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An analysis of current best-selling dating advice books suggests that gender roles continue to be institutionalized in cultural scripts. A sexual scripts framework was used to categorize research findings to determine if the empirical evidence confirmed the durability of gender roles over time or revealed that dating has become less gender-typed. Research in Sex Roles suggests that heterosexual dating among young adults in the U. Some variability was observed in interpersonal scripts in terms of occasional initiation of dates by women, for instance, but was not sufficiently widely used to challenge the dominant script. Functional reasons for the persistence of gender stereotypes in dating are presented.

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Has dating become more egalitarian

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Apr 23,   The egalitarian approach could reflect more women in the workforce, more men having flexible work schedules, or other important cultural forces. In fact, around 5 percent of participants reported. Has Dating Become More Egalitarian? A 35 Year Review Using Sex Roles. heterosexual dating published in Sex Roles since its inception to determine if dating practices have become more egalitarian over the past 35 years. An analysis of current best-selling dating advice books suggests that gender roles continue to be institutionalized in cultural scripts. A sexual scripts framework was used to catego-File Size: KB.

Eaton, A. Has Dating Become More Egalitarian? Sex Roles 64, - Download citation. Published : 05 March Issue Date : June Search SpringerLink Search. Immediate online access to all issues from Subscription will auto renew annually. Taxes to be calculated in checkout. References Abelson, R. Article Google Scholar Acitelli, L.

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Article Google Scholar Fischer, G. Article Google Scholar Flannagan, D. Google Scholar Forbes, G. Article Google Scholar Forleo, M. Google Scholar Franzoi, S. Article Google Scholar Fuhrman, R. Article Google Scholar Gaertner, S. How guys really or behaviors aimed at achieving or signaling a partner.

Some think and how to get the right one variability was observed in interpersonal scripts in terms of interested in you. Matt Titus and Tamsen occasional initiation of dates by women, for instance, but was Fadalp. I say, rules shmules! There are times dating are presented. In addition, a friendship script is when calling a man is absolutely the thing to do.

Eye proposed as an alternative, egalitarian model of dating that contact can be very sexy. Talking can be soul might fulfill the same functions. Sex on the first date can lead to an intensely satisfying lifelong relationship. Dating several men can be fun and exciting.

Marie Forleop. Popular magazines, books, T. Rose shows, newspaper columns, and websites are regularly e-mail: srose fiu. It may also reflect the McKinney ; Winstead et al. If gender roles and and Lloyd ; DePaulo Still, this glut of dating norms are used to stabilize and structure early relationship advice may also be the consequence of changing dating interactions they may establish a trajectory for future practices and the resulting conflict between tenacious old interactions that contributes to the perpetuation of gender norms and preferences and emerging new ones, especially stereotypes and gender-differentiated behavior.

Finally, with regard to gender prescriptions. However, to the extent that gender is used as the in popular culture. But to what extent has U. To what extent have reducing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner individual men and women embraced egalitarian practices and yet again contributing to the perpetuation of cultural in actual early romantic encounters?

In this paper, we use stereotypes about men and women. Since the inception of the journal Sex Roles 35 years Broadly defined, dating is a publicly-expressed practice ago, women have made substantial progress in gaining undertaken by romantically-interested partners for the power and authority in the public sphere. Because of this purpose of getting to know one another better e.

The practice of less about male power than they were when Sex Roles was dating has a long and vibrant history in the U. For example, the male-to-female pay gap in the U. Like many modern social S.

On the other tion. These changes will illuminate which of these realities is most true in the moved courtship from the home to public locations, such as realm of early romantic encounters. If of narrowing the field of suitable marriage partners Whyte there has been a cultural or interpersonal shift in the lastand can be understood as a prelude to courtship, several decades in the extent to which beliefs or behaviors which is a prelude to marriage Laws and Schwartz First, with a host of prescribed rules and expectations e.

For instance, women who asked for a date were et al. In summary, current cultural norms for gender and incorporate personal preferences and knowledge roles in dating as expressed in this genre of popular culture Klinkenberg and Rose Dating advice books provide one non-empirical source In contrast, some research has shown that dating patterns of popular cultural scripts for gender roles in dating.

A have changed in the past 35 years. Dating is no longer the previous examination of dating advice books from the late direct path to marriage that it once was Libbynor is s indicated that dating etiquette was highly gender- dating the only, or even primary, type of initial romantic typed Rose and Frieze Men were expected to encounter young singles engage in today e.

Some research suggests that the contact, whereas women were supposed to be alluring, culture of courtship has given way to a hook up culture facilitate the conversation, and limit sexual activity.

In line Paul et al. In hook ups, women lose status and for which partner should initiate the date, pay for the date, experience more regret and guilt than men Crawford and and engage in or reject physical contact during the date. Popp ; Eshbaugh and Gute The other four potential for dyadic relationship initiation e. Phil and expert Finkel et al. Does the addition of these new forms of dating represent Overall, this select set of current popular books generally a move towards gender equality in early romantic relation- endorsed traditional feminine passivity and masculine ships in the U.

Or does the empirical evidence indicate agency in the dating context. Four of the advice manuals that dating beliefs and behaviors continue to be highly were dependably gender-typed Titus and Fadal ; stereotypic in terms of gender? Guys love it. There are times when calling a man barely keep from dating yourself!

Women are advised to use is absolutely the thing to doSex on the first date 2 on Amazon. One hundred and forty- Deaux and Hanna ; Nevid Twenty-three were removed gender-typed personality traits Orlofsky In addition, 26 Gender-typed responses also were found in preferences works were withdrawn because they were reviews, book for opening lines, dating jealousy, attitudes towards extra- reviews, duplicates, references to temporal dating, misclas- dyadic relationships, and acceptance of cross-status rela- sified as pertaining to dating, or errata.

The remaining 94 tionships. The vast majority of the student? Hansen reported that a cultural scripts e.

This comparison college students reacted with more jealousy than men to illustrated the extent of the congruence between cultural scripts hypothetical situations involving a dating partner spending and interpersonal behavior. Furthermore, gender role traditional women and men expressed more Dating Research in Sex Roles, - jealousy than less traditional participants in response to all the scenarios Hansen For instance, outside sexual relationship in dating relationships than in the first empirical article on dating in Sex Roles was marriage; women did not approve of extra-dyadic activities published in by Orlofsky, who examined the in either dating or marriage.

Women also were more rape acceptance e. These accepting of dating in general. McCormick et al. The authors concluded that this attitudes, and responses to hypothetical situations.

An analysis script had not changed from normative expectations of these findings revealed that heterosexual dating relation- reported in the s cf. Ehrmann showing that ships in s America were characterized by highly men had positive control in a sexual encounter using traditional cultural script elements, including gender-typed available strategies to initiate sex and women had negative partner preferences, beliefs, and attributions.

In both prefer romantic partners who behave cooperatively contrast, men were found to derive power from the e. Interestingly, despite these differences in sources of power, Lastly, research investigated the relationship between men and women perceived themselves as equally powerful rape acceptance and gender-based variables.

Results indi- in their relationships. The McCormick et al. Both women and men indicated that McGrail ; those with highly traditional attitudes women used power strategies to avoid having sex and men towards women were less rejecting of date rape Fischer used them to facilitate having sex.

Relative power was as gender-stereotyped jokes as being sexually harassing most gender-typed in actual relationships for decisions Kenig and Ryan These findings point to the difficulty in assessing inequality in actual relationships Interpersonal Scripts because a number of factors may disguise or counteract inequality between heterosexual partners.

Twice as many behavior was explored by DeLucia using the Bem average weight women were presently dating and dated Sex Role Inventory and an index of dating behaviors more often.

Men overall, but the differences were less pronounced for more often mentioned physical characteristics and women cross-gender typed or undifferentiated individuals. Femi- more often emphasized psychological factors in their ads, nist identity was found to affect dating behavior as well regardless of sexual orientation.

Rickard Assimilation to U. It daughters Dasgupta Sons were most accepting of also pointed to the importance of including measures of U. Parents were less accepting, particu- larly mothers. Accord- into investigations of dating scripts and dating violence ing to cognitive script theory, spontaneously generated including rape, aggression, and coercion.

Based cognitive actions used to describe a commonly experienced situation script theory e. The date script for were characterized by communal traits and the relative lack a woman included 19 actions, including 16 initiated by the of social power and status see Eaglyfor a woman and three initiated by the man. A substantial proportion of the research on of them.

The man was expected to be in control of the violence examined how judgments about rape, coercion, public domain i. These studies typically appearance and maintaining the conversation. For and Subich Research in the s uncovered continuity woman-initiated dates or the early phase of dating is not with the cultural script of the previous decade in terms of clear.

Additional evidence of the potential relaxation of dating preferences. Young men valued physical attractive- gender roles was found by Ross and Davis : only a ness, submissiveness, and vulnerability in women dating minority of student participants believed the man should partners, while young women preferred dominant and always pay for date activities or that a woman should not financially successful men partners Goode ; Rainville initiate intimacy on a date.

Younger students were the and Gallagher ; Smith et al.

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When forced to most likely to endorse traditional dating norms and the choose between a romantic relationship and another life majority of both Black and White students indicated that goal e. Sex Roles An interesting twist on dating scripts was provided by more accepting of coercive strategies initiated by a woman. Alksnis et al. Participants rated how likely were found by Haworth-Hoeppner Men were twice nineteen date events would occur on each type of date.

Elements of a bad blaming to be influenced by gender and traditionality. In a study of Both men and women in heterosexual dating relation- men and women, traditional men tended to blame the ships believed the man had more power on dates than the victim more than women or egalitarian men in response to woman, as well as in the relationship generally Felmlee all situations i.

A double standard of Simonson and Subich Greater victim blame also acceptance of extra-dyadic relationships was noted as was associated with a greater level of acquaintance i. Young men indicated a greater willingness than prior sexual involvement vs. Finally, both men and Seal et al. Men were Freeburg The findings concerning gender iden- behaviors as more sexual.

Exposure to traditional cultural script. Women were reported to be more disapproving ct of behavior, contributing to our understanding of than men of unwanted sexual behavior in date scenarios interpersonal scripts. In response to rape vignettes, Struckman- and interpersonal scripts and also were discussed in the Johnson and Struckman-Johnson found that rejec- previous section i.

Gender roles also Smith et al. Women with boyfriends who partners, and women offering attractiveness and seeking were both instrumental and expressive reported more status in partners. Similarly, almost three times as many relationship satisfaction at all stages; whereas men with men responded to a personal ad placed by a fictional girlfriends who were expressive were more satisfied.

Men a man for a date at least once. This is not surprising since about their appearance. Actual dates appeared to be more typically whoever initiates the date is expected to pay. The last category of research on actual dating behavior Women reported more often experiencing and expressing in the s concerned studies on violence. The findings both positive and negative emotions in dating relationships concerning gender and gender roles were mixed.

One study than men Sprecher and Sedikides Lifetime incidence of unwanted sex longevity Felmlee In addition, couples with date, or felt led on. Gender roles were Young adult dyads asked to participate in role plays robust within both cultural and interpersonal scripts. Some concerning sexual behavior in a laboratory setting quickly deviations or exceptions to gender roles were observed in reverted to gender roles, according to Gilbert et al.

Sex Roles Dating Research in Sex Roles from to the thinness of the female body type preferred by others of the same-gender and the opposite-gender Park et al. Taylor analyzed random samples of up scripts e.

The articles Robinson The evidence from this decade indicated a serious dating relationship, what women want sexually, that attitudes, beliefs, and judgments about dating remained and unorthodox sexual positions and locations. The strongly gender-typed. Stereotypic gender differences in content thus reflected and reinforced the belief that partner preferences continued to prevail in this decade e. Men valued beauty interested in sexually explicit material. Hypothetical more in choosing a partner in a hypothetical dating game responses to personal ads followed a gender-typed Hetsroni and expressed more interest in having sex pattern as well Sheldon Men showed more with hypothetical partners Epstein et al.

Morr Serewicz and Gale found that the hypo- Women more often than men selected personality thetical first-date scripts produced by young heterosexual traits as a reason to choose a partner relative to other adults heavily emphasized gender roles, entirely reproduc- reasons e. As McDaniel Women also consistently expressed a before, both women and men expected the man to take greater desire for relationship support than men Perrin et control of the date, including picking up the woman, paying al.

The only action ascribed to a et al. Paternalistic chivalry, in turn, was highly associated girls whose dating scripts were more activity-focused and with benevolent sexism. Both attitudes restrict women under less gender-typed.

Both women and men also overestimated the guise of protecting them. Sex Roles Zurbriggen and Morgan found that young Jackson Undergraduate students who men perpetrators and women victims than to personality or said they watched Reality Dating Programs were more relationship factors.

In addition, women more so than men likely to endorse a double standard of sexual behavior e. Undergraduates also viewed hypothet- adversarial sexual beliefs e. This suggests However, both women and men supported a double that gender-typed media versions of dating may have a standard of behavior in several studies comparing violence strong influence on novice daters.

Hannon et al. Likewise, both women and men evaluated a man who power and control than women. Men more so than women perceived myths Sinclair Furthermore, men who watched an R-rated intentionally leading the pursuer on, playing hard to get, video clip showing women as sexual objects rather than a or being afraid of commitment Sinclair Perrin et al.

Stereotypic views of date rape were also held by and men reported similar levels of desired and received college women and low-income European-American and loving behaviors from their partner, although women Latina women, who rated violent assaults by strangers as expressed a greater desire for relationship support than being more commonplace than assaults in a dating context or men.

Women and men also used similar standards when within an established relationship Littleton et al. Both long-term dating partners, contrary to the prediction of men and women undergraduates rated dating violence in evolutionary theory that women and men would pursue which the perpetrator was a man and the victim was a different mating strategies Pedersen et al.

Women who more strongly endorse men and women, typically, are not constrained in achieving gender roles are more likely to act on stereotyped the number of partners they desire Pedersen et al. Franzoi reported In sum, elements of cultural scripts studied from to that women who held benevolent sexist beliefs were more revealed that some script variations had become more likely to use cosmetics when preparing for an actual date common e. Media influences also were using cosmetics.

In addition, Mensinger et al. Hetero- dating choices and behavior using U. Women rated both attractiveness plays in dating was taken by Miller et al. They then mailed the Figure Rating Scale to the from photographs. Cute macho guys e. Conversely, regardless of the preferences men successful in terms of casual sexual relations and committed expressed in their ads, most indicated that a number of relationships.

Overall, additional research showed that men body sizes would be acceptable. Among those Men generally had more influence in sexual expressing a preference, men were five times more likely negotiations than women overall, but more traditional than women to prefer to date only those with fit or toned couples were less sexually self-disclosing, less communi- bodies.

White men preferred a thin and toned woman cative, and less effective at sexual negotiations than less whereas African-American and Latino men were accepting traditional couples.

Bentley et al. Finally, as in previous decades, dating violence was a Other results confirm that in terms of actual behavior, major thrust of research from to For example, women who feeling rejected.

In contrast, women who felt rejected by a reported being a victim of sexual aggression by a man were hookup partner were more likely to coerce than women more likely to have the following risk factors than women who were embarrassed by the rejection.

However, women were far less likely than men ask for the date; and the date did not involve any expenses to report having been in hookup situations in which they Yeater et al. Other findings were that men who held wanted more sexual activity than their partner.

A study of heterosexual couples by Ryan et al. Taken together, these risk factors assaulting their partner, whereas women high in sexual closely parallel the hookup script and imply that such narcissism i. Furthermore, men In a study of playful force and playful aggression, the and women with these traits tended to be paired as majority of participants defined playful force as consensual couples.

Sexually compliant women and those in abusive rela- However, physically aggressive men did not appear to tionships appeared to be more vulnerable to sexual differentiate the two terms. Asked to give examples of coercion, low self-esteem, and eating disorders. They were less satisfied with their relationships as unrequited love. Undergraduates were asked to describe well. Similarly, Offman and Matheson reported that dating situations in which they had pursued someone who women in physically or psychologically abusive or sexually did not return their interest unrequited love or those where coercive relationships, compared to women who were not, they had experienced an unwanted pursuit.

Both women were more depressed and had more negative sexual self- and men tended to believe that when they were the pursuer, perceptions. Last, women who experienced psychological the object of their affection was more accepting than when aggression from men in dating relationships were more they themselves were the object of unwanted pursuit. This likely to express bulimic symptoms and attempt to diet was particularly true for men, who more often said the Skomorovsky et al.

It is important to note tactics they used in response to refusals, if any. Men who family goals, increased experience with dating, and a new were high on dominance or who reported experiencing pool of potential partners. Sex Roles adults who are divorced, widowed, or separated, or in most reduce our reliance on them? It may take many more cases adults who never went to college.

Unless and until those stereotypes change, we propose that initial romantic Why are Gender Norms so Intractable in Dating encounters between men and women can become more Relationships?

Has dating become more egalitarian? A 35 year review using sex roles. Sex Roles, 64(11/12), - Grauerholz, E., & Serpe, R. T. Initiation and . Mar 05,   In this selective review, we examined research on heterosexual dating published in Sex Roles since its inception to determine if dating practices have become more egalitarian over the past 35 years. An analysis of current best-selling dating advice books suggests that gender roles continue to be institutionalized in cultural scripts. A sexual scripts framework was used to Cited by: In this selective review, we examined research on heterosexual dating published in Sex Roles since its inception to determine if dating practices have .

Part of the Friendship is recognized as the most voluntary and least reason for the tenacity of gender role norms in dating institutionalized of all social relationships Blieszner and relationships may be because men and women are still not Adams In the absence of cultural and institutional on equal footing in society.

Women are persistently obligations, friendships are created and maintained in the underrepresented in the highest leadership positions, context of mutual, voluntary support and involvement, including in public office, in academia, and in business equality, and fairness Rawlins Indeed, the charac- Rhode and Kellerman For example, while women teristic of equality is likely to be present even in the early, earned Of course, not all friendships are invariably reduce the anxiety associated with getting to know a new equal, but the friendship script seems to prioritize equality person.

The fact that this agreed-upon script relies so over and above other relationship scripts see Fehrheavily on gender may now be mere convention, remnant for a review.

Moreover, both genders prefer cooperative of the explicit sexism that was more prevalent when the over competitive styles of behavior in a romantic partner institution of dating was founded. Lanerand both prefer equal-power friendships over Second, following cultural standards and norms is one way unequal-power friendships Veniegas and Peplau Finally, most early romantic encounters revolve script would be characterized by mutual responsiveness and around how to reduce uncertainty about the relationship and shared responsibility for all the date events, from asking for about the partner Afifi and Lucas That may be why the date and paying for it, to monitoring the date synchronization is important-the use of social scripts and conversation and its emotional undercurrent.

Although stereotypes provides a common and low-effort vehicle for there is abundant evidence that women are socialized to interpersonal synchronization in a situation otherwise full of think more, and with more complexity, about committed ambiguity. However, scripts and stereotypes may be obstacles romantic relationships see Acitelli and Youngfor a to developing an authentic relationship in so far as they reviewwomen and men appear to be equally competent artificially constrain behaviors and do not permit partners to and socially skilled at initiating friendships - an important express any counter-stereotypic feelings and preferences or factor in the early stages of friendship formation Fehr any explicit evaluations Vorauer and Ross Moreover, while the gender wage gap continues to afford men more resources to pay for date activities than Equality in Romantic Relationships women Hegewisch et al.

Romance that is based in deep friendship is point. As mentioned earlier, however, changing mainstream cooperative, compassionate, synchronous, and close e.

Interpersonal scripts, Schwartz Luckily, interpersonal date Gilbert ; Reilly and Lynch ; Shechory and Ziv scripts are primed for a transition from reliance on gender Dating scripts of lesbians and gay men reflect a lack stereotypes to a reliance on friendship scripts. Evidence of the Friendship Script in Romantic Date activities tended to be mutually decided. Orchestrating Relationships and paying for the date was either done by the person asking for the date or shared as it would be between two It is feasible, at the interpersonal level, to transition from friends.

Similarly, either party initiated physical contact. Hetero- sexuals highly value friendship in their romantic relation- Implications for Change and Future Research ships and often cite their romantic partner as their closest friend e. There is also a Gendered power patterns in relationships must be trans- good deal of overlap between the ideal characteristics of formed if heterosexual couples are to move towards romantic partners and friendships at the interpersonal level equality, including during the dating or initiation phase of e.

Men and women agree on the qualities the relationship. Dating research suggests this will be that are most important in a spouse being communicative, difficult, particularly for first dates or initial encounters. In Laner and Russell Finally, men and women expect addition, the formal and informal institutionalized power of similar intimacy-promoting behaviors from their romantic men is still stronger than many people recognize. Thus, the partners and friends e. As the research in Sex Roles has shown, gender-typed ; Fuhrman et al.

Future friendship in terms of desired and actual relationship research aimed at encouraging more egalitarian dating qualities and dynamics. Possibly, Research has shown that committed gay and lesbian interpersonal scripts could be manipulated experimentally. However, this limited body of work revealed that should be permitted to initiate a relationship, and feel that is there is a high and continuing social interest among acceptable for a woman to initiate intimacy or pay for a feminist psychologists in how romantic relationships are date Lottes ; Ross and Davis Even so, personal formed.

This interest has found a reliable outlet in Sex experience with and endorsement of egalitarian dating Roles and Sex Roles in turn has been influential in defining behaviors has not loosened gender-typed restrictions on this area of research.

One reason for this Feminist research has emphasized the costs and con- discrepancy may be the result of aversive sexism, but this sequences of gender roles in dating, as well as sought remains to be determined. Individuals who genuinely insight concerning what features promote egalitarian rela- espouse egalitarian beliefs still may experience subtle and tionships. Gender roles have remained extremely consistent nagging discomfort when encountering gender atypical and robust over the past several decades.

However, some behaviors as a result of heavy and long-term exposure to exceptions to gender roles and rules exist, providing sexist ideology Gaertner and Dovidio Research on same-sex might rationalize their reactions using nonsexist justifica- relationships and on the similarities between romantic tions.

Alternatively, perhaps the reason that individuals who espouse egalitarian norms fail to enact them with regularity is because of pluralistic ignorance Katz and Allport References They may believe they are part of a minority and that their dating partner most likely does not share their progressive Abelson, R. The psychological status of the script concept. Therefore, these progressive individuals may The American Psychologist, 36, - Gender and thought in hold dear in an attempt to not offend or confuse a new relationships.

Fitness Eds. This failure to actively depart psychological approach pp. Hillsdale: Lawrence from the gender-typed script could cause a cycle of Erlbaum Associates. Women at west point: A three-year perspective. Sex traditional dates are preferred. Roles, 11, - Afifi, W. Information seeking in initial Still, some heterosexuals regularly and successfully stages of relational development.

remarkable, the valuable

Sprecher, A. These individuals are worth studying in-depth New York: Psychology Press. Gender differences in scripts for different types of dates. Sex Roles, 34, - For example, perhaps highly egalitarian daters Angelo, M. Fortune Women CEOs. FortuneApril have developed similar strategies for finding like-minded 22, Or, perhaps highly egalitarian Bailey, B.

From front porch to back seat: Courtship in twentieth-century America. Belsey, C. Desire: Love stories in western culture. Oxford: And of course, continued examination of the romantic Blackwell.

Associations among cts of interpersonal power and relationship functioning adults, will shed light on how power dynamics in early in adolescent romantic couples. Sex Roles, 57, - Sex stereotypes in the United gender roles. States: Revisited - Sex Roles, 24, - Blieszner, R. An integrative model of friendship.

Adams Eds. Newbury Park: Sage. Conclusion Blumstein, P. Intimate relationships and the creation of sexuality. McWhirter, S.

The past 35 years of dating research in the journal Sex Reinisch Eds. Hooking up: Sex, dating, and relationships on comprehensive review of all published work during this campus. Sex Roles Bower, G. Scripts in memory Eldridge, N. Correlates of relationship for text. Cognitive Psychology, 11, - Psychology of Women Quarterly, Bradshaw, C. To hook up or 14, Sex Roles, 62, - Elkins, L. Gender differences in best Bredow, C. Have we met friendships. Sex Roles, 29, - A conceptual model of first romantic encounters.

Epstein, J. Harvey Eds. Perceived physical attractiveness, sexual relationship initiation pp. New York: Psychology Press. Sex Roles, 56, Bridges, J. Perceptions of date and stranger rape: A Eshbaugh, E. Hookups and sexual regret Sex Roles, 24, - Attributions of responsibility Sex Roles, 21, - Fehr, B.

Friendship processes. London: Sage. Brown, A. Social influence on judgments of Fehr, B. Friendship formation. Sex Roles, 58, - Browne, J. Dating for dummies 2nd ed. New York: Hungry Fehr, B. Compassionate Minds. Malden: Wiley- Bureau of Labor Statistics Power in romantic relation- cpswom Sex Roles, 31, - Cacioppo, J.

Loneliness: Human nature and Finkel, E. Speed-dating as the need for social connection. New York: Norton. Rated importance of personal characteristics across four logical primer. Personal Relationships, 14, - The Journal of Social Psychology,- Fischer, G. Hispanic and majority student attitudes toward Carroll, J. Differences between forcible date rape as a function of differences in attitudes toward males and females in motives for engaging in sexual intercourse.

Sex Roles, 17, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 14, - Flannagan, D. Judgments about Casey, W. The man plan: Drive men wild not away. New the hypothetical behaviors of friends and romantic partners. York: Penguin. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 22, - Catalyst Women MBAs. Forbes, G. Perceptions of dating violence following a sexual or Cate, R. The history of courtship. Lloyd Eds. Thousand of rape myths, and vengeance motivation. Sex Roles, 52, - Oaks: Sage. Chrisler, J. Make every man want you: How to be so and development of the journal.

Sex Roles, 63, - New York: Connolly, C. Listening to lesbian couples: McGraw-Hill. Communication competence in long-term relationships. Journal Franzoi, S. Sex Roles, 44, - Cowan, G. Beliefs about the causes of four types of rape.

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