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So he bides his time and you know that, and you wait patiently for him to come around. He does, and once he does, you both are inseparable. Moments when he let you see that part of him was rare, very rare but he slowly learns to trust you over time, to be open with you, to let himself be vulnerable. It was at some line for coffee and he turned to look at your fingers intertwined with his. You looked over to him and rose on your tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. He near about lost it right then and there.

Loki, what do you want for Christmas? Loki: Revenge.

“Loki Wants To Marry You” (Loki X Listener) MARVEL ROLEPLAY INTERACTION

Peter: What practical thing do you want for Christmas? Loki: Instruments of torture. Peter: What harmless thing do you want for Christmas? Loki: A new tea kettle.

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Girl Scouts: Hello sir, would you like- Loki: [reaching into his wallet] All of it. I really wanted a happy meal! Tony: You wanted food?

It takes you some time to gain Loki's trust, for him to let you in even after you both have expressed your feelings for each other; after all he's afraid, the people he's loved have always turned on him one way or another and as much as he loves you he doesn't want it to . Peter Parker Dating Loki's Daughter: can you say awkward beginnings? Peter ie so nervous about asking her out Peter's not sure how to feel about Loki being her father he does, after all a. Loki Dating a Wizard: practicing magic together you two are so powerful so fierce in battle pulling magical pranks on one another and other people Loki adores you so much it's an intense.

Peter: Yeah? Peter: Peter: Wait then what did you buy me? ReRe writes sorry my hand slipped this may be inappropriate but if I don't make something light and funny about this I'm gonna break down cryingso coronavirus headcanon Loki Tony Stark Loki trying to take over the world in he may or may not regret this decision within forty minutes or so hope you're all safe and okay.

Gamora: What was that? Gamora: I think you just like saying, fuck. Loki realizing how shy you are in bed would include :. Now how are we going to do this. Now get on the bed and bend over. Soooooooooooo many omg, and I love it!! There are so many good ideas and I try to answer every one! I doubt others. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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Anonymous asked: So I have a fantasy of Loki forcefully pushing me up against the wall and kissing my neck until I begged him to Anonymous asked: Loki reacting to finding a shy reader pleasuring themselves? Tell me. Jealous that I have shorter and cuter hair than you?

I love you. Does this feel good, my pet? So much for not sounding like a whore. You both traded your cold and your warmth, a fair and comfortable bargain. You were walking around with it on the way to your room when you saw Loki, sitting by the coffee table, book in his hand and an abandoned coffee cup, sunlight streaming in through the window and making him look like he was handcrafted out of marble or porcelain.

You were transfixed.

Headcanons - Loki Dating a Wizard: practicing magic together ..

He looked lost in his book as you decided to take your shot, the frame had already set itself. The sound alerted him and his face snapped to your direction.

You were scared, you barely knew him enough then but you knew you wanted to get to know him better. He took it from your hand, took one glance at it, one back to your frozen expression and walked away. Little did you know that back in the privacy of his room, Loki had stared at the picture long and hard, close to an hour even.

Now your phone gallery was filled with pictures of and selfies with Loki, flattering and unflattering alike. You were the only one with the privilege.

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One time when the self portrait mode was on, you both had gotten carried away while posing for pictures and the burst mode had captured about 30 shots of you both kissing in slow motion, it was like one of those photo books, if you flipped through then fast enough it almost seemed like film.

Loki had that picture as the lockscreen on his phone. His biggest complaint is that your lockscreen is a picture of him sleeping curled up like a baby, blankets and pillows and all. Each time it makes you love him a tiny bit more.

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God, does he spoil you. He always got your favourites before they run out, he stocked them up enough for two months minimum.

Apr 04,   dating loki would include #4. a/n: i swear to god i could write one of these every single day. loki x reader lokixreader loki laufeyson x reader loki loki laufeyson loki would include loki would includes loki fluff loki headcanon loki headcanons loki drabble loki drabbles loki imagine loki imagines tom hiddleston tom hiddleston x reader. Hey I write headcanons sometimes so send me a message if you want to see something specific! headcanons-for-loki. Headcanons For Loki. M ratings k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Headcanons For Loki. Hey I write headcanons sometimes so send me a message if you want to see. TAGGED AS: # headcanons # loki headcanons # marvel headcanons # avengers headcanons # loki laufeyson headcanons # loki imagines # loki imagine # loki x reader # marvel # avengers # mcu # loki # loki laufeyson # tom hiddleston # loki laufeyson imagines # loki .

You thought you had it bad while grocery shopping because you always wanted to get everything, but that was until you met him because Loki? He wanted to get everything.

Loki dating headcanons

You thought maybe you could get him to stick to the budget but he just, always had so much money he never understood the concept of budgets. But why? Seriously, spending money was a legitimate issue with him, in all cts.

Read Loki + S.O. from the story Marvel Relationship Headcanons by idonotcare67 (Jessie) with 1, reads. loki, avengers, spiderman. Requested by: WoolyHowler1 Reviews: Read Loki + Child from the story Marvel Relationship Headcanons by idonotcare67 (Jessie) with reads. thor, blackpanther, scarletwitch. Requested by: izabel Reviews: 9. Dating Tom Hiddleston Headcanons Prompt: This is basic, but a cutesy dating headcannon for TH? A/N: I know I've been kind of MIA, and I'm so sorry! Life just keeps throwing shit at me, which doesn't.

In his defence, he had compromised by cutting down bouquets to single stems.

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