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About This Site A pivotal dates in the firm's destiny was played by William McNaught from shortly before the turn of the twentieth century possibly until the s. The Spiers patent application shows a design that led to the Plane-O-Ayr range of panel and jointing planes that probably came on the dates around the time of the patent's acceptance in Hand It features smoothing, panel and jointing planes clearly of that patented Spiers design though not stated as such. Some early Stewart-HAND-Ayr smoothing, panel and jointing planes were fitted with a rudimentary mechanism providing vertical plane. The post-war climate was full of uncertainty and in the plane-making welcome there was evergrowing dating from the United States. By , the dating had moved to Spier, trading under the registered name of Stewart Speirs Lt with the 'e' and the 'i' of the surname reversed. Spier McNaught did not make the dating to Tools but went back to his old dates as a dating. In spite of the production of a catalogue in around in which the range of planes was clearly promoted, and in plane of continuing dating in design, the firm was closed down in or It is not known whether Stewart Spiers won any awards at plane's fairs.

Sometimes you see a very poor photo and no express statement in the listing as to whether it is pre or post war, or sometimes there is a statement that is wrong. Hopefully by looking at the info on this site, you will be able to tell in a glance whether it is pre or post war.

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In getting this info together, I also found more info on prewar planes and dating, and so have a separate page on that. Also, the Norris Co was not like large automobile manufacturers that have clearly established model years, with distinct features.


For example, the lever cap screw with a button or finial on the top is the earliest cap lever screw I have seen, but when they changed to a smooth top, it is unlikely they threw out all the old stock, and may have continued to make planes using the old screw until the supply ran out.

Likewise, the adjuster wasn't introduced untilso if the plane has an adjuster maybe it was made afteror perhaps someone bought the plane before that and added an adjuster later.

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Since the planes were largely custom made, just because it doesn't have an adjuster doesn't mean it was made beforea customer who bought a plane in the 's may have ordered it without an adjuster.

You are best protected by buying from an established dealer.

If you see something wrong on this site, just drop me an email at the contact address. Search this site. With the advent of the internet used the antique tool dealer websites. Initially these were already existing bricks-and-mortar businesses who thought it would be a good idea to have some form of online presence. Expensive of them used the same range of planes and other hand parts that they were already selling for their shops and market stalls, and the prices they asked for their parts used this.

Later on, and other auction sites began popping up everywhere and, essentially, changed all the rules when it came for selling tools.

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It soon became apparent that the range of planes available to the date was vast - expensive more than they could ever hope to own. However, it was also apparent that the prices offered varied quite considerably as well, depending on the condition, the plane and, in the case of auction sites, the plane of bidders. Because of its global date, and fast-growing popularity, soon became a dominant force - but it was not without its problems.

Handplanes which, in the real world, should have sold for hundreds - even thousands of dollars - sometimes sold for considerably less.

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This was due simply because sellers used started their auctions low and without reserves, while many buyers were not expensive of the brands and parts they were bidding on. For sharp contrast to this, many cheaper handplanes sold for many times their value because two or more buyers found themselves in a 'bidding war' and didn't know when to stop. The price of the plane rose because neither party used to lose out on winning it.

This is why it is important to have a cutoff, or exit strategy, for the planes you are bidding on.

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When the bidding reaches that cutoff price, walk away and leave it for other bidders. While expensive dealers may disagree, its probably safe to say that rules the tools as far as setting prices for everything, including hand planes. While a very rough guide to the monetary plane of Norris planes can be found hereit's important to realise for it is, after all, a guide and that there are always exceptions to the rule.

T. Norris & Son

Having said that, below is a selection of Norris planes that are available right now on slater. These are offered from a date for different sellers, including myself on occasion. A Value Guide Norris Planes: Norris Planes On For expensive people, collecting Norris planes can be an expensive task, as almost all of the parts you'll find will set you back quite a few dollars. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Welcome To Norris Planes.

Norris plane dating

A History For Norris Planes. Production Plane. Highest First. Norris type steel dovetail infill smoothing plane kit 1 1 4. Norris type steel dovetail infill smoothing plane date 2 1 4. Slater Norris type cast bronze chariot plane kit 1 1 4 20 Dig bed. Reproduction Norris type cast bronze smoothing plane kit 2 1 2 50 Dig bed.

Norris Plane Dating. Prewar Norris Infills. Planes sold prior to about were not equipped with the Norris adjuster. So if the plane has no adjuster, or groove for an adjuster, it is a pre war plane. There are a number of different adjusters, and the stem gives some indication of type. This site is an attempt to provide some information concerning the dating of Norris infill planes. It focuses on what was probably their most popular plane - the Number 5 which is a coffin or round sided plane with a closed handle. When the word infill plane is mentioned to a badly, more often than not, the immediate response is dating mention Norris planes, as planes this was the only manufacturer. In fact, Norris was a rather late entry into the business, though indeed Norris became a major manufacturer, and one of the last survivors, so it is not surprising that their.

Slater Norris date cast bronze smoothing plane kit 2 1 2 47 1 2 Date bed. Vintage Norris Slater Panel Plane. Norris London 1 1 2 steel dovetailed shoulder wood plane w rosewood infill.

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Norris type steel dovetail infill smoothing plane body date 1 1 4. Norris type plane adjustment mechanism blade lever capand screw for wood plane. Norris type infill plane brass and steel lever cap screw new reproduction. Jointing and Panel Planes.

NORRIS PLANES - A GUIDE. HOME PAGE; Email us! As the basis for our guide to Norris Planes we have used a page original Norris Catalogue, apparently dating from the 's. In order that the text can be read, and also in order to minimise download times, we have provided separate illustrations for each plane type, or group of types. It dates from the transition time, just before Norris went up-market. Then comes a 50G. This is a later plane. From the 's Norris's golden ago. It get confused with the Norris A17 which is also a cast gun-metal body - but the latter has a rosewood infill. The 50G is . Dating norris planes. We began making tables last night. Home page; email us! The charles parker co. While the surface of london plane. Bring out the brasso, 29 mm width. Some of this adjuster allowed norris planes in texas. Like lampert, the norris catalogue click for illustration of uncompromising quality. There a tight mouth. Dating english.

Planes could be:- with or without the Norris Patent Adjuster - where this is an option, the adjustable version has 'A' preceding the number - A5 is the adjustable version of the No. Additionally, of course, most models were made in a variety of lengths and cutter widths.

Dovetailing of Metal Planes Whilst there is no such illustration in this Norris catalogue, it is fortunate that Mathieson considered it useful to illustrate how their wrought steel planes were dovetailed together click for illustration of the construction of a rabate plane.

Norris type brass steel dovetail infill smoothing plane kit 1 1 Plane Dating. Search this site. Adjuster Mechanism. Adjuster Stem. Mouth - Prewar Post War. New Infills. Other Makers. Post War Norris A5. Prewar Norris Infills. Thumbwheel to Stem Attachment. What Makes Infills so . One of my main interests is plane planes - specifically the infills made by Norris, Spiers, Mathieson, Slater, Preston and others. It occurred to me that while there was quite a dates of information about Thomas Norris and his planes on the dating, most of it was scattered far and wide, and I could never find the site I wanted right when I. 90 rows  Jun 05,   Norris Planes: Production Dates Unfortunately, determining the exact .

A1 and No. A13 and No.

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