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The premise: An RV full of daters went one by one on dates with a stranger who could at any time call "next" to get a new person to date. For every minute the date lasted, the dater earned a dollar, which they got to keep if they got "nexted. Why it was so wild: The daters' personal facts were iconic , and the premise was essentially Tinder with a financial-incentive twist. The one true highlight was the terrible daters, who, admittedly, made for great reality TV - but where was the love? The premise: Each episode, a contestant met with three moms who would try to convince them to date her child. At the end of the episode and based solely on the dates with the moms, the contestant would choose which mother's child to date. Why it was so wild: Okay, I will start by admitting I laugh every time I see a picture of the moms lined up on the beach like they're on a late-season episode of The Middle-Aged Bachelor.

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Can you imagine meeting the beauty queen as she realizes that the producers had lied about how attractive you are? Can you imagine the moral intentions of your show failing as the beauty queen picks a hot guy over and over?

I really wish someone would make a behind-the-scenes docuseries about this show. The premise: Each episode, a contestant went on a date with two people at once to decide if they wanted a relationship with either of them.

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Secretly, the contestant's friend listened in and watched lie detectors call BS on both dates. Why it was so wild: This premise itself isn't too far-fetched for today.

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What's so wild about this show are these three things: One, somehow no one knew they were hooked up to a lie detector. Two, they lied so much! Like, an unreal amount of lying!

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Three, they would never admit that they'd lied even after finding out they were hooked up to a lie detector. The premise: For most of the cast, the show seemed like a groundbreaking Bachelor for gay men.

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However, the twist was that half of the show's suitors were secretly straight. If the final winner was a gay man, the two lovebirds would win a prize and hopefully live happily every after. If the winner was a straight man, he would win a prize and leave the man he had seduced heartbroken. Why it was so wild: I can't imagine who the audience for this show was. Like, I'm sad just thinking about it.

As if gay people didn't have enough to deal with in At least "Crazy in Love" came out that year. The twist was that Slade Smiley, Jo's ex, would host the guys in his house for the week, secretly watch the dates, and help Jo decide at the end. Why it was so wild: This might be a controversial opinion, but I don't think dating three or four people a week while vetting them with your ex qualifies as "moving on. The premise: Each episode introduced a new superfan of a certain singer who desperately wanted to date their favorite celebrity.

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And for whatever reason, people competed to convince the superfan they were just like that singer and worthy of their love. Why it was so wild: This is possibly the most love-less take on a dating show, and I have no idea how producers convinced anyone to compete for the attention of these extremely undateable people.


The premise: This was a Bachelor -type show where a bunch of girls competed for the love of a guy. Except the guy every season was Flavor Flav, member of the rap group Public Enemy.

I don't know what adventurous executive decided to make this show, but it was wildly successful, launched the career of the legendary Tiffany Pollar and inspired at least eight spin-offs. Yeah, I'm confused, too. Why it was so wild: Tell me who today would agree to take even a week off work to compete for the love of Flavor Flav.

Especially knowing he'd leave you immediately after the show wrapped to film a new season.

Old dating show on tlc

This show is still an enigma, but I kind of live for it. Fox Broadcasting Company. Spike TV. The premise: People just went on blind dates on Carnival Cruise ships.

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Maybe the s did it best. Teilen Facebook.

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On this Australian show available on Netflix, "Four singles have one chance to reignite romance with an ex - or leave the past behind for good. By the time those three months are up, they have to decide if they want to get married or not.

The premise: An RV full of daters went one by one on dates with a stranger who could at any time call "next" to get a new person to date. For every minute the date lasted, the dater earned a. 29 rows  This is a list of television programs formerly or currently broadcast by TLC. Who Do You Think You Are? Who Do You Think You Are? From December 26, to September 27, , TLC ran the children's programming block called Ready Set Learn. It ran from am to pm, until February 24, , when it was lowered to am to am, hosted. Aug 03,   More from this Show. Darcey talks briefly about her internet crush Jesse, but there's a secret she's keeping from him. Larry is surprised to see that Jenny has been on a dating website as recently as a week ago. 90 Series: 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

This spinoff of the TLC show is about Americans who started online dating people who live outside of the country and go to meet them for the first time. There is one season of the show currently on Hulu.

List of programs broadcast by TLC

This show is also pretty much exactly what it sounds like. According to Amazon, where the show is available to buy"Each week on a primitive island resort, daters will go on exotic dates and be naked every step of the way.

Past TLC PROGRAMS show list info. I have decided to do the Past TLC Shows in three parts. This is the first part. I will be posting the second one and third one later. users 7, views show results save Click things you've done Confirm Delete Score. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list?. Meet the Busby Family, which includes mom Danielle, dad Adam, 4-year old daughter Blayke, and 5 baby girls. 40 bottles a day, diapers a week and feedings every 3 hours became the new normal for Danielle & Adam when they welcomed home the only all-female set of quintuplets. On Monday, TLC announced their new dating series Find Love Live, a show that will allow a lucky few to find love remotely over three consecutive Sundays next Halle Kiefer.

Now this is a big one. Also on Hulu, Love Island is a huge hit in the U. It involves love and competing for money. According to the Hulu description, "Glamorous singles live in a beautiful villa under the watchful gaze of the audience at home, who have the power to decide who stays and who goes.

Jul 23,   From the maniacal sociopaths that brought us The Bachelor comes TLC's new dating show, Love At First Kiss. The premise is quite simple - two sexy strangers are thrown onto a barren sound stage, and they make out without introduction, loudly Author: Papermagazine.

Another U. You can check it out on the Channel 4 site if you register. Are You the One? If they guess right, though, they can win money.

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This show, now available on Hulu, aired for years on Bravo, and shows matchmaker Patti Stanger setting up rich people who are looking for love. Sometimes the people featured are interesting or strange or completely oblivious to how dating should work, but Patti's still the one stealing scenes.

Next was a show that ran on MTV from One person goes on dates with multiple people, who wait for them in a van.

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If the person isn't feeling the date, they can say "next", and the next contestant comes out of the van to take their turn. For this blast from the past you might have to do some digging, but it does look like some episodes are on YouTube. That said, the contestants have to live together in a house with no access to the outside world for weeks, so sometimes love connections are made.

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Sure, you're sick of The Bachelorbut are you sick of Bachelor Pad?

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