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One of these side stories - which drives much of the series - is Michael's endless quest for love. In fact, Michael has multiple romances throughout the series. And though not everyone lasts beyond an episode, they're all worth diving into. Over the course of the series, we see Michael Scott repeatedly trying to find "the one" but instead mostly dates and is interested in people who are completely wrong for him. Let's take a look back at his disastrous dating history and crushes with this definitive ranking of them all. As Michael's boss, Jan at first maintains a professional relationship with him. Though she has never been kind to Michael, he still feels responsible for the child she conceives after visiting a sperm bank.

Michael rejects their pleas. The office workers retaliate by showing feelings of disgust toward Michael and he later realizes the error of his ways. He officially ends his relationship with Donna via text message when Donna is waiting for Micheal at a motel.

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Michael Scott Proposal - The Office

Season 6 Donna's first appearance is to reprimand Michael for his disruptive behavior in her establishment. Not as expected, but this relationship lasted quite more time than what happened with Spencer.

The pair started seeing each other from the year to The fans of his are now in confusion, whether he is seeing someone or is in a married relationship already. After a brief inspection of his Instagram profile, it seems he is not dating anyone. However, recently, the actor was heartbroken after his mother passed away. On Jan 19,Scott Michael Foster lost his beloved mother. Apart from this, there is no news about his love life whatsoever. Had to say goodbye to my amazing mother this week.

Michael scott dating married woman

I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent their condolences to me and my family we greatly appreciate everything our friends and family have done for us. He has diverse interests in media. Song parody writing is often referred to: in " Goodbye, Toby ", he relates the titles of two of his songs, "Beers in Heaven" Tears In Heaven parody and "Total Eclipse of the Fart" Total Eclipse of the Heart parodybefore singing a rendition of " Goodbye Stranger " as a departing gesture to Toby.

He hopes to finish the video production of his script, "Threat Level: Midnight", whose script was found and read by the office and whose finished movie after ten years of production was viewed in the seventh-season episode of the same name. Michael adores the theatrical stylings of Meryl Streepdescribing her in " The Job " as the "best actor around," and mimics her character from The Devil Wears Prada after seeing the film.

Apr 24,   Scott Michael Foster is not in any kind of dating relationship with anyone at present. But, in the past, he used to date a lot of women. Find out all about Scott Michael Foster's dating affairs, girlfriend, breakup, affairs, and such other details. Aug 09,   Danger Close: Should You Date Married Women? August 9, by Coach Corey Wayne 2 Comments Photo by iStock/g-stockstudio As I discussed in my article playing with fire, it's best to never date a woman who is married or separated until . Donna Newton is a manager of Sid & Dexter, the bar the office employees visit during Happy Hour. Season 6. Donna's first appearance is to reprimand Michael for his disruptive behavior in her establishment. She asks him to leave, he refuses, and she lets up. Michael goes over to talk to her, and they argue at first, but then they engage in a conversation and start jankossencontemporary.com: age 50 (

He loves Wikipedia and YouTubealthough he doesn't seem to really understand how they work and believes them to be news media organizations. Michael tends to be a bit "behind" when it comes to popular culture references, such as when he refers to his then-girlfriend Jan's youthful male assistant as James Van Der Beek or in his numerous ringtones, including "My Humps," "Mambo Number Five" and Salt N Pepa.

He appears to have a history of playing ice hockey and demonstrates his talent in " Michael's Birthday ". In high school, after his math teacher told him he was going to flunk out, he went out the next day and "scored more goals than anyone in the history of the hockey team. On multiple occasions, Michael has also expressed interest in basketball even though he is terrible in " The Fire ", " Basketball " and " Goodbye, Michael ".

Other interests include a pair of Levi's he refers to as "fun jeans", which he has professionally dry cleaned and the reason he started Casual Fridays; his self-bought "World's Best Boss" mug from Spencer Gifts ; and Chrysler automobiles. He drives a silver Sebring convertible for the first three seasons until he trades it in with Jan's Volvo for a shared Porsche Boxster in the episode " Money ". Michael enjoys planning fantasy entrepreneurial schemes that he would like to start, such as a men's shoe store called "Shoe La La", or another paper company simply called "Michael".

Apart from his masterful salesmanship, Michael is lacking in almost any other skills, management or otherwise. Jim added that he inflated the "critical thinking" percentage so people could actually see it on the graph.

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His laid-back approach more often results in lower than expected workplace productivity, particularly when Michael places personal interests as a priority over work such as his birthday, someone else's birthday, or his various seminars.

To avoid being disciplined for his foolish actions, Michael often resorts to scapegoating employees to cover himself.

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Although his actions often lead to more problems for his employees, Michael believes that Scranton is "the cool, fun branch He is genuinely upset when the top salesman from the Utica office trashes Scranton in a phone call by saying it's "worse than Camden ".

Although his position as Regional Manager gives him broad decision-making authority on branch operations, he often places those responsibilities secondary to his desire to be friends with his employees. On the other hand, he also oversteps his authority by hosting events that Corporate disapproves of, such as The Dundies and a booze cruise.

It is revealed in the episode " The Duel " the Scranton branch is the best-performing company branch, well ahead of Utica and Nashua. Michael is called to corporate headquarters to answer the question, "What are you doing right? They send him on a lecture tour to spread his wisdom; instead, he wastes time and annoys the workers who have to listen to his drivel. Despite his ineptitude, Michael is prone to brief bouts of surprising insight and is shown to have a kind heart as he shows deep, family-like affection towards the people working in the Scranton branch.

The staff initially finds Michael annoying but he grows on them and is given emotional goodbyes during his final days in Scranton.

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In the episode " Broke ", Michael displays self-awareness of his inability to keep secrets when he, Pam and Ryan all agree not to let Dunder Mifflin know the Michael Scott Paper Company is broke. Moments later he is seen bent over and in a panic when he admits that he's afraid he won't be able to keep himself from letting the truth slip. In the same episode, he displays a remarkable ability to negotiate with Dunder Mifflin and convince the company to hire himself as well as Pam and Ryan back with full benefits.

In the episode " Murder ", Jim attempts to confront Michael for wasting time when he has the staff participate in a murder-mystery role playing game. However, he is confronted by an unusually serious and stern Michael, who demands to, "just let them [the staff] have this game". Jim then realized Michael actually was trying to distract the staff from the possibility of losing their jobs after a news article hinted at Dunder Mifflin going bankrupt.

In the episode " Business School ", Michael is one of the few Dunder Mifflin employees to show up to Pam's gallery showing. Unlike Oscar and his then-boyfriend Gil, who had shown up and were critical of Pam's drawings which Pam overhear Michael immediately marvels at her work and asks to buy Pam's drawing of their office building.

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In a moment of sincere kindness, Michael tells Pam that he is very proud of her. Pam begins to tear up and hugs him. During " The Seminar ", Michael advises a fledgling Andy Bernard to step up and begin selling at a seminar Andy is hosting, in order to boost his sagging sales. Michael's habits of joking around and treating professional colleagues as personal friends are often inappropriate for management.

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However, along with his encyclopedic knowledge of the paper industry, it is remarkably effective when utilized to sign clients, as seen in " The Client " and " Heavy Competition.

He remembers people through word association starting with nicknames such as "baldy" and "fatso" which, while offensive to the individuals in question, works to his advantage. Although he is unsuccessful using his sales methods as a telemarketer in " Money ", his social interactions with coworkers suggest that he would be a more popular presence in an office of peers as opposed to subordinates. It is clear Michael loves Dunder Mifflin very much.

Donna Newton

He has also shown signs of feeling underappreciated, given his long history with the company. In the episode " The Negotiation ", Michael discovers that he is making only slightly more money than Darryl, the warehouse manager, despite working for the company for 14 years. Later in the episode he drives to New York and demands a raise from Jan at corporate headquarters.

When Michael's year anniversary party is cancelled by his new superior, Charles Miner, he drives to New York to confront Wallace. Citing his long history of service and many sacrifices, Michael asks that he be treated more respectfully.

Wallace, seeing his heartfelt openness, promises Michael his party and pledges to attend. Michael surprisingly recognizes that the CFO is just humoring him, and stuns Wallace by quitting his job.

Michael tends to overestimate his importance to his employees, but despite constantly offending some of them, he has a close bond with them. Most of the employees have been the focus of Michael's jokes at one point or another, usually in reference to their race, sex, size, attractiveness, or sexual orientation. Examples of Michael's difficult relationship with his staff include getting slapped by Kelly for being racist, hitting Meredith with his car, getting kicked out of Phyllis and Bob's wedding, and outing Oscar to the entire office without his permission.

They are, however, generally sympathetic to his shortcomings and, while regularly losing patience when he interrupts their workflow, often try to assist him with his personal problems.

Michael's relationship with the company warehouse employees is tense.

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He has a tendency to disrupt their daily work flow, and in a talking head interview, warehouse supervisor Darryl Philbin Craig Robinson explains that they have never been able to make a full year accident-free because of Michael's antics. CFO David Wallace tolerates Michael's antics because he values his loyalty to the company, but Michael offends CEO Allan and the rest of the executives during his only meeting with them. Although many Dunder Mifflin employees are initially barely able to tolerate Michael, they gradually grow to appreciate his sincere intentions, even at times coming to find amusement in his sophomoric humor and behavior; this transition is most apparent in Pam Halpertwith whom he eventually develops a genuine friendship.

His co-workers are overjoyed when Michael finds his soulmate in Holly Flaxparticipate in his romantic proposal to her and are shown to be emotional at his leaving Scranton to be with her. Jim Halpert even teared up while calling Michael "the best boss [he] ever had.

Dwight has the most respect for Michael, viewing him as a model for success, and is thrilled when asked to handle any task given to him, however ill-conceived it may be. Although on the surface, Michael usually appears dismissive of Dwight and generally views him as a suck-up, he is genuinely hurt and angry at the few times when Dwight has deceived him, such as when Dwight went over Michael's head to vie for the manager's job or when Dwight refused to reveal office secrets to Michael's new company, the "Michael Scott Paper Company".

In the episode " Heavy Competition " of Season 5, Dwight steals Michael's Rolodex and finds his own business card, on the back of which, Michael had written before leaving Dunder Mifflin : "Dwight Schrute, tall, beets".

Is Michael Cera Married? Actor and Mystery Woman Step Out with Matching Gold Bands

Michael also cares how Dwight feels about him. After Michael beats Dwight at his own dojo, Michael finds out that Dwight no longer wanted Michael as his primary contact in case of an emergency which causes Michael to promote him from "Assistant to the Regional Manager" to "Assistant Regional Manager", with a three-month probational period.

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Dwight told Michael in Season 6 that Michael's pathetic career path hurt Dwight and he regretted working for him instead of taking a fast-track job at Home Depotbut they buried their differences later on. When Deangelo Vickers arrives to be the new Branch Manager, Dwight is depressed that he didn't get the job after Michael recommended him, only to learn from Gabe that Michael didn't recommend him after all. At first Dwight is angry with Michael, but they make amends when Michael gives him a letter of recommendation on his final day at Dunder Mifflin.

They end the day with a paintball fight behind the building. In the series finaleMichael is the best man at Dwight's wedding after Jim arranges it.

Mar 13,   Is Michael Cera Married? Actor and Mystery Woman Step Out with Matching Gold Bands Cera previously dated his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World costar. The Office Recap: Michael Is the Other Woman. whether it was the splitting of Dunder-Mifflin or the "emergence" of The Michael Scott Paper Company, has kept the last couple of years vital. Oct 22,   The Office Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes. Yes. It is true. I, Michael Scott, am signing up with an online dating service. Thousands of people have done it, and I am going to do jankossencontemporary.com: Steve Marsi.

Michael has one-sided affection for Ryanwhich often makes Ryan uncomfortable. In " The Deposition ", a page from Michael's diary reveals he describes Ryan as "just as hot as Jan, but in a different way.

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Michael is devastated when he finds out about Ryan's arrest for fraud, and much to the dismay of David Wallace, he later re-hires Ryan. In " Prince Family Paper ", Michael acknowledges that his heart has led him astray before, naming Jan and Ryan as examples of this.

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In " Dream Team ", Michael convinces Ryan to leave his job at the bowling alley and join his newly formed paper company. When working together, Ryan comes to respect Michael's skills as a salesman. Michael's obsession with Ryan is further shown in a number of deleted scenes.

In one from " Diwali ", Carol says that Michael constantly talks about Ryan's attractiveness and has begun stalking Ryan. In another from " Safety Training ", Michael confesses that he will miss Ryan the most after dying, which angers Ryan.

In a deleted scene of " Beach Games ", Michael says he especially wants to see Ryan put a hot dog in his mouth. Michael doesn't hesitate to compliment or criticize Pam for her looks and he frequently mentions her breasts. In the episode " Diwali " Michael mistakenly thinks that he and Pam have a connection, and is rejected when he tries to kiss her. Throughout their relationship, Pam has served as something of a shoulder angel for Michael by encouraging him to be more productive and discouraging his bad ideas, with varying degrees of success.

She grows closer to Michael as he supports her goals in pursuing sales and art.

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Pam is visibly touched when, after many art show attendees dismiss her artwork, Michael is so impressed that he asks to buy her painting of their office building. Their relationship comes to a rocky point when he begins dating her mother Helene. This is only repaired after he breaks up with Helene and allows Pam to slap him in the face in the parking lot. He trusts and respects Jim, although when they were co-managers they clashed due to their polar-opposite management styles.

In " Secret Santa ", Michael mentions that in a future vision he sees himself and his future wife living next door to Jim and Pam and that their children will play together.

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