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Over the years Citizen have changed their watch case back markings, whilst they have also used special backs on their high grade watches and certain specific models. This page attempts to show the basic types and how to interpret the information that case backs give - often crucial to determining the authenticity of the watch. Each of these used various case designs, with different case materials, and the case back markings began to reflect this. The late s also saw the introduction of serial numbers, which are very useful to us of course, because we can determine the date of production. More on that later.

Very interesting blog. I have a Cosmotron which has no model number code on the back, unlike other Cosmotrons of the same year that i have seen. Hi John, thanks for visiting my blog. I have not been able to pin this down, but my best guess is that they are a factory mark.

They are not part of the case number, i. I have another, later Cosmotron, but sadly it has a small crack in the crystal and a replacement would appear to be impossible to source :0 John.

Hi John - 18, Yen was a medium priced watch in ; the most expensive Cosmotron in the catalog was 34, Yen. The limited edition titanium cased X8 Chronometer was 45, in Quartz was new in those days, so they were very much more expensive at first. In the quartz models were 50, and upwards. Is your other Cosmotron case number ? I have a white dialled version of that if so. Thanks for the reply Stephen. Although a different case number, the crystal part number is the same for yours - Hello, Thanks for the informative website.

I recently acquired this 21 jewel automatic Citizen with no extras to give me any clues as to what it is. Hi Rex, thanks for visiting my blog. I think what you have is an export model with the movement inside, probably from Hi Emgo, thanks for visiting my blog.

Your watch is a quartz model which I am not so familiar with, but I will give as much information as I can about it. From the style of the watch and the case back, I think it is most likely from November Thank you so much for your valuable information. I got a pretty old Citizen from my father. Could you adivse the production date of it? Kim Dae-Hun in South Korea. If we can identify the model, it will help determine the production date.

I uploaded front, back pics. Thank you in advance. Thanks for the additional information, and for the link to your blog. I think your watch is from the s, since there were other models from that period with the subsidiary second hand. It could possibly bebut the 8 digit serial number is more typical of the s.

Thank you for your kind and professional explanation. I am very happy to get a valuable information on my watch for your help. My father also said to me it might be over 30 years. I think it is real Masterpiece which can be passed down through generations with their own memory.

Thank you again. Hi Lisa - thanks for visiting my blog. The first two numbers help to date the watch, but I am less familiar with quartz watches. I guess it was made in either February or February Could you help me determine the year it was made?

Here is a picture:. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the link - your watch has a re-painted dial. These are usually done in India, typically to an automatic with the movement which I guess had a wrecked dial. The model number is a valid one, so it most probably has the movement inside.

I think the original watch was probably from Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. These were first sold inand in fact this fits with the serial number T? This would fit with it being sold insince the watches would of course be built in advance of the sales launch.

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I would think the model number is HD too, that would be typical of these early models. These movements run at 18, beats per hour and came with 17, 19 or 21 jewels - they were in production until about Hi nice information. I have a citizen with number y do you know anything about this watch? It says 17 jewels and if you could give me a price It would be great. Your watch should be a date only model if it is marked - this movement had a short production run of a few years from I avoid trying to give valuations since there are many variables.

I have a citizen homer watch and i was wondering what year it was from how much it was worth. The model number is HO and the serial number is Thank you for your help. Hi Melissa - I believe your watch is from Water resist Base metal CP M gn-4w-s.

Hi Cristian, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your help very much, I await your response. You are doing a great work and helping much people. It can be difficult to date these since the movement has been used by Citizen for many years. The Eagle 7 range was introduced in the s and was made through the s. The style of the model number - - and the six figure serial number suggest to me that it is one of the later ones, so I would say it was made in November My dad says he purchased this watch in Switzerland in Or near value?

I have an old citizen that I absolutely cannot take the back off of. Thanks for visiting my blog - my knowledge mainly covers older mechanical watches. Firstly a huge thank you for all your dedicated work!

It was my granddads. View post on imgur. Hi Russ, thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your kind comments - much appreciated. The 4 Mega cost 4. The marks on the case back are the case numberuseful to watchmakers when servicing the watch and if parts were needed, and it also provides a clue to the movement inside.

And finally the serial number - - which gives the production date. Since the moments were introduced in the s and were probably obsolete by the mids, this indicates a date from the first three digits of Julyso one of the first Crystrons. As to the battery, the Citizen part number for that is so an alterantive can be fond, for example the Renata Thank You.

Hi Ivan, thanks for visiting my blog. You have an automatic with the movement, probably from September The first three numbers in the serial number indicate the date of production. The older models typically have 7 figure numbers. I am writing this post because I have a dilemma about a dress Citizen watch I own. First I want to thank you for your blog which is a great source of information. Real dedication and love for vintage timepieces is needed for such a job.

Back to my watch. I cannot tell how old is my Citizen. Actually I own two almost identical watches, the main difference is in the colour of the dial.

The problem is in the fact that there is no serial number on the back case. The movement isother numbers are SMH and Also maybe some additional data could help. The glass is plexy with an inner metal ring, the watch is 38 mm wide and lug to lug is 39 mm.

The crown is signed with CTZ. Also one interesting thing is that the movement has 17 jewels not 21 as most have. The other almost identical watch with silver sunburst dial has with 21 jewels. Maybe it is not important but I cannot recall that I have ever seen with 17 jewels.

If you could help me to define the age of my watch and to comment the number of jewels 17 I would be grateful. I look forward to hearing from you. Hi Nikola - thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments.

Also thank you for all the information you have provided, including very good images. This is unusual but Citizen did this on some models, unfortunately. So, what can we say to determine the likely production date? Assuming Citizen numbered their models logically, then yours are later than I can pin it down further by looking at a catalog I have fromwhere some very similar models are listed - movements with 17 jewels, printed Citizen logo and similar case numbers to yours. The case number on yours isand the number in the catalog is So I think it is safe to say that your watches are most likely fromor possibly It is Citizen 7, serial number isother numbers are KT ; Movement is A.

Here are some pictures. The style of the model number i. Thank you once again. So many watches so many dilemmas and still your commitment is amazing.

Keep up the good work. The watch is in very good condition I want to know the manufacturing date. At the back etched VE SJ the serial number Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. The movement was used for more than 30 years, so dating them is difficult. The style of the model number and the seven digit serial number suggests to me it is not one of the earlier ones, so I would think this is from April Hi Stephen, As with most others, im trying to find out more about a watch which i recently purchased.

My initial course of action was to hit the web, and i was lucky enough to stumble upon this page! I have what appears to be a Citizen Newmaster. Hi Theo - thanks for your kind comments, and for all the info from your watch. At that time the likeliest movement is the date only version of the 52 movement, i. If you are able to take the back off, then a small movement number. I wish I can send you the picture, this watch has an alarm setting which I cannot figure it out.

Hi James, thanks for visiting my blog. It shows how to set the alarm etc:. Click to access Hi Stephen. Great blog and very informative. Hi Jon, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments. You have an interesting watch. Bar some versions of the later movement, in my opinion the earlier version are more interesting - and they are certainly, generally speaking, rarer.

The later versions have a simple flat snap on back, with a pin riveted to it against which hammer strikes. Some of the early models had a rotating disk to set the alarm, and they are very hard to find. The movement is relatively simple, with a separate spring for the alarm, and runs at the standard 18, beats per hour. Is the watch running and the alarm working? The first three digits are the year and month.

Yes, the watch is running like a champ and the alarm still works without fail and is loud. Do you happen to know what size strap would fit this watch? And great to hear as well that the watch is running well. I would recommend getting it serviced by a skilled watchmaker if you are going to wear it regularly - that will make sure it is thoroughly clean and freshly lubricated.

I would think the strap width is a standard 18mm on these, but worth double checking by measuring the gap between the lugs, i. This model most likely came on a leather strap originally. Can someone tell me anything about this watch: citizen 21 jewels parawater TA Hi Filip, thanks for visiting my blog. It is from around to Thank you very much Stephen. It is not working atm, so I want to repair it and wear it.

But can you please tell me if it is worth something now? Hard to read even under a magnifier! Something tells me its special! Can you help me find out any extra info? Hi Brigitte, thanks for visiting my blog, and apologies for a late reply. I am hoping anyone on here can help me. I have been buying vase lots of watches from Goodwill for years now and from time to time have a rough time identifying them. PLUS, downside is there is no back on this watch. It is a moon phase with a black metal band and black face and dial.

Hi Stormy - thanks for visiting my blog. Hi Michael - thanks for visiting my blog. Could you help me to recognise my watch. My father bought me this watch in I would like to know the specification, series dan if possibly its price now.

Hi Christina, thanks for visiting my blog. The was first produced in and was made for over 30 years. Your example was made in Januarywhich fits with it being a gift in the following year.

These 21 jewel movements run at 21, beats per hour, and can be hand wound as well as winding automatically when on the wrist. Can you please tell me what year this watch is or roughly what its worth i inherited it from my grandfather the back plate is CITIZEN watch co sms japan G. Hi Arnold, thanks for visiting my blog. Hello Stephen, thank you for all info you have been sharing in your blog, very useful!

Is it a good one? How much do you think I should pay? Hi Wagner, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. The asking price for the watch seems much too high to me.

Still a high asking price though! Hi Stephen, thank you very much for your return. Tks in advance. Hi Wagner - XE. Hello Mr. Can you help me identify a citizen watch which seems to be quite old. It is sqaure in shape. Hi Jame - thanks for visiting my blog. In good condition this is a sound and reliable movement that was first produced in and was made right up to around The style of the model number and the case number tell me it is not one of the earlier ones. The first number in the serial number gives the production year, so it was either or Hi, thanx for the interesting articles on the Citizen watches.

Pls can u assist me in finding out if the watch is worth anything to a collector? It would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Charlene - thanks for visiting my blog. The model numberthe case number and 19 jewels on the dial are all consistent with the movement. Hi, I recently purchased a citizen 21 jewel automatic watch and just wondered if you could tell me more about it. Hi Jamie, thanks for visiting my blog. This movement was first produced in and remained in production for over 30 years, which makes dating them a little tricky.

So, from the first three digits in the serial number it looks like yours was made in April Hi Gerard, thanks or visiting my blog. The style of the case number - i. Thanks for the quick feedback Stephen, and I realy do like this unique blog. Dear Stephen, Thanks so much for sharing the Great information on the casing. I need your help to identify my watch. I guessed it made of silver. Can you please determine the year of production?

Hi and thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Your watch is one of the early quartz models, with the movements inside. These were expensive watches when new, since quartz technology was still new at that time, and a silver cased one would have been very expensive. But Citizen usually used CSP for silver plated models, so is yours solid silver do you think? The serial number - - tells us that is was made in July Hi, I have a ladies gold colored watch, given to me around or I am not sure if my husband purchased it on the Navy base where he was stationed Either Oakland or Muir Island or in a bay area jeweler.

The face is oval in shape but the oval goes horizontal. The dial is marked with lines, not numbers. The watch is not working, it was a winding watch if I recall and the stem is very loose. Can you help me identify it, and also please advise how to get it running again? It is sentimental. Someone suggested years ago that I should just replace the insides with a battery operated movement but I did not want to at the time.

What would you suggest? I can email photos of front and back if you want. Hi Nanci, thanks for visiting my blog. From the markings on the case back your watch was made in Septemberand is a ladies hand winder using one of the the movements.

This movement has a number of versions all of the same design, some had no second hand and others had slightly revised components. The movement numbers for models with no second hand are, and It sounds like the movement is rather worn, so service and repair might require parts, and they are not likely to be available from parts suppliers these days.

Since ladies watches are not collected they are not seen very often. Thank you so much for the information!

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I will take it to a jeweler and go from there. My goal is just to be able to wear it and pass it down to my daughter or granddaughter at some point as a sentimental gift. Nice blog! Hope you can find a watchmaker who works on older watches. I have a Citizen Watch of my father which is arround yrs Old.

My question is the case change possible for its machine. I want to shift the machine in to todays modern case. Hi Deepak - thanks for visiting my blog. I was hoping you could help me figure out the date of my Citizen watch and if it is worth anything. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. Hi and thank you for visiting my blog. The case back information indicates that your watch has either an or movement inside.

The model number - - and the case number - - are both typical of this movement type. As far as I know they are basically the same design, but the was a later version.

The puzzling thing is that these are hand winding movements, but you describe it as self-winding, i. Thank you for getting back to me. I really appreciate the information you provided. Could you please take a look at? I hope you can help me. I have a ladies gold colored watch. I cant find the clock on the Internet.

Details on the back case: Citizen Citizen Watch Co. Hi Andreas thank you for visiting my blog and apologies for my slow reply. Your watch has a quartz movement, and this number forms the first part of the model number. Yours is a plated watch, and was probably made infrom the first figure in the serial number. Hi there, Firstly I just wanted to say what a fantastic blog this is, keep up the good work! Many thanks, James. The case number - - suggests this modal. So the first three digits give a production date of November GNS is the case type, meaning it is water resistant with a screw down case back.

You can post a link if you have uploaded images to somewhere like PhotoBucket. Try searching for Citizen models to get an idea of value. Hi Matteo, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

So yours could be from from first figure in the serial number - 4C Hi bro. Hi Daniel - thanks for visiting my blog. Assuming that the movement is right, it will be a 52 movement, so the back should have a case number of xxxx.

The xxxx back is from a later watch which would have a 77 movement inside. If you can get the back off, you will be able to find the movement number stamped near the balance and hairspring. CItizen Watch Co. Hi Talha - thanks for visiting my blog. The catalog models had similar bracelets too, so I think yours is probably original.

Hi Talha, hope you get this!

with you agree

I have the same watch same wrist band, tooso sad it went out of order just a few weeks ago, after a restoration and years of service. How about yours? Would you sell it?

I would advise searching for similar watches to yours to see what they sell for. Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog. The movement inside is a date only automatic, which was made from until aroun so the year it was made can only be Although Citizen is better known for their more recent quartz and eco-drive technology, they made very nice mechanical watches in the s and early s.

These movements are good quality, reliable and capable of very accurate time-keeping when in good condition. They run at 21, beats per hour, which had become the typical running speed at that time previously it was 18, beats per hour. Than you so much for your reply. It was really helpful. My grandfather had both black and silver dial versions of the watch bought on separate occasions while on holiday in Jersey.

I have the silver version. I just received my first Citizen and while searching for info on it I came across your blog. I was wondering if you could help me with some info on it. Hi Teddy - thanks for visiting my blog. Looks to me like you have an automatic.

GNS is the case type, and this code indicates a water resistant design with a screw down back. Does it have an Eagle motif on the dial as in the Eagle 7 line which was introduced in the early s?

It does not have an Eagle on it. The dial looks relatively new, so I was thinking that its a possible re-dial? This looks like a re-dial to me - the Citizen logo is typical of that, and the lack of a dial code is also common when dials are repainted.

Hi Sergio, thanks for visiting my blog. The model number - - tells us that it has the movement inside. The arrow pointing at 5 indicates the area where the back can be prised off, i. Hi Uritu, thanks for visiting my blog. Other on back is It has 4 little diamonds on front face at It has gold hands. Any info would be appreciated.

Hi Donna -thanks for visiting my blog. Superb blog! My question - when did Citizen start or stop using the Eagle motif on the 7, esp. Any idea of the year? Hi Ian, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

I have found another on the internet with the same case number, also from and that does have the Eagle 7 motif. Can you post a link to a pic of the watch? He who hesitates The watch has gone but it would be good to know if it was a re-dial or re-paint. Looks like a repainted dial to me. My feeling is that this was probably an Eagle 7 model originally. I have been autumn cleaning and came across a Citizen watch and have no idea where I collected it from.

I would really appreciate your help with some more information on the watch please. Hi Kirsti, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. Many thousands of quartz models have been made so they come and go very quickly, and very little if any reference material is available. Thank you so much for this information Stephen. My watch does look similar to the one in the manual. I will put in a new battery and see if it runs.

Hi, My grandfather gave me his citizen watch and if you could help me i would like to know when and where it came from. I think its from the 70s or 80s but im not sure. And in the back: Citizen Watch Co. Hi Tom, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Apologies for a slow reply. The was produced for over 30 years, so they are difficult to date.

The first three figures in the serial number - - are used to give the production date, and since it has 9 should it be 8? Hello, this is a fantastic page. I hope, you can me help. I can all of my Citizen watches assign with this page. But i have watches of other manufactures.

Know such sites for other watches manufacturers. I could find nothing. Hi Stephen! What a nice blog you have here. And oh, in front it says 17 jewels. I really hope you still can answer my question because all I see the comments are from until haha Thank you so much! May god bless you! Hi Syahirah, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I hope you will help me with my questions, what do you think about this watch?

Could it be a counterfeit? It is a watch I bought in India. Just incase I write down what it tells on the back case:. Hi Joss - thanks for visiting my bog. You can post a link if you have uploaded them somewhere, or let me know if you want me to email you so you can send them to me. Any information or help were I can find info would be much appreciated.

As I would like a traditional strap for it. I believe the watch is late 70s but not sure. Hi Gary, thanks for visiting my blog. Or I can email you if you wish. Hola Marianagracias por visitar mi blog. He had around watches when he passed. There are two that I believe might be fake Citizen. So I was wondering if you could help.

They are still working, so it is no big deal if genuine. They have sentimental value. Hi Matthew, thanks for visiting my blog and apologies for my late reply. The case numbers eg.

can not

They are probably from and Hoping you could help me out. The model number is smw. The other id is and last bottom number and letters r bx Hope u can help me. Hi Robby, thanks for visiting my blog, and apologies for my late reply.

Unfortunately quartz watches do nto have any real value these days. Hi Raju, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is the hand winding, date only version of the automatic movement.

I have never seen them before and can find no pictures on the internet. Hi Mark, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. The case number on the first one - - does not look right. That may not be anything to worry about since there were many Crystal Seven models. The case back markings seem ok otherwise, and suggest export models since they are marked waterproof rather than parawater. The first watch has been restored and the back heavily polished so hard to read, I will have another look.

Under a lens it looks like an 0 but is very faint. I have had a look at the dials under a lens and the numbers are as follows Watch 1.

Hi Stephen, Really interesting blog, thanks! Hi Marion, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I would think you are right about the date. Maybe they used another code at that time?

Hi Ron, thanks for visiting my blog. The serial number helps to date the watch, so look for a long number on the back. Just got a citizen watch from my grandma, tried to identify it but could not. Also on the strap is says: Japan 17 H. It has 17 jewels. Thanks for your help. Hi Noah, thanks for visiting my blog. The Club La Mer range is more recent than my collection so I am not very familiar with them.

Your watch has a silver case and uses the hand winding movement. I believe the La Mer models are from the late s and s.

I have seen one of these, identical to yours, described by a knowledgeable Japanese seller as from there is no serial number on the exhibition case back so an exact date is not possible.

Hope this helps, Stephen. And bases by the 01 would it be from January? Thank you so much for all the useful information in this article. Have a great day. Hi Al - thanks for visiting here. Hi Shalom, thanks for visiting my blog.

Hello I need help to identify my citizen watch. I red information above but I still have a problem to identify it. Could you help me? According to information above there should be the manufacturers serial number on the case. But there is not any number. Does it mean that my Citizen is a fake? It can sometimes be hard to read worn numbers and sometimes no serial number is marked. Can you tell me what is on the dial?

Thank you for your reply. I sent to you email with pictures in attachment but I am not sure if you received it. Shall I email you so that you can send the pictures direct to me? Hi my citizen pendant watch has a blue face its automatic with a doubke white libe horizontically in the middle with the words and numbers japan gb on the front and citizen watch co base metal top gd then then the r. Hi Maria, thanks for visiting my blog. The first three figures in the serial number tell us that the watch was made in October I have a watch.

I think the movement in your watch is aa hand winding high-beat 28, beats per hour model first made in The serial number indicates it was made in August Hi Stephen, I recently bought a hand winding ladies citizen online as a gift and was wondering on the approx. Hi Tamsin, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is from January The case number - - means that inside is an movement, which was first made around Afternoon my wife has inherited her nans citizen watch.

She would really appreciate any info you could provide please. Hi Jason, thanks for visiting my blog. I think the case material code indicates a palladium coated case with gold bezel.

Hi Tina, thanks for visiting my blog, and apologies for my slow reply. Hi there, First of all I would like to sincerely thank the creator of this blog. I have a citizen watch passed on to me from my father and i know for a fact he wore it for atleast 40 yrs. I want to know when was this made and what caliber machine it has. By the way I am wearing this watch and its working great.

Hi Rasu, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. If your case is different then the wrong case back has been fitted at some point. From your description, the dial is from a Seven Star model, with 21 jewels. If you can let me know what that is you will probably need a magnifier to see it properly we may be able to identify what movement is inside.

But it is made up of steel without any gold plating in it. I have posted it on vintage citizen group. Also I noticed that the 7 star logo I feel is a bit different that the actual 7 star citizen watches. The 7 in the logo is not obvious 7 in mine. I hope the pictures that I have posted on the link above would be helpful.

You are awesome! Thanks again for your quick reply Stephen.

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Hi Rasu, thanks for the additional info, and the link to your photos. The dial code confirms that the watch has one of the 72 movements inside, which has 21 jewels.

The logo on the dial was used for export models, with no model name on the dial. So, this does mean that the case back on yours is not the correct one - for some reason it has been replaced at some stage.

Given that the serial number is kind of similar it may be a watchmaker has been careless when doing a service!

I see, so it is a V2 model. Now I love my watch more for a fact that i know about history and of course it has sentimental values since it is been passed on to me from my father. Thanks to you for sharing all the information! The watch is in working condition and i feel it runs a min behind after couple of days. But i am planning to use it until it completely stops working.

Thanks again Stephen for all your help. Hi i am onder. My watch model automatic stainless smt. GN-4W-5 Do you help me for this. Hi Steven i have a crystal 7 auto with these ID marks, can you give any information, please? Hi Art, the Crystal 7 line was launched in and was a success for Citizen. They were made up to the end of the s and used the 52 movement which had many variants.

The serial number gives a production date of October And also, Stephen, the crystal of my watch is very flat with sharpish edge is this correct for the model? And i must say, the dial and hands are in remarkable condition considering its approaching 50 yrs old, so the crystal has done a good job. Hi Art - yes flat glass sounds right, and they do have a sharp edge.

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How do you tell? Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. Good question! The only way to pin down the production year is to know what decade the movement was made. I may be able to help if you describe as fully as possible what is on the watch dial and the case back - if it is a mechanical watch.

There have been so many quartz models made that it is very difficult to date them, unless they are the very early ones. Hi Stephen Great blog and amazing information I am afraid I am lost looking for the right crystal replacement for this piece: Vintage Citizen compressor style diver Y Would you please let me know the right reference and, if possible, where to find it out?

Hi John - thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. The crystal for this model is plastic, and the part number is These days it is incredibly hard to find an original replacement. How bad is it? SMW Hi Liane, thanks for visiting my blog. The movement is a later development of one that was first made around The model number - - is not very helpful these days, but the case number - - helps to identify the movement.

The first three figures in the serial number give the production date, which is January Also noticed that a lot of these models are sold in India at NOS condition which leads me to believe a lot of these are floating around Southeast Asia that were unsold for 30 years or so. Hi Maripido, thanks for visiting my blog. This watch looks original to me. The movement is an inexpensive hand winder, and the printed dial is consistent with that. The case lines are sharp and the brushed finish is there, so the case has not been polished.

Officially my first two vintage Citizens. High quality watch and good to see yours has the original solid link bracelet. A pleasant day! Can you please take a look at this Citizen watch? Any information regarding to this watch is greatly appreciated. Would also love to know how old this watch is. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jordan - could you please tell me what is printed on the dial, i. This can help identify the watch properly. Hi Jordan, thanks for dial code. This confirms that the watch has an automatic movement inside. These movements were first sold aroun and were then in production for over 30 years.

consider, that you

I reckon yours was made in March Hi Aaron, thanks for visiting my blog. Hello Sweephand, can you please give me Information about my Citizen Automatic. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is from Januaryand is an export model of what would have been called a Crystal Date in the Japanese domestic market.

The movement it uses is the date only version of the the 52xx series, most frequently seen in the Crystal Seven watches first made in Since these movements were not made before it must have been made in from the first figure in the serial number. Hi, my watch saysOn backCitizenco. Hi Robert, thanks for visiting my blog. Citizen have made many thousands of quartz watches once the technology was refined and mass produced, and there is very little information available on them.

Is this legit? Would you know how or where to find the serial number of this piece? Hi Maripido - that Cosmotron is fine. It has a stretchy type band.

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Would you have any info on it? The info you provided is not enough. Is there a chance to post a picture or two? Hello guys! Awesome blog! Id have a Citizen that my father used on his wedding with my mother, in I sent the watch to repair and now its running. With your information, I discover that the watch was made in August, 71 I dont believe its a 61, and 81 was after the weddingbut if you do have any kind of information beside that, I appreciate!

Thank you so much! Hello Leandro! I am happy you like the blog and you find it useful. It is a good thing that you serviced the watch! Even though it is not highly collectable it is awesome to have your fathers watch. Wear it in good health! Yes, the watch is made in August The is the model, and the K is the case model. Thank you very much!!! That bad boy has 44 years!

I remember that nowyeah. I remember now! Thanks to bring this memorable moment with me and my father! That is such a nice story! I am so happy! Cherish that watch my friend! Dear Bogdan, Great blog! So far I spent several hours! My dad gave me his watch. As you asked to someone else, I have linked its 2 photos. Which one is correct? Is it correct? Fortunately it is still working. Is it possible? Thank you for your words and for interest in my blog!

I am happy you like it. They are codes for the case the first and code for the dial the second 2 - Yes, that is correct. A watchmaker inspecting the watch can give the right answer 4 - It seems that it can be cleaned 5 - About the same price. All the best my friend! The dial has this - Japan KA at the bottom. I picked it because of the movement but have no details on the model. The case back says K and below that Could you help me with this. Thanks in advance. I found an vintage citizen watch sitting in my closetcan you date the watch please, and also the price.

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Hello and welcome to the blog! Try posting some photos I might have more info. I own two citizen watches, which I have used for many years. Just how many is a good question. Hi, I have just bought a ladies gold tone citizen automatic watch with date and weekday. The numbers on the back are: 4-r rw,gn-4w-s.

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The rest says Citizen Watch co. Water resist. Base Metal YP. I have established that it that it was probably made in September but what do the last 5 digits of the serial number mean? And what would the approximate value of it be?

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And The last digits are just an identification of this particular watch. Nothing special, each watch got its own number. Enjoy it in good health! Hello Richard! Congrats on your watch and thank you for your words! I am happy you find the info here useful. Trying to date a Citizen with the guide, but It seems impossible. The serial number isso using the guide It should be x1 for the year, but 15 for the month.

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