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Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia were in an on-screen matchup in Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia were in Victorious together. Elizabeth Gillies is a 26 year old American Actress. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Avan Jogia is a 28 year old Canadian Actor. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

They were asked if Beck and Jade would be breaking up, and Liz seemed shocked and asked why he would want them to break up.

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They talked about Halloween and kept referring to themselves as "we" instead of just "I. Liz did a breast cast to raise money for breast cancer research, and Avan said it looks really cool.

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In this videoAvan and Liz are sitting next to each other and Avan has his arm around the back of the chair Liz is sitting in. Avan and Liz did an interview together in this video and spoke about the Beck and Jade relationship and about the show's new video game.

Avan had his arm around Liz for a lot of the interview, and also touched her arm once. They sat next to each other at the Teen Nick Halo Awards.

In the music video of the Nickelodeon Christmas song Holiday Jingle from NickelodeonLiz sings "We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be" and Avan has his arm around Liz shoulders and she is holding his hand. On Avan's formspring, someone asked him if he ever been victimized by Regina George and he answered that he had the feeling that Liz Gillies asked that.

In this interview the cast has to rate each other's flirting skills. Liz says Avan is good at flirting and rates him an 8. She says he will act romantic and sweet and touch your hand. Avan rates Liz a 9 and jokingly says her flirting style borderlines on abusive.

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Liz says "we both have different ways of flirting" and they keep smiling at each other. In this Video Liz and Avan are acting like parents to Matt, saying "You're grounded," and Avan starts to back Liz up when Matt starts to raise his voice at her but raising his voice as in playing around.

In this Video Liz and Avan do an interview for Fanlala, they stood close together and he had his arm around her and she holds the microphone for him.

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In this video, Liz attacks Eric Lange, and Avan helps. When she eventually cathches him, both her and Avan scold him, act like parents to him, and punish him in a very cute way.

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In the music video "Make it in America", Avan took Liz's hand and lead her to the party around and they danced together throughout the video. In this videoaroun Liz and Avan are seen so close and dancing together. In this video Liz whispers something to Avan then they both carry Matt away. In a live chat Liz said Avan faked proposed to her in a movie theatre in front of a huge audience.

Is liz gillies dating avan jogia

Avan tweeted: Wait the other person was LizGillies? Well played Gillies Well played.

Who is Avan Jogia currently dating? Check his relationship profile to know about his current girlfriend as well as about all the ex women in his life. Avan Jogia Bio. Avan Tudor Jogia was born in British Columbia, Canada on 9th February He is born to a British Indian Gujarati Father and . Who is Elizabeth Gillies Boyfriend in ? Yes, Matt Bennett is one of her close friends but not sure that they are love birds or not. Elizabeth Gillies Dating List: In addition, Gillies was also connected with Avan Jogia, Backhouse Mike and James Maslow. Though, there is no confirmation about the news. Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia were in an on-screen matchup in On Screen Matchups. Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia were in Victorious together. About. Elizabeth Gillies is a 26 year old American Actress. Born Elizabeth Egan Gillies on 26th July, in Haworth, New Jersey, USA, she is famous for Victorious in a career that spans -present.

In this videoLiz and Avan also Ariana and Matt hug and hold on to each other then slowly collapse on the floor. Avan tweeted Liz a picture of a llama, knowing her love for her llamas.

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Avan Jogia was in a dating relationship with his actress girlfriend, Zoey Deutch, for around five years. Jogia even considered himself a lucky man to have Zoey in his life. They were head over heels in love with one another, and people often wondered if they had any plans to get engaged.

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But that did not happen; as in earlynews surfaced that the two have parted ways. The reason behind the demise of their love relationship was not made public, but a source said that they have opted to remain friends.

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Eye Color. Secular Humanist. Victorious Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies.

No, Avan is dating Zoey Deutch. No, they're not dating. Liz's relationship status is unknown and Avan is dating Zoey Deutch. No, they're not dating. Liz's relationship status is unknown and Avan is dating Zoey Deutch. No, he is dating Zoey Deutch. No, they're just friends and Avan is dating Zoey Deutch. Avan Jogia is a close friend of Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana grande. They both starred in the TV show Victorious. They often tweet each other and occasionally do WeAreStoopKid videos together, such as Beck and Jade Do Car jankossencontemporary.com:

Jade West and Beck Oliver. Posted comments View all comments 11 Bethan Lancett Dec 29, hi Elizabeth how long have you and Beck have been Dating i Really nned to know all about you.

Harley Aug 30, Avan and Zoey broke up some months ago, and now she's with another guy and he's rumoured dating Elizabeth Gillies. Alyssa Disla Aug 5, I don't how beck could go out with jade west she's wierd mean,jealous,selfish and a freak she has 2 piercings one in her left eyebrow and 1 in her nose and a tattoo of of a star.

Alyssa Disla Aug 5, Hey all the beck and jade fan's if you say that beck and jade make a good couple or they a should get back together, your wrong beck and jade don't make a good couple and I don't think they should get back together because jade is mean,jealous,selfish,and also she a freak with pierings in her left eyebrow and one on her nose and also a tattoo of a star all though she also say's that she hate's everything but she loves coffee wierd thing's in her room sic.

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Alyssa Disla Aug 4, I think that beck and jade should not get back together they do not make a good couple because what they do is fight and break up,I mean beck wants to date a girl who is nice,sweet,pretty,and caring not a girl who's mean, jealous,like jade she loves coffee,dead things or wierd things and sicssor's and she's always mean to tori since day one. Erin Jun 6, Get back to each other if you dont my mad and sad. Bernadia Aug 13, wish yall could get back together Recommended Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia.

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Elizabeth Gillies Other Relationships.

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