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Glaciologists have drilled about a dozen deep ice cores into the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. The measurements could not be made below meters because the annual layer thickness was assumed to be too thin. The meters of ice below this depth is believed to be many hundreds of thousands of years old. The focus of drilling has recently shifted to Antarctica where several deep cores to over meters have been drilled. The most important is the new Vostok core that reached meters in but stopped drilling due to the presence of a lake meters deeper. The Vostok core is said to span , years through a depth of meters.

Dust bands, assumed to be annual, can be found near the bottom of the GISP2 ice core.

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When glaciologists first dated the GISP2 core by annual layer counting, they arrived at a date of about 85, years at the meter level by counting dust bands.

By using a finer 1-mm laser beam rather than the 8-mm beam to measure the higher ones, they were able to add another 25, "annual layers" between and meters! By measuring at a finer scale, more dust bands were picked up. This "redating" shows the subjective nature of the process of annual dating in most of the core.

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Creationists, on the other hand, point out that much dust is known to have occurred in the Ice Age part of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

When the atmosphere is loaded with dust, a storm can lay down multiple dust bands separated by less dusty ice.

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Showers in the precipitation sector would lay down variable amounts of dust in the snow. The finer the scale of measurement for this dust, the more oscillations in the dust will be detected. It is possible to pick up hundreds and perhaps thousands of dust wiggles in one year when measuring at a very fine scale.

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The bottom line in dating ice cores is really the assumed age of the ice sheets which is based on the time scale from deep-sea cores. The deep-sea time scale is built into the dating of the ice sheets by the use of flow models and time markers, which act as a first guess to the annual layer thickness.

Ice core dating flaws

The flow model assumes the ice sheets have been more or less in equilibrium for millions of years. This first guess is used to determine the resolution of the measurements down the core, insuring that multiple measurements per annual layer are "counted.

The deep-sea core time scale is likewise built upon the assumption of the astronomical or Milankovitch theory of the Ice Age or ages that is far from proved. So, theyears obtained near the bottom of the Vostok ice core is based on preconceived ideas on the ages of ocean sediment, which is based on the astronomical theory of the Ice Age.

I. Methods of Dating Ice Cores

In other words, the uniformitarian scientists date the ice sheets to hundreds of thousands of years because they believe the ice sheets are old to begin with. They have "proved" only what they have assumed!

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Cite this article: Oard, M. Skip to main content. Alternative Explanation for Uniformitarian "Annual" Layers Each annual layer of snow and ice becomes more vertically compressed and stretched horizontally with depth.

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Uniformitarian Time Scale Based on Astronomical Theory of the Ice Age The bottom line in dating ice cores is really the assumed age of the ice sheets which is based on the time scale from deep-sea cores. References Oard, M. Alley, R.

Meese, D. Petit, J.

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Oard, M. Vardiman, L. De Angelis, M.

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How are ice cores dated?

The Latest. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has again tried to explain a global erosional surface known as the Great Unconformity.

Common shrews are uniquely engineered creatures that have a high metabolism-very different from your average mammal. Ice cores are expensive to collect, house and keep.

They must be stored continuously at a specific temperature. The American National Ice Core Laboratory provides some information on how they store and keep ice cores.

When ice cores are analysed, they may be cut or sectioned, with half the sample remaining as an archive.

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As the ice must be melted for analysis, the sample is usually destroyed during analysis. Lemieux-Dudon B, et al.

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Consistent dating for Antarctic and Greenland ice cores. Quaternary Science Reviews 29, Mulvaney R, et al. Recent Antarctic Peninsula warming relative to Holocene climate and ice-shelf history. Nature Vinther BM, et al. A synchronized dating of three Greenland ice cores throughout the Holocene. In round figures say, to the nearest 10, yearshow far back can you use separate layers to date an ice core?

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