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Discussion in ' Outerwear ' started by Dinerman , Oct 26, Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Oct 26, 1. Messages: 10, How to help date your jacket and other items based on their zippers, s-present.

I think it's interesting how hardware from an earlier era may have found its way on later items, thus confusing dates. I certainly know of a jacket maker here who used lables that were made for the company decades earlier.

Oct 27, 4. Messages: 5, It would be a good tool assuming the zippers weren't changed on a given jacket to date jackets for a lot of people. Oct 1, 5.

Messages: I believe it's late 40s.

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Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Bishop, juliet, batwing, dolman sleeves all were put to use well before the era you indicate. Some are deadstock, so I know this was not something done later! Thanks for your time. I appreciate your efforts but just wanted to clarify that my experience, observations, and research reflect some different findings. These are really great points, especially considering at-home vs. The fact that you shared your experience, observations and research are appreciated more than I can express here!

Jill, I will add some notes with commentary based on your insights to the post. Thanks so much for clarifying for future readers. We want to make sure we share the correct factual information. Although women in previous decades most certainly made their own clothing much more often than today, the vast majority of items were still purchased, not home sewn.

Great job :. Kristine, thank you so much for sharing this in the comments. I am going to make a note to the post based on your comment. I appreciate the insight - and the encouragement!

I agree with Jill. There are a number of inaccuracies and misleading statements here. Please do ammend the post. I would also add that concurrent with bakelite buttons in the deco era were buttons in other kinds of plastic.

Oct 26, Visit the post for more.

Celluloid buttons were still made. I have a lot of intact cards of buttons from those decades in that kind of plastic. My intentions are good in pointing these things out, and by all means, I know your intentions were good as well.

Metal zipper dating

Hey Sammy, thanks for all the tips. Hey Brittany! This is SUCH great news! Oh my gosh, where do you live with such fabulous Goodwill deals?! Great article! By the s zippers were no longer always inserted in a flap in the seam and appeared in sleeves, necks and replacing button fasteners as a modern feature.

Before zippers appeared in clothing metal dome-shaped snap fasteners and hook-and-eye fasteners were used on dresses at the side seam see above photo. Front zippers could also be seen from late s onwards as an alternative to the button-front dress.

Back zippers on dresses and skirts first seen now and then in the s and early s. It is more common late s onwards. It was only when zippers became less likely to break that they moved to a more visible area of the garment. The back was also an easier method for inserting a zip by machine very quickly.

Remember, the zipper is often only a part of the puzzle but can be an important part. Take note of the position and type of zipper and have fun being a vintage detective. Talon was, with its Zephyr line, brought to market first in the couture lines in My father worked for Talon in Meadville, Pa. He helped make the tools that made the machines that made these zippers and knew the whole business and process inside and out.

July 4, - Thank you, Jon Kennedy, for the information.


This is great news for me and to get it straight from the source is special indeed. Thanks again.

Talon had the best engineers and tool and die makers! There were designs that were years ohead of the times. I am 2nd generation from Talon Meadville and Indiana.

Nov 17, metal zipper. a good sign that it might be pre notes: Zip fasteners were first used on men's trousers in the USA in However, zippers were not common on women's dresses until late s. #N#Guide to Vintage Clothing Zippers. The most important ct of vintage clothing is being able to identify how old an article of clothing is. There are many clues that can be found in the details of every garment. One of the common features that can be used to help identify what era an item is from is the zipper. Many zipper names such as. DATING TIP: Identify whether the garment has a zipper and if so, where the zipper is placed and if it's metal or plastic. s: Zippers were invented in the late s but weren't used in clothing until the s, and only in men's trousers and children's clothing because they were considered vulgar for women to wear!

Best COmpanytoo bad it left Meadville. October 22, - March 16, - There are a million blogs about talon zippers, I could read for a month and still no have an answer to the following question.

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May 5, - August 1, - I am a 2nd generation Talon tool and die maker. My father Louisalong with engineering, developed the pressure proof fastener for the NASA space suit. I was fortunate to have and uncle ,Roy Keisel also as my mentor in the tool room. Talon had the state of the art technology in precision tooling.

I was a trainer of apprentices and general foreman of the tool room 2nd shift for many years. Talon was years ahead of others in engineering and manufacturing until Textron.

Powdered metal technology alongside plastic molding were years ahead of others especially prior to WWI. I retired from Talon inwhen the Indianapolis Plant 71 closed. November 23, - Thank you for taking the time to comment so generously, Mr Keisel. It is such a privilege to find out more from those actually involved with the manufacture of these wonderful zippers.

December 9, - I was looking this morning trying to date a zipper for a vintage dress I bought when I stumbled on this great article. I scrolled down to find yours as well! What an honor to read your piece of history, to feel what I knew was the American way, characteristics and principles my granny instilled in us!

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Value, integrity, pride in workmanship! I wish pieces like you wrote were in our textbooks! You are an excellent writer:. April 12, - Thanks to someone s who pulled all this together. My life will never be the same. I am looking also for zipper id-ing of vintage bags. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks again, Annie. January 19, - Hi Annie, thanks for your kind comment. Wow, zippers on bags, that could definitely get complicated. I hope some zipper experts will be able to help. February 4, - So happy to find out that vintage zippers have their own geneology and are not orphans!

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I am looking for the maker of a zipper on a leather portfolio with the letters in a triangle C C C anyone have an idea? May 17, - Hi Susan, This may be a little late but here goes, My wife has a much loved leather bag with a zipper on with the CCC in the triangle tag.

Oct 01, Guides for dating the pull, the stop box, the slider and the top-stops. Separable bottomed zippers, where you can disengage the two sides of the zipper, as found on jackets, were first introduced in The changes in component styles made by Talon since then can help pin down the dating of your vintage clothing. Ykk zipper dating - Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Feb 13, The modern metal zipper was invented in and used in galoshes and bags until , after which they were also used in men's trousers. They were not common in women's dresses until the late s.

So Italian, one would assume. The zip has just broken with part of the nylon teeth pulled away from the fabric tape. I too am looking for the zip maker as if I can get a replacement zip mm long I might be able to replace the broken side only, This would save a fairly extensive dismantling of the good side stitching which is hidden behind the lining. August 4, - The seams are very generous, and the fabric has been pinked.

5 Construction Clues for Dating Vintage Clothing

July 21, - October 30, - Is there a good source to get dates? March 12, - I have bought a pair of vintage zxx. May 16, - February 10, - Does anyone have any idea?

It is a metal zipper. Any help is appreciated. June 28, - Hey, Karen! Have you found an answer to your question yet? I have not had any luck so far. November 20, - Your dress dates to or later. May 30, - In I worked the evening shift, getting an early pass to skip a late study hall from Meadville High.

Most production was for military uniforms because brass was scarce.

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One floor was producing other war items besides zippers. One zipper had a fast release on the top for navy pilots who would need to quickly remove their boots in a crash. Moved to Pittsburgh in How about Serval zipper? I cannot find anything about this thing :.

There are no markings other than on the zipper. January 4, -

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