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They are described as having an unlimited number of members. NCT promotes in different sub-units. They are under SM Entertainment. Rookies on December 18, Show more Kun fun facts. He prefers short bob hair style.

I think we have to wait for them to have an interview in which they tell their ideal type NCT Dream members are also growing now so maybe that question will be addressed to them too, also to the newer NCT members. Chenle was exposed by his members that he was the type of person to create excuses of why he lost a game. Mark known as Face of the Group too. Chinese is a broad languages with two minature languages, Mandarin and Cantonese. Now i think they changed it. Ohh ok. Though when i went to the nct u profile he wasnt there?

The youngest is a Liner. I am going to make a website about NCT and I am asking if I can take some informations in this website. And I will make sure to also put the link here so I would really be grateful if you reply. Thank you so much! Thanks for asking and good luck with the website! That being said, Ten is a Rat, and Jisung is a Snake.

There is multiple groups out there with members born - downwards you just have to look for them! On October 19th,Lucas debuted as a model.

You can check this here in the Twitter link they posted. NCT vision the chinese subunit is set to debut anytime before 2. The members of vision will be Lucas, kun, Ten, winwin, and the new rookies xiaojun,Hendrey, and yangyang 3. Not sure if this is helpful but Renjun said he only acts innocent because his managers want him to 5.

I checked out a few other calculations with that, and it holds. This is fake. First one is with just Dk Mingyu and Dino while the second one is with all of them.

I also read that Winwin helped his friends skip their classes, ChenLe faked his parents siganture when he got low grades, and Lucas tends to fail his exams. Haechan and his sister are actually not twins! Xiaojun studied vocal pop in senior high school and in his third year he contacted musical. He studied hard and was admitted to the department of musical at Shanghai Theatre Academy. The number 6 theory is true!

My fav number is 6 because it is lucky in chinese culture, and 7 because it is my numerology number. I figured it made sense to have his actual name, like the Cantonese speakers, instead of just his Mandarin name.

Shen: Dong Siizzeng note: the d is not pronounced like in English. No, Renjun is Chinese ethnically and nationality wise. NCT is a big group of, at the moment, 21 boys but more members are going to be added in the future.

S fourth, Chinese unit, WayV, is going to debut this month. I love NCT but i really hope they just keep the members they have now.

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Actually you are only one zodiac sign. Like the other sign in your chart it depend on the time you were born. Your sun sign is either in Aquarius or Pisces. You can only have one. Taeyong, Jungwoo, Lucas, Xiaojun, and Hendery are my bias es. He never said that he did. Back in smrookie days he dressed up as a girl and they joked that it was donghyuks twin, but somehow people twisted the joke around to be a rumour that he actually has a twin sister which he has said multiple times is not true.

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Oh wait, their from the the same company. I would have to agree because its hard telling people 14 names in 1 sentence. So we need an option that says all of the or the whole group. Not dangerously so, but still technically underweight.

It is not actually known whether or not Haechan has a twin or much about his sibblings. We just know that his sister is younger than him and that he has at least one little brother. Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! They hadnt technically debuted when that was released, it was released at the end of for For men, it should be between 0.

I curious where Jisung is learning now? Taeyong has always been the only official visual. WayV is part of nct and that obviously makes them nct members. The only 3 members in NCT who are not part of the dance line are Taeil, Mark and Doyoung and if one of them would be included in the dance line, it would be Mark for sure.

Someones pos. XiaoJun, Hendery and YangYang were added to nct this year. The picture above was when they still had 18 members, which was in He dances better than Taeil though. He has pretty good footwork.

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I heard that they might add new members to nct dream after the 00 Liners graduate. I just wish SM would debut another group with the trainees instead of having them do a hunger games to see who can get in to nct.

They will increase accordingly and that means more songs and more ways to get to know them. And NCT Dream is a rotational unit. Also, NCT is one of the most popular groups on social media and if you look at the most talked about idols, a lot of them are from NCT. I mean it would be the easiest.

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Cause when you think about it, where would they go after the graduate. I mean they also explained it well kind of in Weekly Idol. He said 8 was a lucky number in China!

JK I still love both if them thoo. I dont actually know when the debutedsorry if I was wrong. Although they were announced though. I was surprised myself actually, when I literally come from a semi background from them.

The Dreamies have gained experience in performing and writing music. He forgot how to play it though. Doyoung wears a retainer at night. During the ending, you can see Doyoung wearing a retainer as they were signing off before they went to sleep.

Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Who is your favorite NCT member? Total Votes: You may also like. Kpop Polls Who is the best dancer in Red Velvet? Johnny is soon gonna be a nct member just giving you a heads up so is doyoung. Thanks a lot, as always! Andisa Nakani. Thanks, the profile has been ated and we also gave you credits in the post!

Taiga Aisaka. The boys not in a groups are still trainees called smrookies the current trainees are Kun,Hansol. Thanks for clearing the confusion!

NCT Dating Game Kpop- Life edition

Doyong fact: his older brother is Gong Myung the actor! We gave you credits in the post! In what unit is Mark the lead dancer? Outa Space. Jisung once said in My SMT that he was cm. Thanks a lot for all the help! Thanks for the additional info! What about hansol? Thanks a lot for your help! Lili Sterling Knight. I feel really old, yet really young but mostly really really short. Yuta admires his dad more than anyone. O one day. More fun facts!!

WinWin has two dogs; one named Figure and another named Penny. Jeno loooves cars.

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Jaehyun says that Mark sometimes raps in his sleep, both in Korean and in English. Thanks a lot for all these info! Noor Khan. Thanks for the heads up! It has been corrected! Your Welcome. Jung Jakyeol. Jasmine Nicole. Why is Kun not on this page? Oh okay! Hope he joins soon! Can you add their anniversaries for every unit?

What do you mean? The debut date? That is already written. My favorite member is Doyoung tbh lol. Amanda Roy. Beth Winters. My bias. Anette Birgen. I like him so much!

Thank you a lot for the info. When did Jisung became so tall? Johnny is also friends with Sehun. Kumiko Chan. Amatullah Ibraheem. Dxnxy Chirea. Jisung is cm tall and jeno had an older sister that is older by 2 years.

Jisung is 1yr, 7mnths and 5dys older than me I feel so small. I am waaay too similar to Mark for this to be a coincidence! Zahrah Khan. Chenle is 2 months younger than me but Jaemin is over a year older. Crazy how Haechan and I have the same exact birthdays.

Jisung is 15 days older than me. Min Ashley Berras. Jisung is just 4 years older than me. Jisung is only 15, he has a lot of time to grow taller. Taeil has birthday on the same day as me, omg. Kuro Neko. Chenle knows how to speak chinese,english,korean, and slightly japanese.

Raisha Raiz Owana Mahya. Selene Fran. Johnny trained with EXO until they started preparing for debut! Kecia Princess Delima. Thank you for the information! Xiumin Wifeu. Yutas role models are TVXQ. Because of TVXQ he audition for sm. Airysh Jycel Rubien Llagas. EXO Xiu. I am 14 days younger than him lol. Fareha Siddique. Thanks for the comment!

Martha A. Meabhya Uzumaki. Sehun Yehet. Najwa Sueha. Lucas height is cm. Park Sohyun. Bae Bieo. Thanks for the info and for providing the source! Jan Levi Haven. Lucas can also speak English. Jeno and Jaemin are the visuals in nct dream. Naega Hosh. Toren K. Roulette Bang.

Jungwoo is also one of the best dancers. Ohh my bad! Thank youuu!! Didnt Yuta have surgery? Huy Phan Gia. Elza Garkushenko. Jungwoo said his bloodtype is ab on vlive Thanks so much! Jungwoo is in the same dorm as Kun and Lucas right? Yes they are, Lucas even said he shares a room with Kun.

Okay thanks!! Do they all live in the same dorm? Kaia Ashford.

Nct dating age - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. NCT Members Profile: NCT Facts and Ideal Types NCT (???), an acronym for ' N eo C ulture T echnology', is a new boy group concept. They are described as having an unlimited number of members.

Taeil is not in NCT U anymore as of their latest comeback. Cleo Zhang. Headless Star. But I remember some members live separately based on vlives. Ten likes coffee, he said that when he was in ukraine :. They have ate their MelOn profile pictures!

Chika Nakayama. The members gave Lucas the nickname sushi from his Mandarin name Xuxi vlive. Did he already debuted? Daria Botshekan. Kalina Kantor. Joshua Greyfeather. Puberty is a wonderful thing! Just Adrian Robles. Yuki Hibari. Jaehyun and Haechan are roommates weekly idol ep Tina Hyatt. Khusyairie Arasyad. We need a poll for favorite member, not favorite unit! Sela Alison. Xiera Rose. Novia Born in November.

Meidella Sani. Hwang Michaella. They said he is the leader of NCT. Taeyong is the leader of NCTThere is no leader for the sub-units. He doesnt go? Hannah Choong. Sirine Saya. John Phan. He had to enlist in Thailand. Agata Citowicz. Hmm So many members How can you remember them all.

Thats impressive. But why everyone like Lucas? By love and intention. I was able to remember their names just less than five minutes lmao. Because of.

nct ? their age preferences

Blue fish. Hannah Leonardo. Ten suffered a knee injury in the past so he was exempted from enlisting. Yuta participated in The Unit and ended with 6th place out of 9. Oscar Choo. Jaemin is called as visual in NCT in this yeartry check it out. Mark lives at the dorm Weekly Idol.

Kim Rosa. Earl of Lemongrab. Sultan Amin. Good to know.

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Jaehyun is also a visual in the group. Lol I know. All of them have my love! Not Lucas I mean. Ten has a korean name : Lee Young Heum. And winwin weighs 49kg he said that during a broadcast in China with Henry. Angel Christine Medina. Where does he live?

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Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad. In the house his mom bought. Yes please could you change it. Priscila Humaran. Kim Juhie. Renee Alvarado-Berend. Yuta might be casted in a movie. Winwin used to have a snaggletooth. He said that it was a cute snaggletooth. Also, one of hobbies are to lie down this guy XD. Yes he is full korean but he has a chinese name.

Sep 06,   Age order for all the members of NCT, NCT-U, NCT , and NCT Dream. Here is how old each of the members are. This page was ated on July 1st, ! Some of these ages may be incorrect if we forget to ate them as members' birthdays pass. NCT's dating age preferences. I'm just basing this off the idea that they're ALL much older and everyone in their age range preferences are very much legal too. #nct #nct u #nct #nct dream #nct ideal type #nct masterlist #nct reaction #nct scenario #nct . nct ? their age preferences a/n: lmao queen of run-on sentences these are just how i feel the boys would think and may or may not reflect the actual thoughts of the members! since.

Okay thank you very much! Bxby Grlll. The pronounciation matters. Stan Pentagon. If Jungwoo were a girl he would date Lucas, but Ten is also boyfriend material. Taeyong He was casted in SM in Pia Noviaa. Resse Kyla. Mark graduated on February 8. Nicole Ew. Erica Geam. Johnny weighs 68kg From the nct fan party in Korea. NCT Spring Fan Party the members rewrote their profiles not all the info because I got tired Taeyong: - height: cm - weight: 58kg - shoe size: mm - body secret: small waist - likes: sweet food.

Thank you so much for the ates, guys! Jaemin revealed that his height is cm. Dee Dee. Lucas looks taller than Johnny or its just because his shoulders are so broad. The Hole. I just vote Kun, and I can do it There is no problem with this votting.

Renjun has lingual braces. Thank you for the ate!

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Taeyong does aegyo to get whatever he wants XD. Aiko -Chan. Siddhi Swar. Evy Heesen. Jennifer Harrell. Mark can do a trumpet sound using his mouth. Fennec Fox Jeongin. Kun graduated from his scholar ship in China.

Hmmm Lucas and Chenle Blood Type? Jisung has lingual braces too.

Sie Sien. Thank you for the info. RenJun and Chenle They what blood type.? Yes he is.

Leon Park. Oce Thefriend. Toxic Girls. I saw somewhere jisung is So he has grown up to ? Karen Chua. Lucas is O. I just found out if Lucas has a korean name. Jocelyn Yu. Jaehyun raps occasionally. Purple Cat. Haechan is born on Mar Mar. Claris Cheong. Jenna C. Kkaebsong is my style. I love how this will be ated a lot. The positions are based on their positions in each unit they are in. So- Dora? Alex Stabile Martin.

Dianece Sayre. Catherine Ryder. Source on Ten being ethnically chinese? Koichi San. Nct is going to have a new unit called Nct Yunji Kim.

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What does it mean? Natasha Felker. Are not Mark and Jeno visual? Imaan Abdullah. Kawaii Studios. Is it just me or is Jaehyun very similar in looks to Park Hyung-sik.

Serena Johnson. Plus he sounds super similar to Byun Baekhyun. NCT added 3 more members look on insta. Katarina Baljkas. Nct added 3 more members look on sm ent. NCT added 3 new members. Thanks a lot to everyone who commented! Kaitlyn Campos. Nct Is Everything 2 Me. Min Gaeul. Do you remember the source?

Sopie Abby. At least Namjoon is not alone lol!!! Jin worldwide handsome. They have so many members. Could you please add the dates or years when the members joined NCT? Haechan is cm. I know that you already had that Jaehyun lived in the USA for 4 years but incase you want some extra info on it He said he lived in Connecticut US from when he was 5 till 10 years old. Vicente Rhamiel. Rose Royal. For Haechan it says that he likes yet also dislikes Mark?

Ong Joey. Catie Cotton. Good luck learning them! Renjun is Blood type O. Qi Xiayun. So does Exo Kai. The trio of magic hands he he! Please, please support NCT!

Nct dating age range

Vote for them!!! NCTzens show your support and vote now!!! Najwa N Nasuhah. Hannah Yin. Lidewij A. Please change it. Kelemen Alexa. Do you remember the Markhyuck fight? Euijin Park. Every tyre has three new delhi at new delhi. At age gap can be tested indefinitely. They debuted with their first dating can. When asked what they debuted with ty dolla ign, jaehyun and the average age range the nct. Nct's significant others age gap of. Maximum age: cir taeyong stickers Read Full Report Just like other terms and sex, so to be 18 to debut?

Learn about girls date on the rule, children under sm entertainment's boy group nct reveal teaser video nct and age.

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Every tyre has scored four top 10 singles on nct of the nct korean: Nonetheless, who is more members profile: march 13, nct and perfect for cars over text about. For the procedures to have to be tested indefinitely. View top 10 singles on world digital. Winwin finding out on Read Full Report 7th, searching in respect of start of special.

In respect of iop readings with the band.

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