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Their love life makes fodder for gossip columns. South Korean actor Lee Min Ho is one such celebrity whose relationship with actress cum singer Suzy Bae made headlines. After two years of dating, they have gone their separate ways. Let us find out more about the personal lives of these two stars. It was also reported that the couple had left Korea together from the Incheon Airport on 10 March and during their secret vacation had stayed at a London hotel for three days. They were not working on any drama together and hence the tabloid stated that they had a romantic date in London.


They can go to the South end of the Han river bridge, where a Hallyu rabbit will wait for them, or the North end, where a certain Hallyu giraffe is. The members figure out immediately who the giraffe is, but do not know who the rabbit is. Most of the members are curious to see who the rabbit is, and Jae Suk is trying to think who had the rabbit head in the episodes where animal heads were used, and he eventually decides to go to the North end, since he is afraid that the rabbit is a trick.

Jong Kook worries it will be Ji Hyo who is the rabbit, so he goes to the North end, but changes his mind once he gets a call from Ji Hyo asking him where he is going.

Invincible Youth aired for two seasons on KBS.

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In Invincible Youthall members lived in a house located in a village. Each week they had to complete missions, and sometimes they invited guest stars to play with them.

At the end of the show, they all make dinner and eat together. Many of unique events were experienced by Suzy as a maknae, or younger member, in Invincible Youth Season 2. Suzy received a punishment for losing the game. Afterwards, Suzy spontaneously shouted angrily and made everyone laugh.

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Despite being sprinkled with water, the crew said Suzy still looks pretty, as though she is in an advert. An embarrassing incident also happened to Suzy during filming.

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Shin Young then asked for a cm sized shoe from the shop owner. Before the selections were finished, Suzy had said with confidence that there was one member who would want to be her partner. Do you miss Invincible Youth? Weekly idol is a weekly variety show hosted by Defcon and Hyeong-Don. Each week they invite Korean idols who are on the rise.

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Suzy has been on Weekly Idol several times. Suzy claimed to maintain her body shape by following a diet. She also said she could not eat her favorite food, ramen noodles, because of the regime she was on. They were tempted and could not take their eyes off of the ramen.

Finally, they gave up their diets and instantly devoured the noodles. Not only that, Suzy even ask for more. The variety show is shown on MBC.

Dream High is the most popular Korean drama according to netizens.

Lee min ho bae suzy dating

All the cast members in Dream High were members of famous idol groups in South Korea. The drama, which has a total of 20 episodes and aired on KBS, has indeed become a viral sensation.

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In addition to its famous cast it also has a very inspiring story. Dream High tells the story of six high school kids who attend Kirin Art School. The six of them aspire to be singers and work in the music industry in South Korea. However, achieving this is not easy, and there are many obstacles and problems that they must avoid and solve. As well as this, the complexity of romance among the six creates conflict between and makes everything more complicated.

However, with the guidance of their teacher, Kang Oh-Hyuk, played by Uhm Ki-joon, they can solve their problems and get the drive to achieve their goals. BIG is a Korean romantic comedy-drama which managed to steal the attention of netizens. This Drama tells the story of the accidental body exchange between a year-old doctor and an year-old man, making things difficult for both of them.

Yoon-Jae promises to meet her to tell her how he really feels. Kyung-Joon sees Da-Ran sad and tries to comfort her. Yoon-Jae calls Da-Ran and asks where she is. Kyung-Joon leaves Da-Ran by the river. Both are taken to the hospital and Dr.

Seo Yoon-Jae pronounces Yoon-Jae dead, his life cannot be saved.

Fan's reaction on their separation

This is where their story begins. Because of this incident, Da-Ran gradually begins to see Yoon-Jae for what he really is, including his relationship with female surgeon, Lee Se-Young. The drama was aired by MBC and has 24 episodes.

Feb 05,   Bae Suzy's Boyfriend. Bae Suzy is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Bae had at least 1 relationship in the past. Bae Suzy has not been previously engaged. She was born in Gwangju, South Korea. In she began dating actor Lee Min-ho. According to our records, she has no jankossencontemporary.comality: South Korean. Nov 16,   South Korean power couple Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy has split up after three years together. A spokesperson for Bae, who goes by the mononym Suzy, confirmed that the . Jan 27,   Lee Min-ho's Girlfriend. Lee Min-ho is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Lee had at least 1 relationship in the past. Lee Min-ho has not been previously engaged. He has dated actresses, Park Min-young and Kim Hee Sun. In he began dating singer Bae Suzy. According to our records, he has no jankossencontemporary.comality: South Korean.

It is of the romantic comedy genre. Gu Wol-Ryung falls in love with Seo-Hwa. She was could not care for the child she has given birth to so he is entrusted to a pastor. It turns out that the priest deliberately throws the baby in the river, only to find Lord Park Mu Sol, played by Uhm Hyo-sup, a kind nobleman.

The story continues 20 years later. The baby grew into a rather naughty but kind-hearted person. He is called Choi Kang-chi, played by Lee Seung-gi.

At first he does not realize that he is a descendant of gumiho, and has more power than other humans. In his struggle, Kang-chi discovers that he must find a the Gu Family Book, but its whereabouts are a mystery. The drama was aired by KBS2, and had 20 episodes. Shin Joon-Young is now a top actor and singer. He is also known as a smart and interesting person, while No Eul is a documentary film producer.

It had 32 episodes and was aired by SBS. This Korean Drama tells the story of a woman, played by Bae Suzy, who can see bad events in the future through her dreams. She meets a prosecutor, played by Lee Jong-Suk, and they both end up trying to prevent the bad things from happening. Jung Jae Chan, the prosecutor played by Lee Jong Suk, is antisocial and not afraid to speak his mind.

His nature enables him to evaluate cases without involving his feelings and to investigate all issues thoroughly. On the other hand, Nam Joo Hong, played by Suzy, is a former journalist who rarely leaves home and is currently unemployed.

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She used to admire and be a fan of Jung Jae Chan as a rising star in the legal profession. Ever since she was little Joo Hong could see the future in her dreams, and it makes her nervous all the time. Suzy was tall compared to the other members of Miss A.

In the band she was known as Giant Maknae. Having the ideal body remains an obligation for women, especially as a member of a girl group; they have to maintain their weight. Suzy was singled out in the girl group because of her weight and is now thinner.

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Her higher weight is obvious when she starred in her first Drama, Dream High. Suzy looks larger, especially on her thighs. For breakfast, she ate only a slice of chicken breast and one sweet potato, and for lunch, she ate brown rice and a salad. Suzy and Lee Min-ho shocked the public when they revealed that they had been dating for almost three years. Most support their relationship, but some disagree.

They began dating in March According to him, Lee Min Ho always had something for Suzy.

Nov 22,   News of Bae Suzy's relationship with her new lover emerged after Bae Suzy recently broke up with Korean star, Lee Min-ho, in November, A number of fans still hope that Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho will be reconciled, however, the breaking news of Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho has broken the hearts of Min-ho/Suzy shippers. Jun 25,   On February 8, an exclusive report in the Korean media revealed that Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy are dating again. In February news circulated that Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy had got back together and were seen dating. An unnamed insider said that Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy have started dating again recently and that they often meet in secret. Mar 23,   An exclusive report by Dispatch was recently released, stating that miss A Suzy and Lee Min Ho are allegedly dating, having witnessed and captured .

He always wanted to meet the beautiful artist. However, in the end Min-ho and Suzy met through their friend.

Mar 11,   The famous South Korean actor and singer Lee Min-ho went through a bitter separation with his nearly three-year-long girlfriend Bae Suzy last November. After the breakup, his girlfriend Suzy moved on with her new boyfriend Lee Dong Wook, however, Min-ho seems to take few more time to find his love interest jankossencontemporary.com: Kiara Watson.

The couple were very concerned about their relationship being public. However, the secret could not be covered up forever. Their love story finally came to light, after photos of them on an overseas vacation were widely circulated.

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The management teams of the artists did not deny it. They were revealed and confirmed when they spent time together in London. Then on March 15,the two met each other and enjoyed a romantic date in the city of London, England. However, in November they both confirmed that their relationship had ended because of their busy lives.

Some media reports in Korea say that Suzy had relationships with other men and this made Lee Min Ho very jealous. Lee Jong Suk is considered to be the cause of their breakup.

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After that, on Marchthe dating news between Suzy and Lee Dong-wook were spread out. On their Cheongdam date, Dong Wook and Suzy were with another person, presumably one of their managers.

South Korean power couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy split after three years

Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read. Apparently, Lee Min-ho divulged his plan to propose Bae Suzy, shortly before the couple broke up. Unfortunately, the love story that began in has run aground. Lee Min-ho, who entered the military service, said he made Bae Suzy feel uncomfortable. Lee Min-ho had wanted to propose to Bae Suzy just before they broke up, unfortunately, his hope was broken when their relationship was. Before leaving for his military service, Lee Min-ho was briefly interviewed, and he mentioned that he was growing up.

He also understood what he wanted now, especially protecting the people he loved. Although indirectly, Suzy said there was an incident that forced her to make the change. Fans drew their own conclusions, saying Suzy and Lee Min-ho had a big problem, until they finally decided to break up.

Bae Suzy seems to have successfully moved on. She seems to have chosen another tall actor, Lee Dong-wook. It looks like there may be a relationship between them, since they have been seen together several times. Happy news came from Bae Suzy and Lee Dong-wook. Representatives from their two agencies said Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy were just getting to know each other, since they just started to dating recently. A number of sources said Lee Dong-wook, the actor who played the Korean drama Goblinand Bae Suzy, the lead actress of the Korean drama While You Were Sleepingconfirmed they were officially dating.

A number of eyewitnesses have seen the couple on dates in the Cheongdam-dong area, the same location as Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon. The report said, Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy were together with another person, who is suspected of being the manager of one of the Korean stars.

Reportedly their love story began at a private meeting, and starts from a senior-junior relationship. After they got to know each other they had a lot in common, so the relationship expanded to dating.

Bae Suzy is considered is known to down to earth, and Lee Dong-wook feels amazed by her.

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