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This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Celebrity read this I believed it was really enlightening. Do dating have revis tips or suggestions? Darrelle Revis is not having the best season, and the New York Jets cornerback is proving to be touchy about that reality. Despite a celebrity indicating the New England Patriots and Olivia Revis could be an item this offseason, the two parties have reportedly yet to discuss a reunion.

Your Black World posited a few reasons some black men aren't Olivia Pope fans, including the idea that the president's relationship with her is reminiscent of slavery.

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The article also asked:. Is the collective male annoyance with the show driven by some form of jealousy of a white man kissing a black woman on every other episode? One writer, Trudy, with Gradient Lairmakes a link between black male misogyny and double standards:. And ain't nobody got time for that.

Olivia pope dating

Until black men recognize that they are the ones who marry outside of their race at 3x the rate of black women, not the other way around, I am not interested their opinions on Scandal. I'm not threatened by Olivia Pope's power, influence or perceived strong will.

Is olivia pope dating the president Dating History. Despite a celebrity indicating the New England Patriots and Olivia Revis could be an item this offseason, the two parties have reportedly yet to discuss a reunion. Couple Comparison. Darrelle Revis dating most celebrity the . Sep 30,   Olivia Pope Is a Real Woman Named Judy Smith-And Angelina Jolie Just Hired Her. Judy Smith, AKA Olivia Pope, AKA the best crisis manager in the country, is reportedly working with Jolie on her. Oct 03,   Kerry Washington is well-known for her role as Olivia Pope on Scandal which is part of Shonda Rhimes' iconic TGIT lineup on Scandal, we see Olivia Pope win the heart of President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn.

I'm not bothered by the fact she's involved with a white man. I don't get upset at her ability to outsmart those who would oppose her. Olivia Pope is a home-wrecker. She's a mistress with no regard for a standing marriage where three children are involved.

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Sure, the president is just as, if not more, despicable than Olivia - but I don't get called a self-hating womanizer for voicing my disdain for him. In fact, every character on the show is pretty much devoid of moral fiber.

Scandal 7x18 FINALE - Olivia Pope & Fitz - "I WAS THE PROBLEM! It was me."

That is part of what makes Scandal so compelling. Pope, though, is barely an anti-hero, much less a hero.

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On top of sleeping with a married man, with hopes of breaking up his family again, in collusion with the man himselfshe joined forces with a group of villains to rig a national election, works for the highest bidder - including dictators - regardless of whether they're right or wrong, and has no problem with lying whenever it fits her end game. Sure, there are some redeeming qualities, but the viewer is allowed to come to his or own conclusions about the character.

If we want to focus on black men's disdain for Pope, then it probably doesn't help that she treats ever black man she comes across with little respect.

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Her second-in-command, Harrison Wright, gets treated like a subordinate left in the dark and given orders that he blindly follows. Pope's ex-boyfriend, a Senator named Edison Davis, genuinely loves her, offers to help and gets used as a replacement for President Fitz - until Pope is through with him and tosses him to the side.

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When he confronts her about her affair, she continues to lie and accuses him of being sexist a possible stand-in for blind Pope fans who deflect any legitimate criticism of her flaws.

As we learned last week, Pope has severe "daddy issues", which led her to become a party girl in college and date a string of powerful, rich, older men; if she were on a reality show with that sort of dating history, there wouldn't be much resistance to the idea she was a "gold-digger".

I don't see strength or sexual independence when I see Olivia Pope.

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After a while he finally confronted her about it and she told him that she wanted him to keep pursuing her and when she was ready she would tell him. Olivia finally said yes and they went out on their first date but she wouldn't invite him in to her place, yet!

A few weeks later Edison was spending a lot of time at Olivia's place.

It's not a Scandal to think Olivia Pope's a rogue not a hero

And she was helping him with a political advancement when one of her other clients, Senator Schuman, had to resign as the Senate Majority Leader. He made a play for taking over as Senate Majority Leader and succeeded with Olivia's help, and to Hollis Doyle's dismay.

After the attempted assassination of the President, Edison along with all of the other senior cabinet members were taken to a secure location. Happy Birthday, Mr.

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His relationship with Olivia started to get rocky. He got frustrated when Olivia had her team keeping him from seeing the President in his hospital room.

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He became even more frustrated when she explained her system of not answering his calls. One For the Dog.

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When Olivia started to be really distant and had avoided having sex with Edison he accuses her of having an affair with the president.

But later once he realized he was wrong so he proposed to her; he loves her and wanted to marry her.

Apr 14,   Fitz Marries Olivia In 'Scandal's th Episode, & It's Not The Fairytale Ending You Might Think First of all, at the time, Olivia was totally dating Leo . Oct 10,   I don't root against Olivia Pope because of a repressed misogyny, anger over interracial dating or disrespect towards women of color. I just don't like liars, cheaters and manipulators. Since when. Edison Davis is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate and Senator for Florida. He serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was previously engaged to Olivia Pope and lived together. Season Two. Edison got removed from the Senate Intelligence Committee after President Fitzgerald Grant learned that he met up with Olivia when she was digging into NSA jankossencontemporary.come Count:

Truth or Consequences. After much thought Olivia returned the engagement ring to Edison. He wanted normal, white picket fence, baking apple pie but she told him she wants, "painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.

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Nobody Likes Babies. Edison was engaged to Olivia. They lived together in Georgetown from to They began seeing each other again years later.

Olivia wants to keep her past romantic and sexual relationship with Fitz Grant from him, but Edison is persistent, growing increasingly frustrated with the emotional stonewalling.

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