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Edited 3 weeks ago , 26 users are following. I am so glad I found this site. I feel comfort in finding some support from people who are experiencing the same pains as I am. I've never talked to any friends or family about living with this condition. I am 25 years old, began to show signs of hs at age 9 and am still painfully embarrassed and ashamed of this condition.

Posted 5 years ago. First I would like to give you some background information on me so you can better understand the different psychological effects this disease has on its victims. Growing up, I never had a problem with my skin.

I always had clear and pretty skin and people would often bring this to my attention with compliments. To this day, I still have great skinaside from the affected areas.

When I was 17 years old, a cyst developed near my tailbone.

So what did I decide?

It was extremely painful, and I went to the E. R and they cut it open, then stuffed it with gauze. I thought the problem was solved. However, about six months later it came back. This "thing" reappeared in the same exact spot often- until I was 19 and finally had surgery to remove the root cause of it. The doctors said I had Pilonidal disease.

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The surgery was a success, and to this day it has never come back in that same spot but has left a terrible scar. Then something much worse happened. When I was 23, a cyst appeared in my groin.

apologise, but

It was painful and the skin was thin. When I could no longer take it, I went to the doctor and they drained it.

I didn't think much of it-but then it came back. Then it came back again and again. Then more started to appear. I immediately became frustrated and felt hopeless. I had no idea why it was happening or how to cure it.

After multiple vistits to the E.

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R, I was diagnosed with H. The doctors treated me like a hopeless case and sent me on my way. They informed me that there was no cure and I should see a surgeon. I was young and living with my boyfriend at the time; in which we both worked, paid our bills, and barely got by. I did not have health insurance and I still don't. I am a full-time student and do the best I can in my young age- but since then the disease has taken over my body.

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I am now 26 years old and both my armpits are infected as well as my groin. I am terrified that it will spread to my breasts. When H. S first showed its ugly face, I became extremely depressed.

I felt disgusting still do. I wouldn't allow my boyfriend at the time to look at me anymore.

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I stopped going to the beach and I started to bury myself in clothing. I was in a nasty relationship to begin with, and I was already starting to realize I was not happy when this disease manifested itself into my life.

The disease played a huge part in why I stayed with him for so long. I was convinced that if I left him, I would die alone. When we fought, he would say I was gross and call me names. He used my disease to hurt me and he also used it to keep me around. He finally left me in for some young pretty model type.

I was devastated and at the time didn't realize what a blessing it was. Had he not left me, I would have never left him. I abused alcohol and drugs and gained weight. Slowly, I watched myself turn into a completely different person, physically and emotionally.

My life was an absolute mess.

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I have always been extremely social and have many friends. But I told no one. Not even my family. The only person who knew was the worst person imanginable. After he left me, I was forced to move out of state. I got my life together and closed myself off from the world.

In that time, I started going to school, stopped drinking, and started getting my life together. After a year of my ex playing mind games with me from a far, I decided to pack my bags and move miles away from everyone I knew and loved. I got a studio apartment in Tampa, FL, and started working at a high volume restaurant. I came home, and sat alone in this place for well over a year.

Trying to only focus on school and work, nothing else. I was convinced that I was going to die alone because I couldn't get past the hell of telling anyone what was wrong with me. I have been asked out on several dates. I would go of course, but it never went anywhere because I was terrified of rejection.

apologise, but

I don't know how it has been for you, since you say you have been suffering from this since 9, but for me it has been hell. I went from a healthy normal girl, to a train wreck in a matter of months. Every judgement I have ever had towards a person for being over weight, or being covered in acne etc, turned agaisnt me.

I became the person I would never give the time of day too. Seven months ago I recieved a message on Facebook from a guy I worked with 9 years ago.

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We barely spoke when we worked together, and I never saw him again after I left the business. I remembered who he was, because I became good friends with his best friend who also worked with us. I remember thinking he was incredibly handsome. I guess you could say he was my "At work crush" at this particular time in my life. Anyway, he messaged me and we started chatting back and forth constantly. It seriously turned into all hours of the day between FB and text.

We talked about everything. Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, we fell in love. We started talking on the phone, skype etc. He was living miles away from me back in Virginia where I grew up.

(WARNING:Bad English) I took me years before thinking about girl comming into my life,i have HS for about 8 year now (butt only)and im in relationship for over 5 jankossencontemporary.com key here is talk to about it to everyone and it help for you too to accept your own jankossencontemporary.com girl ive meet has no problem at all with my condition once they get the info right,but still each time i got a oportunity it. Aug 26,   5 HS Inc. reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Growth is in the future, and HS is taking the right steps to prepare for the growth. Helpful employees, can ask anyone to help out. Everyone is willing to dive in and solve a problem together. Cons. A few bumps upgrading dated systems.3/5(5). HS Dating is the perfect place to meet like-minded people in a safe environment online. Whether you're looking for friendship, love or more, HS Dating gives you lots of opportunities to search for people near you! Search not only by location, but also by mutual characteristics and interests, to ensure that you are your match will definitely.

This gave me some comfort and also made me sad. It was easy to carry out this relationship knowing I wouldn't be forced to eventually meet up with him. I was wrong. He started talking about coming to see me. He was convinced I was going to be his future wife still is. Eventually I found myself in a situation where I had to tell him.

For two months he knew I was hiding something because I told him I was. I told him I could never tell him because I knew he would never except it.

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He would constantly say " I don't care what it is, nothing will ever change my mind about you". Long story short, I finally told him. Knowing he would do research and be horrified, I very well could have had a heart attack after I did so.

Best thing I ever did. A few weeks later I drove up to Virginia planned to stay only a week and stayed three months. I continued to pay my bills back in FL by getting a job there. In that time we got everything in order for him to move here. He has been living with me for two months now in Florida and the other day he officially became a resident. He has a great job here and everything is perfect.

My disease did not change his mind about me at all.

Hs dating

Not even a little, if anything it has made him more loving and compassionate. He is constantly feeding my vitamins and taking care of me. He hates that I suffer.

He is always telling me he wishes he can take it from me and live with it instead of me. You have to find the right person. He is out there. You just need to be careful in how you tell him.

Take your time and let him love you for YOU before he loves you for your body. I'm so glad you've found someone who is so understanding and I hope it gives the youngsters who are reading this the confidence to believe that they have every right to love and be loved. Posted 4 years ago.

Hs dating - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. Join and search! r/Dating is NOT the place to soapbox Incel/Blackpill rhetoric. Moderator of r/dating. r/Dating has a Discord! Posted by 15 hours ago. Hey you single, beautiful, soul! Valentines Day is around the corner and I know it can feel shitty, but just remember that romantic love isn't the only type of love there is. Love comes in many forms, so who. Aug 07,   The Pros and Cons of Dating in High School When I was 14, I chose not to date until I had graduated high school. I think my reasoning back then was that I knew dating should help me find who I'm to marry and I knew I was too young to get married anytime soon.

I was relieved so relieved to know I wasnt dirty it was just in my genes, I cried like id wanted to cry for the last 2 years but couldnt. But then I realised id never be free and I did introvert myself, went from being out every night with all my friends to ignoring them because I didnt feel happy or any joy, my life for the next year was a cycle of Comfort eating And getting stoned just to not care anymore I put on so much weight I thought to myself damn!!!

Im so heavy and ugly and worthless whats the point i'll always be alone. Then 1 night I was getting back from work at 2am and plodding through the channels but nothing on til I got to a channel which had teletext type writing on it looked closer it was a dating thing. I was like meh see what lonely people there are I need to just chat to someone who doesnt know me. So I text the number on the screen, I was amazed it instantly popped on the screen and got loads of replies.

So I weeded out the perverts wanting phone moans been there done that years before with real people and blah not great and the just plain weird and ended up with 1 lonely lad living halfway up the country me living south him north, we texted for days and days, I found myself getting excited about having my break at work cos id get to text him, he was like me he had self esteem issues too, but the more we talked the better I felt and he did too.

After 2 months of texting id fallen in love and I never thought it possible. We admitted to each other we loved each other but I was still too ashamed of my body to meet in person.

consider, that

He made me feel so good about myself more than I had done in years I just had to meet him I travelled up to him and we spent a few hours together holding hands in the park, talking and eventually kissing in the dappled sunlight from an oak Tree I was on top of the world, a couple more visits to each other and I was secure enough to show my scars he kissed each 1 and said they were as beautiful as my smile.

I just melted and couldnt believe how lucky I was. A few years later I couldnt be happier I have a loving fiance, a gorgeous little daughter and my life couldnt be any better, boils and abscesses too cos each bad 1 gives me another scar to have kissed and loved as much as me. I know you wrote your post 10 months ago, but I thought I would share my perspective from a different point of view. She is the love of my life.

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I signed into this forum as a patient as there was no other option to choose and I struggle with HS in my own way. My Wife and I have been married for 9 years and she is the only woman I have ever touched intimately.

I saved myself for one woman and one only. Firstly though, When I met my Wife her HS was dormant or in remission, but she had scars under her arm pits and groin area, yet I fell in love with her for her sense of humour, good looks and her heart and mind. Her scars did not bother me, in fact I love her more for them. Someone who faces the world with strength and courage while having HS which is causing extreme pain makes me feel weak in myself.

About two years after we got married, we had a miscarriage with twins. The hurt and sadness was terrible, and I think it triggered the HS to come back. It first came back under her arms, then a year or so later, in the groin area. She is still battling it some seven years later, and the only improvement has been that it has left her arm pits a few years ago. Our sex life since the HS came back has been dramatically reduced, from times a week to times in 6 months if we are lucky.

There have been gaps of months between lovemaking. As a red blooded Aussie male, who is passionate and a romantic at heart, this has caused depression in me and my Wife.

I have much of the time felt unwanted, undesired and unloved. But at times she reminds me that I am loved and appreciated, especially as I stay with her no matter what.

I can only imagine what my Wife and others with HS like yourself go through. The pain she suffers brings her to tears, she seldom lets me see her body, and struggles with her appearence. Which is why, when she lets me see her, she rocks my world. I appreciate her far more when she shows her body to me, because I know she finds it so hard to show herself to me. Her courage and bravery makes me crazy about her. If I may be frank, if she is not too sore and she allows me, I do my best to rock her world orally to show my love of her and my acceptance of her as she is.

She is so down on herself for her appearence, that when I dont see her nude for a while, she makes the HS seem to me to look much worse than it does. So when i do see her again, I am releived at how good she really does look. She makes it seem so much worse to look at than it really is. I love her how she is, as she loves me how I am, worts and all. I try to get her to understand that I dont want a perfect woman, but that she is perfect for me.

apologise, but

There's no such thing as a perfect man or woman. I am no Angel, and I have major back and neck issues of my own as well. There is always hope, and there's good men out there who will try to help bear the load with a Wife or Girlfriend with HS.

My Wife has made me stronger, by the strength she shows each day. I cant stress enough the importance of openness in a relationship about this, and this is hard for my Wife.

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