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He contacted his friend Mr. Shigeru Narumo, a very popular Japanese guitarist. They advised GRECO to develop a better guitar than the Les Paul model at a more affordable price and to scale the neck down to be more suitable for the smaller Japanese hand. Shiino conducted the factory side and made the new custom EG. Narumo played this new EG Custom on stage alternating with a Gibson. The audience was surprised to see and hear a Japanese made guitar that was as good if not better than the original.

The metal parts were re-designed, close to the original Les Paul.

F type pickups. Until the Mint Collection series had a volume of around 1, instruments for the whole run.

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Greco EG Black ()

Greco EG Black Greco EG Sunburst Greco SA References: Wikipedia Music-trade. White nitro.

Gibson Les Paul R8 2006 vs Greco Les Paul EC500 1990s

Seafoam green nitro. Mint Collection Alnico 8. They never replied.

GRECO re-issued the Super Real series in and for a few High End Semi-Acoustic models only. Les Paul Replica EGF was evaluated as better than original by many musicians. GRECO invested much cost for "Super Real" series. The wood materials are better than original. The metal parts were re-designed, close to the original Les Paul. Sep 07,   I'm trying to get a better idea of serial ranges for Greco EG + EGF models from through the mid 's, with a particular interest for detailed info, the Super Real to Mint series transitional year. I'm hoping members with . Most of the Greco open book headstock Gibson replicas were made by FujiGen Gakki. Some Greco open book headstock Gibson replicas starting from around had no serial numbers. The lower priced no serial number Greco Les Paul and SG models were made by Cor-Tek (Cort) and usually have Cor-Tek (Cort) potentiometers.

The Japanese made Greco guitars were initially being distributed in the US through Goya and later by Kustom known for their amps. Prior to that, Goya sold Electric guitars made by Hagstrom. These were theand models.

A 12 string version for both bodystyles were available as well, and were labeled models and respectively. The shrikes had a single volume pot and a group of slide switches to control the 4 split coil pickups in the 2 L shaped enclosures. So you could switch between high and low strings on the pickups.

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The model and its 12 string brother the model were the top of the line imported Grecos in These were initially available only in the Shrike version, and later a more conventional 2 standard pickup version appeared. Standard pickup models had the common 2 volume, 2 tone pot controls and toggle switch for the two pickups.

These were regarded as attractive and well-made guitars.

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They had bound semi-hollow bodies and a bound neck, diamond-shaped sound holes, rectangular shaped fretboard inlays and headstock truss adjustment. The tuners were the same as the Teisco Spectrum 5 of that period, and the Neck-plate had the L shaped pickup patent number stamped on it.

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The zero fret and thin neck is reminiscent of a Mosrite. Soon Greco would move toward copying Fender and Gibson products, becoming a major brand in the so-called "Lawsuit" copy era, along with Tokai and the Ibanez company, which became the subject of legal action by Gibson.

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The Greco Fender replicas from the late s and early s are similar to the early Fender Japan guitars, as Kanda Shokai owns the Greco brand and is also a part of Fender Japan. The Fuji-Gen Gakki guitar factory were the main maker of the Greco guitars in the s and s. The Cor-Tek and Tokai guitar factories were also used to make some Greco models due to FujiGen not being able to make some lower priced Grecos in the late s.

The Super Real EGF flametop and EG series higher end models featured nitrocellulose lacquer finishes and fret edge binding and some of the Super Real lower end models also featured fret edge binding. Medium tenon neck joints with dowel reinforcements were used up until and standard Gibson style long and medium tenon neck joints were used after The medium tenon neck joints with dowel reinforcements were very similar to the Gibson long tenon neck joints that were used in the early s before Gibson switched to using a short tenon neck joint.

Greco les paul dating

Some Greco models featured chambered not solid body designs up to the early s, which weighed less than a regular solid body model and also had a slight semi acoustic quality. Some Greco Les Paul guitars up until had laminated pancake bodies and were based on the similar Gibson Les Paul laminated guitars from the s.

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The lowest priced Greco Les Pauls sometimes had different wood combinations from the regular Maple and Mahogany. The type of pickups varied depending on the guitars original selling price and the Nisshin Onpa Maxon made "Dry Z" or Fuji-Gen Gakki made "Dry 82" pickups were reserved for the top end models.

The lower end models such as the EG mostly used 3-piece maple tops while the higher end models mostly used 2-piece maple tops.


PCK came with factory-installed Kahler tremolo vibrato bridges. The "Mint Collection Series" features varied according to price, with some of the higher-end models, such as the EG, model having most of the features of the "Super Real" higher-end models.

Most of the "Mint Collection Series" had long-tenon neck joints, but some had medium long tenon neck joints. The "Super Sound" models were mid-priced models from the "Super Real" years and the "Super Power" models were lower-priced models from the "Super Real" years The "Rock Spirits" models were lower-priced models from between and the early s.

Greco Guitars - Serial Numbers

Greco Gibson replicas around and pre models had a Greco logo that looked like "Gneco". Some Greco open book headstock Gibson replicas starting from around had no serial numbers.

The Cor-Tek made Greco guitars have square shaped, brick like nuts with no slope and also often have shielding paint in the pickup and control cavities. The no serial Greco guitars made by Tokai have square shaped routing holes at the bottom of the pickup cavities whereas the no serial Greco guitars made by Cor-Tek Cort have thinner rectangle shaped routing holes at the bottom of the pickup cavities. Kanda Shokai stopped using the open book headstock design on Greco Gibson replica models around the early s and then concentrated on their other model lines and Fender Japan.

Greco guitars have become a part of vintage guitar history, making a name for itself by manufacturing eclectic electrics, like the Shrike model of the late '60s, and lawsuit-era models, like the Fender replicas of the late '70s and early '80s. Jan 30,   Ex-owner told, that it is "Greco Les Paul Custom Black Beauty", so he didn't name the model, I mean wich EG or EGC is it. He also told that it has't a maple top and it is fully mahogony. And the most wierd, he told that guitar is from , but serial is F I found a catalog, but the only alike model in it is EGB, but my japanese is a. Greco is one of the earliest "lawsuit" guitar makers in Japan. They have been making guitars since the early 's at the FijugenGakki plant. Most of the 's guitars were original models, but in the early 's, they got into making replicas of original Fenders and Gibson's. At first, they didn't have the hardware to make really good.

Atlansia have supplied body and neck parts for Greco models as well. Tokai currently make the Kanda Shokai Zemaitis and Talbo models.

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