to be Jyushi-Ichi-Choro is used in the first episode of the anime when Iyami attempts to rob the house.

The order of the boys given in the margins to various mids Weekly Shonen Sunday stories. Ichimatsu was also initially treated as the "third boy" to Osomatsu and Choromatsu in the 80s show, until Todomatsu became Megumi Hayashibara's sole sextuplet and he was the one more often written into scripts and used for her to voice. An order that tends to be seen in the 3rd run, most notably to the start of the TV Magazine serialization.

The sextuplets are essentially put off into their combinations, one after the other, with Todomatsu falling last. However, a Wild West story also does list the boys in this order going backwards with Todomatsu first, to Osomatsu falling last. The order of the brothers given in the 3rd run chapter "Osomatsu the Yakuza", although Osomatsu fails to remember Todomatsu's name.

This is also known as a more common "combi order", in which each duo of brothers is listed alongside one another, and may be used at points in the 80s show as well.

A variation with Karamatsu and Todomatsu's places swapped also exists in the aforementioned anime in some instances. The prioritization of Todomatsu as third boy, however, is also something that becomes a fixture of that version. The order of the sextuplets in "Just Old Folk Tales"; Karamatsu is put last in order for him to be the punchline and shot and nearly eaten by Iyami. Of the existing six brothers, two each have their names inspired by the same type of theme; likely playing into why Akatsuka often used them in couplets.

In alternate settings where the brothers are living in the USA, such as Wild West-themed stories, the notation of their names is entirely in katakana to represent the names not being of Japanese origin. Their early surname Yamano is a common one meaning "wilderness", while Matsuno means "pine tree field".

As children, their height, weight, and overall clothing styles are exactly the same. Due to this, it is virtually impossible to tell the six apart. They are best known for wearing their hair short with an initially side-swept fringe that is later depicted as more even and bowl-cut from the front. Two cowlicks or ahoge"idiot hair" stick up in the back.

Osomatsu-san, also known as Mr. Osomatsu, is the TV anime adaptation of the classic Fujio Akatsuka manga, Osomatsu-kun, which was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday from . Osomatsu-san fan game Hello! I'm Jacob/Jake! I am currently working on a Osomatsu-san style Visual Novel/Dating sim! Feel free to make suggestions! High quality Osomatsu inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

They are often seen wearing a three-buttoned uniform jacket with a white collar and gold buttons, lighter pants, and dark running shoes. In summer seasons, they tend to wear shorts and shorter-sleeved shirts. It is rare to see them in different fashion, as it is much easier for their mother to buy their clothing in bulk. The colors of these clothes may vary through manga illustrations, but it is common to see the jacket depicted blue and the pants as a lighter blue or grey.

The summer uniforms are depicted with a paler blue shirt and darker shorts in the manga, but are the same color pattern as the winter uniform in the anime.

The sextuplets are initially depicted by Akatsuka with much different facial features in the first chapter; snub noses, smaller eyes, and longer mouths, as well as freckles in the early frontispieces to chapters. This design was quickly swapped out for them having cuter faces, and the boys' designs gradually evolved to the more iconic look. Their designs were steadily re-interpreted over the run of the manga by Akatsuka and his assistants, the last and current artist to draw them being Takayoshi Minematsu current alias: Katta Yoshi in all later and posthumous Fujio Pro illustrations and content.

An overall style evolution can also be seen in the Pierrot anime, with the designs similarly starting out closer to the manga but evolving to be more super-deformed and stylized, resulting in drastically shorter and chubbier children.

As adults in the Osomatsu-san adaptation, they will occasionally wear pastel blue jackets with two gold buttons, a white collared undershirt and black tie, as well as khakis and dress shoes. However, they are more often shown wearing hoodies sporting identical matsu pine symbols, and can also be seen in their own individual fashions on occasion.

It's important to note that some of these hoodies may also bear their own differences, such as Jyushimatsu having floppy sleeves and Karamatsu rolling his sleeves up. Their hair has also underwent some change in their adulthood, with Choromatsu no longer having any hairs sticking up in the back, Ichimatsu's hair being shaggier, and Jyushimatsu only bearing one hair sticking up in the back.

The character designs also have the hair highlighted in each brother's respective theme color, and each have a different facial expression to help identify them and their personality.

Although the physical statistics for the -san versions of the sextuplets have been left unstated, the guide "The Burst of Laughter World of Osomatsu-kun" by Kodansha gave these shared measurements for them as children:. The sextuplets being color-coded is more commonly associated with Osomatsu-san due to the reliance on using the theme colors as part of the identification of each brother. But prior to -san, the earliest instance can be seen in the original Weekly Shonen Sunday issue 27 fordepicting the sextuplets in differently-colored uniform shirts blue, teal, green, tan, and two different shades of purple although none of them are identified.

More commonly, color-coding can be seen in late s Kodansha reprints with Minematsu's art where the front covers may depict the the younger sextuplets this way, yet not necessarily specifying their identities each time. The back covers depict a line-up of colored squares with each boy's face yellow, blue, red, green, purple, and orangeagain with their identities not quite listed. The Takeshobo reprint covers depict CGI models of the sextuplets, with only Osomatsu wearing the regular blue outfit and the five other brothers given colors to set them apart:.

As the -kun era sextuplets were not often set with any sort of theme colors after this, save for a Fujio Pro window illustration and the Osomatsu-san anime website's April Fools Joke which had Todomatsu as orange, Ichimatsu as purple, Choromatsu as yellow, and Jyushimatsu as greensuch an ct is less important or consequential in aiding in their identification.

As a unit, they are mischievous and greedy young boys that can range from being in a more heroic role to more antagonistic depending on the story. They can use their identical looks to their advantage, though they often also become frustrated by being mistaken for one another and this can lead to other disadvantages of being indistinguishable.

There are some differences between each brother that are noted in Akatsuka's official settings in Shonen Sunday as well as later Fujio Pro profiles, but they are not always the most consistent with each other or seen to be the most reflected. Osomatsu has the most stable setting of the brothers, being depicted as a stingy hooligan and the leader of the group.

They can be more immediately differentiated by voice in the first two -kun anime adaptations, although not all of them are always name-dropped. There are times when the six also do not act as one; in such instances, Osomatsu goes alone or against the others. Osomatsu and Choromatsu also tend to run off on their own the most, or are left behind by the other four.

The Osomatsu-san incarnations of the characters have undergone some changes in their personalities to separate them better as the main characters of the show, with their dynamic becoming more dysfunctional with their age and competing personalities and goals.

Unless as a means to an end, they have no desire to work or move ahead, and those who try wind up dragged back down and back to the status quo in any circumstance. The - san movie goes with the pretense that the sextuplets had continued to act as a unit up until age 16, when other classmates grew tired of their "weird gimmick" and began to mock and shun them for their identical appearances and behavior, which lead to the group attempting to fracture off and cultivate stronger individual identities that eventually lead to their adult selves.

This lead to the start of an unstable relationship in that time, however, as some classmates remarked on how they didn't seem to get along and even the Iyami of that era points it out to the present Osomatsu and Karamatsu.

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Though as suggested by the climax, the adult versions' meeting with the teenage selves reinforces the ideas of progressing to such states, eg; Karamatsu reinforces the narcissistic path his year old self will eventually take, and Ichimatsu encourages his younger self to cast aside his forced social persona but to also relax and laugh.

The sextuplets give their parents much trouble with their trickery, between them being hard to tell apart and the acts they commit.

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As early as the second chapter of the manga, the others get in trouble due to Osomatsu breaking a window and all have their heads shaved in an attempt to identify them and make them commit to doing their chores. Although Osomatsu is at times shown with a friend from school, the sextuplets tend to travel in their pack and not have individual relationships outside of it.

They are often at odds with Chibita, and are either the instigators in bullying and making his life miserable in any way they can, or are his targets in trouble-making either for fun or as revenge for something they had done to him.

The rivalry was more mutual earlier in the series, but as Chibita became a character that Akatsuka took more interest in developing, the setting of the bullied boy down on his luck became more favorable.

The sextuplets are also the nemeses of Iyami, who often tries to con them and has Chibita working with him as his partner in many instances.

They will gang up on Iyami and attack him as retaliation for his schemes, but will also take enjoyment in bullying him anyway. The side who starts the conflict will vary depending on the story, but it is very common to see the duo of Iyami and Chibita teamed up against the brothers.

All of the brothers have feelings for Totoko, but she becomes frustrated and angered by the antics that happen when they flirt with her, or when they insult or upset her by cheating, implying she isn't that pretty, or paying attention to another girl. This leads to her using her "body blow" on them, with Osomatsu usually being the recipient. In the later s manga, Totoko tends to join in on some unreasonable acts and bullying the brothers make against Iyami, and her and Osomatsu run a dating scam service to get money.

The extended family of the sextuplets is relatively unknown, other than occasional references being made to there being other relatives contacted or visited. Of relatives that are seen, the rich Kansai couple in "A 50, Yen Allowance" claim to be distant ones of one of the parents, and desire to take one of the boys as their own son they are distinctly different characters to the apparently-unrelated Kansai parents mentioned below. In -san, the sextuplets are framed as continued nuisances and burdens to those around them who are none the less indispensible, with rare exceptions to that rule.

As much as they may try to manipulate their way to the top, as in the case of Todomatsu, the truly worthy adults in their age group are always ahead and will use them, cementing their places at the bottom along with the brothers' own faults that stand in their way of ever truly evolving. In such rare occasions where these older sextuplets are helpful to another person or can be tolerated and liked, such characters exist as one-shots with little to no follow through save for them re-appearing if needed in gags eg: Jyushimatsu's would've-been girlfriend appearing as an extra on the baseball team at the end of season 1, as a dolphin trainer in "Jyushimatsu and Dolphin" where they don't know each other at all, and her as a guest at the funeral in the season 2 finale with her face hidden to viewers.

Through the manga itself and not counting any outside uses of the "star system", there are instances where the amount of children may temporarily increase due to assorted gag circumstances. In additional to these intentional examples, there are occasions in the early Weekly Shonen Sunday manga when Akatsuka and assistants would accidentally have seven brothers drawn and inked into a panel comparable to instances of Disney's Donald Duck being drawn with four nephews in his comics.

This sort of error also occurs a number of times in the anime adaptation by Children's Corner and Studio Zero, and even at times in the Studio Pierrot anime.

See also: Illusion of a 7th Person. It is possible that such a mistake may have been part of the inspiration behind the Kamimatsu character in Osomatsu-san, mentioned below. Even -san is not free of extra brothers created by animation errors, as two more Matsunos can be erroneously seen hanging out in the background in "Pachinko Police" when Todomatsu is being interrogated by Ichimatsu and Choromatsu.

As characters from one of Akatsuka's prominent titles, the sextuplets have made guest appearances in other works.

They are either used as a group playing themselves or similar roles, or only Osomatsu is used as himself or a cameo to represent the series. There are also occasions where only a few brothers may make an appearance, to save on having to draw all six. They may either be depicted in a more harmless light, or as bullies and troublemakers as much as they are in their own series and to the extent of being henchmen for enemy characters. The design of Matsuyo can also be seen in those protagonists' mothers, due to her being based from Akatsuka's own mother Riyo.

The Matsuno brothers are initially re-used in a sense for the young boy Boku, who shows up in the third chapter of the series. Boku has the facial features of the early sextuplets from the first two -kun chapters, and is a much younger, smaller trouble-making young boy who gives Akko a hard time when she has to babysit him.

Kankichi winds up serving as a recurring younger counterpart for the characters, appearing in the following chapter and being played off as a more vulnerable and put-upon child in comparison to them as the series goes on.

His mother is drawn to resemble a chubbier, curlier-haired Matsuyo-type design, and the initial appearance of his father has him as a slimmer Matsuzo with a snubbed nose and Chaplin-like mustache.

Oct 16,   This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. All contents published under GNU General Public License. Trademarks, all rights of images and videos found in this site reserved by its respective owners. High quality Osomatsu San gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Osomatsu-san Photogenic Party Osomatsu Big Acrylic Ball Chain Charm. $ $ (43OFF) Osomatsu-san Official Anthology: Conte Matsu Shu. $ $ (5OFF) Special Order.

The sextuplets themselves appear in the summer "Kankichi and Ghosts", bullying the child after he steps on a sunbathing Osomatsu and refuses to apologize. After they steal his inner tube, they order him to come to a run-down house to retrieve it.

Kankichi forfeits the idea out of fear, while Akko uses her mirror to transform into him to travel there in his place and give the sextuplets payback using her mirror to create more pranks to scare them.


The next day, the sextuplets apologize to Kankichi and are in awe at how brave he was to come, but Kankichi only looks confused. They next cameo in "The Goddess of a Salesman", when Akko, Moko, and Kankichi stop at another house to see if Matsuyo is interested in the salesman's products. The group quickly depart when they see how many children she has. The sextuplets appear in a somewhat fourth wall-breaking cameo, where they are seen among numerous henchmen in a strange room that the Old Man of the Pants Dekapan wanders into during an encounter with the current enemy.

They appear in a more prominent role in the two-part remake, depicted as enemies for Songo and San-chan to fight.

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Osomatsu appears in some later strips of the series, attempting to act as some trickster "older brother"-type figure to the title character but winding up foolish in some ventures. However, he does manage to pull a prank on Chikako in the final strip. The brothers show up as a group of ninja thieves, who display the ability to create numerous shadow clones of themselves.

Three of the sextuplets are shown to compete in a race, but their own car winds up malfunctioning after a while. This story was adapted into a anime skit, and their car appears in the show's opening sequence, but the story did not make it into tankobon reprints of the -kun series. An early story involves Ataro and Batsugoro meeting the sextuplets, who help them foil a bank robbery.

Though they are portrayed in a more heroic alignment in that instance, their cameos in the later crossover stories "Extraordinary Castle" and "The Time of Ishimatsu Mori" depict them in the bit roles of henchmen. The first anime adaptation also depicts them and their parents as passengers on a hijacked airplane, in one of its various anime-original stories. None of the actresses from the -kun adaptation reprised their roles, with the six instead being voiced as a unit by Masako Nozawa.

At one point, the monkey Prince Saruman and his guards A-suke, B-suke, and C-suke stop outside the Matsuno home and see the kadomatsu decoration they have outside.

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Upon seeing Osomatsu, they guess "You must be Osomatsu poor ", causing three other brothers to laugh and make fun of him. Five of the sextuplets are briefly seen drawn in a parody of the Osomatsu-kun manga, titled "Usomatsu-kun". Osomatsu himself later cameos during the Comic BomBom run, due to both revivals running side-by-side in the magazine.

Only Osomatsu cameos early on in the title, as Gon's dead brother Osomatsu. He is depicted in a family photo as well as having his death recounted by Gon's father who was responsible for locking him in a cage with a tiger. Although he is not a sextuplet, he still winds up being the eldest of six brothers.

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