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If Gossip Girl were a guy instead of a TV show, he'd be the really sexy guy you completely fall for immediately, slowly realize he's the worst and constantly disappointing you, yet keep hooking up with him sporadically for the next five years. Or maybe that's just me and everyone else has already given up on the scandalous Upper East Siders, but I still have a soft spot for it despite despairing of its many ridiculous plot lines and openly laughing at the dramatic death scene we saw last week. It's definitely time for the show to end, but I'm still feeling a little nostalgic remembering all the good times. Need to get caught up on everything that's happened? Here's our handy guide! And of course, the best times of the show always involved love.

Gossip girl dating chart

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have so much chemistry my TV screen melts a little each time they are on it. From their insanely hot first hookup in a limo to what looks to be their wedding in the finale tonight, they are the King and Queen B.

Could a normal relationship withstand an attempt to sell the girlfriend for a hotel, a pregnancy and marriage to another royal guy, a near-death car accident, approximately 8 million breakups and 9 billion revenge hookups?

Apr 26,   The kids of Gossip Girl weave quite the tangled web of romantic trysts, and sometimes it can be hard to remember who's locked lips with who. Even Chace Crawford had a tough time coming up with all. The Gossip Girl timeline chronicles the significant events of Gossip Girl during its entire six season run, from Pilot to New York, I Love You XOXO. Contents[show] Timeline Season One () Serena van der Woodsen returns to New York's Upper East side and begins a relationship with Dan. Jul 19,   It's official! Gossip Girl is coming back to television with a new series of HBO Max! And while the new series won't feature the iconic Serena van der Woodsen or Occupation: Assistant Editor.

But the love between the bespoke-purple-suited Chuck and crowned-by-headband Blair is not for mere mortals. But I'm sorrygross.

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I felt sick when they kissed. Blair could maybe get past his Brooklyn upbringing, but the most polished woman alive would never truly fall for someone with such unkempt hair. Blair Waldorf is royalty in her own mind, she doesn't need Prince Whatshisaccent, his devious family she has her ownor his dowry blackmail nonsense. How can a couple that makes no sense at all still make so much sense?

Here Are All the "Gossip Girl" Stars' Relationships IRL

He's obsessed with waffles, the only carb she touches is vodka. She wore the most amazing wedding ensemble pictured abovehe wears the same flannel shirt four times a week. They have a secret love child that neither of them seem to care about, and she left him for the back-from-the-fake-dead-but-maybe-really-dead-now snake Bart Bass who "died" the night she was already leaving him for Rufus yet I somehow still think and hope we'll see the Van Der Humphreys reunited tonight.

I might get a lot of disagreement here and they might even be headed towards the 4,th reconciliation in the finale but I'm just over these two. Rufus is the only Humphrey man who can handle being an Upper East Side house-husband.

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The giant chip on Dan's shoulder keeps getting in the way, and at this point, he's devious enough to deserve Georgina and Georgina alone. Serena and Dan need to let the memory of their young love fade because let's face it: I know these two were a real life couple once, but since Blake Lively 's marriage to Ryan Reynoldsher scenes with Penn Badgley are about as exciting as any plot line involving Vanessa see below.

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You shouldn't give away the ending if you want him to pick up the book again. Not only is that epic slut shaming, but it's a despicable thing to say about your little sister.

Gossip Girl hook-ups and love affairs! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Dec 17,   If Gossip Girl were a guy instead of a TV show, he'd be the really sexy guy you completely fall for immediately, slowly realize he's the worst and constantly disappointing you, yet keep hooking up Author: Gena Kaufman. The Definitive Gossip Girl Hookup Chart. Asher Hornsby secretly dated Eric before publicly dating Jenny. In the immortal words of Gossip Girl: "Don't look so sad, little J! The sun will come.

Dan shows no remorse and sends another blast later in the episode: " Looks like Little J didn't spread her legs after all. She spread lies instead.

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Even if Dan outted his sister all on his own out of spite, why would he put poor Rufus through the ringer yet again over it? We're starting to think if Dan really is Gossip Girl, then he's also a sociopath. In one of the final episodes of season three, Dan and Serena sleep together and agree not to talk about it because he's with Vanessa Jessica Szohr and Serena's with Nate Chace Crawford before realizing Jenny had taken a photo of them together and sent it to Gossip Girl.

At the loft, all alone once again, Dan sees the blast, then spots a take-out coffee cup with Jenny's name on the side. Rufus says, "You told the whole world about [Jenny] losing her virginity!

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She sent that tip in herself. First of all, that makes no sense. Second of all, even if Jenny had requested it, why would a brother ever want to tell the world about his sister's sex life, especially when it concerns the notorious Chuck Bass Ed Westwick? Dan may have just wanted Serena to get the help he thought she needed, but telling everyone she is an addict is cruel, especially when it was all a set-up to begin with.

Arguably one of the biggest plot holes with Dan being Gossip Girl are the times he outed himself as a cheater. This was either next level manipulation or Dan has multiple personalities. First in season two, Dan has an affair with his teacher and gets her fired. Then he posts a picture of himself in bed with Serena when he was dating Olivia Hillary Duff in season three, and by the fourth season, he posts a picture of himself fake-kissing Blair Leighton Meester.

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S Jenny has crushed on Nate with increasing ferocity, but it's never progressed past kisses, which Nate usually intends for Serena anyway. S Serena and Lonely Boy have been on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off, and on and on and on and on.

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S Blair and Nate were the high school golden couple, but never had the same passion for one another they reserved for Chuck and Serena, respectively. S3 Nate lost his virginity to Serena before the show began, but it took the pair two seasons make it temporarily official.

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S Vanessa and Nate had a sweet Manhattan-Brooklyn romance, before the writers decided it was time Blair got Nate back. S1,2 This Asian chick couldn't get a lovelorn Chuck to, ahem, rise to occasion. S4 How many girls does it take to forget Blair Waldorf?

Gossip Girl Dating Chart For Guys in for a chat I know she meant something more than a chat Gossip Girl Dating Chart For Guys and and she gave me her phone number so watch this space / Jun 02,   The Gossip Girl finale has a lot to answer for. It was pretty much a fiasco from beginning to end, but probably the worst sin of all was how it turned Dan and Serena's once pretty adorable on-off. From constantly spreading rumors about his year-old sister's sex life to acting shocked at Gossip Girl blasts when he's all alone, a lot of things never quite added up to the show's final (and reviled) jankossencontemporary.comive producer Stephanie Savage claims to E!News that the writers always knew Dan was Gossip Girl and that the big secret was almost revealed in the first Ciara Appelbaum.

Sadly for Chuck, more than three topless ones on a Hamptons beach. S2 After sleeping with Elle at an Eyes Wide Shut sex party he barely remembered, Chuck fleetingly became convinced she was the one.

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S2 Mourning his father, Chuck took solace in two hookers. S2 Owing to Blair's manipulation, Chuck kissed Josh Ellis -by his own admission, not the only dude he's smooched. S2 If Chuck couldn't have Blair, who broke up with him after he tried to pimp her out to his uncle, he'd have this random chick.

S1 Chuck tried to get over some Blair-caused erectile dysfunction with this young ladyto no avail. S2 Fresh off almost raping Jenny Humphrey in the pilot, Chuck recovered by shagging two of his father's hotel employees.

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S3 Georgina Sparks probably gave Dan a blow job all the way back in season 1. Two years later, after some casual screwing, they have a son maybe.

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