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Internet Relay Chat IRC is an application layer protocol that facilitates communication in the form of text. IRC clients are computer programs that users can install on their system or web based applications running either locally in the browser or on a 3rd party server. These clients communicate with chat servers to transfer messages to other clients. Client software is available for every major operating system that supports Internet access. Jarkko intended to extend the BBS software he administered, to allow news in the Usenet style, real time discussions and similar BBS features.

The IRC allows you connect to multiple servers at once. You can also customize the look of the chat by changing the theme, written your aliases or making popups in the editor. There is also an option to add plugins, for better experience.

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If you are someone who is looking for an easy way to enter into the IRC world, then this is your pick. The IRC was made with the intention of making the interface easy for common people. It does not cost a single penny and you can just register for free. Once you have registered, you can add plugins in your network, go to social media sites and search on different search engines. Moreover, there is an option for custom notifications. KV IRC has been around for about a decade now. Over the years, it has developed a lot to make the interface user-friendly.

About Us. When IrCQNet closed in a small group of folks got together and began to discuss what kind of chat network we would like to chat in, at the end we decided to start a new Network called ICQ-Chat since that name was easy to remember for all former IrCQNet chatters. Irc Dating Server, download lagu call my name ost marriage not dating quiz, depredating volts vs watts, online dating telephone number/

Along with having scripting support, the IRC also allows many customizations. One thing that makes it different from other IRCs is that it is portable. Instead of having to install it, the users can access it from the drive.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac, both. This IRC is for people who want 'no boundaries on the net'. X Chat is another popular IRC that is a free source.


If you have friends on different channels, you can use this IRC as it allows multiple-server connectivity. You can transfer files, have private chats, public chats, add keyboard shortcuts and enjoy SSL support.

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According to the developers, this is the best IRC out there. It does live up to the claim since it has a variety of features. You will find all the features present in all other IRCs in this one. On top of that, it also has smileys, which is a feature lacking in most other IRCs.

Most importantly, there are no ads and no spywares. So, you can enjoy a stable and feature-filled IRC experience.

With Quassel, the developers took a modern take on IRC clients. You can get all the features that you would expect a good IRC to have, from chatting to connectivity. Since it is cross-platform, it can run on Mac, Linux and Windows. One of the best features of Quassel is that the user connects as soon as he or she gets back. When they are gone, they disconnect. So, they never miss out on anything happening in the network.

This is an IRC client that comes from Germany. Just like most other IRC clients on the list, this is also free. It can run on any OS and is very user-friendly. The default layout is great for beginners to work with.

Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in

Users can install plugins which makes multi-tasking easier. You can chat and be ated with your social media networks at the same time. You can compare different networks by statistics such as number of users or channels, or you can search for channels across all networks using keywords. ates for existing entries are also welcome.

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Note: Feel free to link to any of these pages, but no part of these documents may be mirrored or distributed in any form, either partly or in whole. Comments and critiques are based on our personal views and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the maintainers and owners of this site. Confused about clients, servers, and networks?

In order to correctly parse incoming mode messages and track channel state the client must know which mode is of which type and for the modes that apply to a user on a channel which symbol goes with which letter.

In early implementations of IRC this had to be hard-coded in the client but there is now a de facto standard extension to the protocol called ISUPPORT that sends this information to the client at connect time using numeric There is a small design fault in IRC regarding modes that apply to users on channels: the names message used to establish initial channel state can only send one such mode per user on the channel, [55] but multiple such modes can be set on a single user.

Workarounds for this are possible on both the client and server side but none are widely implemented. Many daemons and networks have added extra modes or modified the behavior of modes in the above list.

On most networks, an operator can:. There are also users who maintain elevated rights on their local server, or the entire network; these are called IRC operators, [63] sometimes shortened to IRCops or Opers not to be confused with channel operators.

RFC [63] claims that IRC operators are "a necessary evil" to keep clean state of the network, and as such they need to be able to disconnect and reconnect servers. Additionally, to prevent malicious users or even harmful automated programs from entering IRC, IRC operators are usually allowed to disconnect clients and completely ban IP addresses or complete subnets. Networks that carry services NickServ et al.

Further privileged rights may include overriding channel bans being able to join channels they would not be allowed to join, if they were not opere being able to op themselves on channels where they would not be able without being opered, being auto-opped on channels always and so forth.

The format of a hostmask is nick! The hostmask looks similar to, but should not be confused with an e-mail address. The nick part is the nickname chosen by the user and may be changed while connected. The user part is the username reported by ident on the client. The host part is the hostname the client is connecting from.

If the IP address of the client cannot be resolved to a valid hostname by the server, it is used instead of the hostname. This hashes a client IP address or masks part of a client's hostname, making it unreadable to users other than IRCops. Users may also have the option of requesting a "virtual host" or "vhost"to be displayed in the hostmask to allow further anonymity.

Some IRC networks such as Freenode use these as "cloaks" to indicate that a user is affiliated with a group or project. Per the specification, the usual hash symbol will be prepended to channel names that begin with an alphanumeric character-allowing it to be omitted. Some implementations for example, mIRC will do so unconditionally resulting in a usually unintended extra for example, channelif included in the URL.

Some implementations allow multiple channels to be specified, separated by commas. Issues in the original design of IRC were the amount of shared state data [72] [73] being a limitation on its scalability, [74] the absence of unique user identifications leading to the nickname collision problem, [75] lack of protection from netsplits by means of cyclic routing, [76] [77] the trade-off in scalability for the sake of real-time user presence information, [78] protocol weaknesses providing a platform for abuse, [79] no transparent and optimizable message passing, [80] and no encryption.

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Because of this, careful security policy is necessary to ensure that an IRC network is not susceptible to an attack such as a takeover war. IRC networks may also K-line or G-line users or servers that have a harming effect.

IRC Chat Rooms

This helps stop the use of packet sniffer programs to obtain the passwords of IRC users, but has little use beyond this scope due to the public nature of IRC channels. SSL connections require both client and server support that may require the user to install SSL binaries and IRC client specific patches or modules on their computers. Both methods exist to solve the problem of denial-of-service attacksbut take very different approaches. The problem with the original IRC protocol as implemented was that when two servers split and rejoined, the two sides of the network would simply merge their channels.

If a user could join on a "split" server, where a channel that existed on the other side of the network was empty, and gain operator status, they would become a channel operator of the "combined" channel after the netsplit ended; if a user took a nickname that existed on the other side of the network, the server would kill both users when rejoining i. This was often abused to "mass-kill" all users on a channel, thus creating "opless" channels where no operators were present to deal with abuse.

Apart from causing problems within IRC, this encouraged people to conduct denial of service attacks against IRC servers in order to cause netsplitswhich they would then abuse.

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The nick delay and channel delay strategies aim to prevent abuse by delaying reconnections and renames. After a user signs off and the nickname becomes available, or a channel ceases to exist because all its users parted as often happens during a netsplitthe server will not allow any user to use that nickname or join that channel, until a certain period of time the delay has passed. The idea behind this is that even if a netsplit occurs, it is useless to an abuser because they cannot take the nickname or gain operator status on a channel, and thus no collision of a nickname or 'merging' of a channel can occur.

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To some extent, this inconveniences legitimate users, who might be forced to briefly use a different name after rejoining appending an underscore is popular. When a netsplit occurs, two users on each side are free to use the same nickname or channel, but when the two sides are joined, only one can survive. In the case of nicknames, the newer user, according to their TS, is killed; when a channel collides, the members users on the channel are merged, but the channel operators on the "losing" side of the split lose their channel operator status.

Under the original TS protocols, for example, there was no protection against users setting bans or other modes in the losing channel that would then be merged when the split rejoined, even though the users who had set those modes lost their channel operator status.

Most networks today use the timestamping approach. If two clients with the same nickname join from different sides of a netsplit "nick collision"the first server to see this collision will force both clients to change their nick to their UID, thus saving both clients from being disconnected. On IRCnet, the nickname will also be locked for some time ND to prevent both clients from changing back to the original nickname, thus colliding again.

Client software exists for various operating systems or software packages, as well as web-based or inside games. On Windows, mIRC is one of the most popular clients.

Some programs which are extensible through plug-ins also serve as platforms for IRC clients. Therefore, any platform that can run Emacs can run ERC.

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A number of web browsers have built-in IRC clients, such as Opera version Ustream 's chat interface is IRC with custom authentication [90] as well as Twitch 's formerly Justin. A typical use of bots in IRC is to provide IRC services or specific functionality within a channel such as to host a chat-based game or provide notifications of external events.

However some IRC bots are used to launch malicious attacks such as denial of service, spamming, or exploitation. A program that runs as a daemon on a server and functions as a persistent proxy is known as a BNC or bouncer.

Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in mIRC. This is a popular IRC client for Windows. It has plenty of features that have evolved over time. The IRC client has been working for the past twenty years. It allows the users to share and communicate with other users. Now, users can also play with others on their IRC network. IRC Networks and Servers. mIRC is an IRC client that can be used to chat with other people on IRC networks around the world. To use mIRC, you need to connect to an IRC network. An IRC network is made up one or more IRC servers that are all connected to each other. By connecting to any of the servers on a particular network, you will see the. Flirt with us in our chatroom. Where good chatters flirt!

The purpose is to maintain a connection to an IRC server, acting as a relay between the server and client, or simply to act as a proxy. Furthermore, as a way of obtaining a bouncer-like effect, an IRC client typically text-base for example Irssi may be run on an always-on server to which the user connects via ssh. To keep the IRC client from quitting when the ssh connection closes, the client can be run inside a terminal multiplexer such as GNU Screen or tmuxthus staying connected to the IRC network s constantly and able to log conversation in channels that the user is interested in, or to maintain a channel's presence on the network.

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Modelled after this setup, in an IRC client following the client-server model, called Smuxiwas launched. There are numerous search engines available to aid the user in finding what they are looking for on IRC. It is responsible for crawling IRC servers to index the information being sent across them.

The information that is indexed usually consists solely of channel text text that is publicly displayed in public channels. The front-end "search engine" is the user interface to the database. It supplies users with a way to search the database of indexed information to retrieve the data they are looking for.

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These front-end search engines can also be coded in numerous programming languages. Most search engines have their own spider that is a single application responsible for crawling IRC and indexing data itself; however, others are "user based" indexers.

The latter rely on users to install their "add-on" to their IRC client; the add-on is what sends the database the channel information of whatever channels the user happens to be on. Many users have implemented their own ad hoc search engines using the logging features built into many IRC clients.

These search engines are usually implemented as bots and dedicated to a particular channel or group of associated channels. IRC servers normally [ clarification needed ] transfer messages from a client to another client just as byte sequences, without any interpretation or recoding of characters.

Irc dating server

The IRC protocol unlike e. This has put the responsibility for choosing the appropriate character codec on the client. In practice, IRC channels have largely used the same character encodings that were also used by operating systems in particular Unix derivatives in the respective language communities:. Much like conventional P2P file sharing, users can create file servers that allow them to share files with each other by using customised IRC bots or scripts for their IRC client.

Often users will group together to distribute warez via a network of IRC bots. Technically, IRC provides no file transfer mechanisms itself; file sharing is implemented by IRC clientstypically using the Direct Client-to-Client DCC protocol, in which file transfers are negotiated through the exchange of private messages between clients. DCC commands have also been used to exploit vulnerable clients into performing an action such as disconnecting from the server or exiting the client.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Protocol for real-time Internet chat and messaging.

Work it out irc real time. Talk in public or private channels, or one-to-one. Keep on top of discussions that matter, and stay focused. More Dating Chat Rooms. Connect to any IRC server out there, and even Slack workspaces. We host private channels for teams, with dating features like reply threading, message dalnet, reactions and typing. Multi-network IRC server/channel lists There are several sites which provide huge lists of servers or channels that you can search, including and You can compare different networks by statistics such as number of users or channels, or you can search for channels across all networks using keywords. Search chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat and get informed about their users and topics! - Chat rooms on IRC are usually called this IRC search engine to search in channel names and topics of around IRC networks!Find interesting chat rooms and chat with people that share your interests!

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