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GDP figures released so far this year point to a lower-than-projected global growth rate but despite persistent chatter about a potential economic slowdown, companies continue to step on the gas pedal when it comes to hiring. This reality is underscored by the US market where the unemployment rate has hit a 50 year low at under 4 percent. Perpetually pressured by stakeholders to demonstrate growing profits, organizations are expected to stay a step ahead of the competition and move at an increasingly faster speed, while increasing efficiency which makes the war for talent as ferocious as ever. How can companies be expected to scale and disrupt their markets when the average time to fill is 42 days? And if we look into more competitive industries and mission-critical functions the scenario is even worse. Engineering positions take an average of 62 days to fill and in the tech industry employee attrition rate is at an all-time high, with employees sticking around for less than 2 years on average. Most troubling of all is that even after all of that work, companies are not guaranteed an employee.

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Specializing in interpersonal dynamics, the Mountain View startup tracks leadership and work styles. Using their personality data crunching, the qualitative ambiguities of team cohesion grow more quantitative and actionable-similarly to the other startups in the prehire assessment space.

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By Drake Baer 5 minute Read. Person to person: eHarmony You may have heard of eHarmony. Person to team: jobFig Founded injobFig uses the five-factor model of personality to measure compabililty between pre-existing teams and potential hires.

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Everyone we invited back completed the assignment. We are looking at a group of people anxious to work and join the Landforce family.

May 08,   Like searching for a partner in life, recruiting is all about finding the best person for the job: one who has the right character, qualifications, and experience And, like personal relationships, it's impossible to find the "perfect fit." Hiring Managers invest extensive time and effort developing the most successful hiring strategy. Hiring is like dating. 07 April in General News by Shequaya Bailey. Have you ever heard anyone say, "Hiring is like dating?" If that's the case, then, at Landforce we've spent a lot of the last few weeks on dates, and we are pleased to announce that there are some great fish in the sea. Over 50 people have applied for 14 seasonal. Sep 02,   3 Simple Ways to Hire Better To find the perfect fit, stop treating the hiring process like a beauty pageant and start acting like it's a date. By Suzanne Lucas Freelance writer @ RealEvilHRLady.

Over the last few weeks there were a few moments that stood out and really speak to the character of the people we are meeting. One individual told us about their journey of self discovery, and how important it is to figure out who you are. We Have to Like These People. When it comes to the workplacewe spend more time at work than with our families, and yet we spend more time dating and courting our perfect guy or girl than we do our employee.

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And depending on the role, a candidate can be responsible for millions or billions of dollars managing or running a division or production line. As I mentioned I treated my love match like I did the job search.

Hiring is like dating

I qualified the boyfriend material, Googled them, and even went so far as to conduct a background check. I believe in due diligence and really, a girl can never be too careful.

Aug 21,   The same holds true for dating websites and social networks that you prefer in finding eligible candidates for the position of companion or employee. Employment, like dating, is a relationship where two parties spend a significant part of their lives with one Jessica Miller-Merrell. Online Dating jobs available on Apply to Faculty, Customer Service Representative, Agent and more! Hiring Candidates is Similar to Dating in Today's World? By Kelly Barcelos. June 3 - An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps companies streamline their recruitment process, which is in many ways a lot like dating. How? Well, for one thing, the end goal is the same. Just like dating or matchmaking, the goal of recruitment is to find someone who's the perfect fit.

We Interview Them. In dating you call it dating or maybe lunch. In corporate America, we call this the interview.

3 Simple Ways to Hire Better

Our Friends Set Us Up. I went on a blind date once.

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Hopefully, these referral employees turnover less and lead more productive corporate lives. The difference is as an individual looking for love I have one job opening.

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Your company might have hundreds or even thousands. And for the right reasons.

Hiring Candidates is Similar to Dating in Today's World?

Choosing our spouse or mate is the single most important personal decision we make in our lives. Believe me I know. Just like job boards and other social recruiting and online search tools, I know you have your favorite. The same holds true for dating websites and social networks that you prefer in finding eligible candidates for the position of companion or employee.

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Employment, like dating, is a relationship where two parties spend a significant part of their lives with one another. Photo Credit TechFresh.

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Jessica is the host of Job Search Secrets, an internet television show for job seekers. There are many methods and approaches companies can take when screening new hires.

The delay in the hiring process is impacting productivity across all departments in organizations as teams struggle to fill out their ranks. Companies need the agility to respond to business challenges with an adequate workforce, sourcing talent much, much quicker. Finding the right candidate is a little like dating. Like dating, a human endeavor frought with uncertainty, reward, and high turnover, hiring has a habit of taking all the theories and recommendations you have about a . But what if hiring was more like speed dating, and not this awkward date that lasts forever? A recent Glassdoor poll has discovered that the average interview process has been extended to 23 days in , which is 11 more days than it was in While 23 days may not sound like a lot for the already employed, to recent college graduates or.

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