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Bachelorette Rachel broke his heart when she sent him home after saying she was falling in love with him, but now Dean Unglert knows a thing or two about being in the love hot seat after appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. He started the season pursuing Kristina Schulman, but after Danielle Lombard arrived, the subsequent love triangle is the decidedly non-controversial drama fans were hoping for this season. For now, most of the evidence linking Danielle and Dean is pretty circumstantial, though it's always possible that they're just keeping things quiet to keep the rest of this season interesting. Given how seriously Dean took the idea of saying he was falling in love with Rachel while competing on The Bachelorette , it's best to also take his recent interviews seriously. I did find love in Paradise. But here are some hints that it might be Danielle who ultimately won, and kept, Dean's heart.

There are no good clues either way.

In case you needed a refresher, Dean first appeared on BIP in , and was quickly involved in a love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. He picked Danielle on the show but during the reunion, Dean revealed he still had feelings for Kate Brierley. You may remember that after dragging out the ultimate love triangle on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Dean chose Danielle over Kristina. So, where's his heart at today? Well basically, Dean Unglert Author: Emily Longeretta. Aug 05,   Due to the fact that he strung both women along, Dean didn't end up with Kristina or Danielle when Paradise ended. But just because the season Author: Caitlin Gallagher.

Since the end of The Bachelorette and the premiere of Bachelor In ParadiseDean's been active on social media, but it's difficult to tell where he was or if he's involved with anyone.

It's a lot of bro hang outs and selfies. His Twitter account gives no clues either, except that he hosts polls to pick his outfits.

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If they were together, wouldn't Danielle L. Danielle's Instagram is no help, either, though she is definitely attached to her fellow cast members, and posts pictures of herself hanging with the women.

Aug 22,   Of course, nothing on Dean's, Danielle's, or Kristina's social media account is definitive proof of a Dean and Danielle relationship. But that doesn't mean fans can't speculate a Caitlin Gallagher. Aug 21,   But in order to find out whether or not Dean and Danielle L. are still dating now that they've returned to normal, non-paradisal life, you'll probably need to finish watching the fourth season of Author: Kayla Hawkins. Sep 23,   Looks like things might not be totally over between Bachelor in Paradise's Dean Ungert and Kristina Kristina and Danielle she spoke out about how "terrible" Dean is at dating during.

There is one kicker here. Dean told - that he did find love this summer in Mexico. I did find love in Paradise.

The Bachelor s21e04 - Nick's one on one with Danielle

But he won't say whether they're still together or if it lasts. Dean's referring to the fact that this season will be compacted since they had to stall filming for a few weeks. Instead of filming the finale in Paradisethey're going to have a live reunion that will be the final episode.

So that's when each final couple will find out if the feelings are mutual.

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Soon, the three found themselves in a love triangle, with Dean indecisively pursuing both women. Bachelor in Paradise is about dating around, but the way Dean handled things wasn't great.

That meant she spent a lot of time in Mexico crying over Dean.

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But after much contemplation and a few pep talks from bartender Wells AdamsKristina stood up for herself, said she wanted to be in a relationship in which she is "put first," and left Bachelor in Paradise.

Due to the fact that he strung both women along, Dean didn't end up with Kristina or Danielle when Paradise ended. But just because the season was over didn't mean the drama was finished.

Sep 12,   When it comes to Danielle L., things are a little less obvious. Kristina left the show before the finale, but Danielle L. hung in there and still maintained a relationship with Dean for a few Author: Alaina Urquhart-White. Sep 11,   The stars of the Bachelor franchise are not generally known for their charisma or poise, so is anyone really surprised that Dean, Kristina, and Danielle L. Author: Anna Menta. Aug 21,   Dean and Kristina may be next up on that list, especially since there's a good chance that Danielle Lombard (from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor) may end up catching his Karen Fratti.

In September, the three appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss their love triangleand Kristina implied she'd be willing to give Dean another chance if he'd learned from his mistakes.

Afterward, Kristina and Dean did begin hanging out againbut it didn't last long.

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