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No credit card is ever needed. Quite a bit of effort appears to go in weeding out spammers and fake profiles - something which is a major problem on dating sites these days. Only a very small number of spammers and fake profiles appear to be on this website as every profile is vetted and monitored according to the web site. Where as most sites that claim thousands and even of millions are usually combining their members on all their special interest sites - meaning that the Christian element on most sites are pretty small. Site Features This is the only down side of the service if you can have such a thing for such a great free service. Having said that, if you are prepared to look through many pages of profiles the search is pretty limited. But all in all the is in fact the best free dating site.

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Fusion - Original Vision - mid This was to help church singles as I felt the secular scene always got a better deal - not just in respect to meeting people. Fusion Designed - sept I designed Fusion in a graphics program. You may wonder why the designs were black?.

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I agonised for weeks over using black since Christians might associate it with a non-Christian image but in the end just went ahead as I knew my intentions were to help not to hinder. The other reason I chose black was because I had no money to advertise Fusion. I thought if whilst trying to find one to join people came across our site which was free amongst the many others that were not, it might stick in the memory.

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Fusion Teamed with TheWay. At the time I had little choice but to go with them. Fusion Started - dec 99 TheWay.


TheWay shortly after was wound up although the site is still online and now a Charity. I then bought their part of the company back for 5K.

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I was now sole owner again. Fusion - re-marketed - Once I got the site back I kept Fusion free and began to do my own online marketing using somewhat hit and miss tactics but learning a lot about search engines along the way and actually getting good rankings for fusion.

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Fusion - new partners - Fusion began to grow and had about joiners per week without a chat room from various countries mainly UK. At this point I was having trouble dealing with some of the technical server stuff and needed someone to take some of the load with accounts etc. Fusion - Fusion Christian friends and dating service works!

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Running Fusion is however beginning to take its toll as I have been doing a full time day job and working on fusion often till 2am for the previous 3 years which meant I was often knackered during the day. I managed to keep it all going but later on ended up in hospital! Fusion - By now Fusion had become so busy about people joining a week and logins per day that the whole thing began to slow up.

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Searches on the database could take 15 seconds or more to execute and in many cases locking up completely. Also hosting fees were going up and up. The host company wanted 3K to keep fusion going - It turns out they were fleecing me - charging times over the amount I needed to pay! Another problem was that the database had been written badly and was slow full stop.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow jankossencontemporary.com more. Fusion Dating Login, dating site for divorced, best dating app for people on their thirties, world of tanks how matchmaking works/ JOIN - it's always FREE LOGIN HELP: enter username NOT email. The email you use on may be old/invalid. Try another device. Quit browser. Delete cookies. Email Ed at: [email protected] with name/ username/ email used at signup. To re-activate deactivated profile login and follow instructions. Problems with Safari? try Chrome or Firefox. Get login info.

Fusion Closes 2 I closed it down and posted the costs they wanted on the front page of the site. Donations to Fusion! In 3 weeks members sent me donations of around 2K!!

Sep 22,   DATING SITE REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10 - Best free dating site for Christians on the web! SCAMMER RATING: 98scammer free as all profiles are approved and vetted manually even during membership! Despite the sceptics, Fusion really does offer Christian dating for free and a pretty decent all round matchmaking service and has had many.

This was greatly encouraging and made me realise that people were actually getting a lot out of Fusion - gave me the will to live at this point as I had no idea how I would carry on. I was in fact preparing to get the 3K loan to carry on. I used the donations to pay for the previous fees that I owed and pay for the site re-write.

Fusion dating login

Chat added to fusion Tau adds chat room to Fusion. Fusion Christian Singles rapidly increases in membership and usage Since tau rewrote the site in php - a free language and database the site is much much faster and can cope with increased membership.

Below is a brief outline of our story.

Please correct the errors and try again. Login Help: Can't remember your password? Read 4 customer reviews of the Fusion - jankossencontemporary.comcom & compare with other Dating Sites at Review Centre Fusion Reviews - jankossencontemporary.comcom Click here if this is your business/5(4). Affordable Rates. Our rates are negotiable and Fusion Dating Service depend on escorts category. If you Fusion Dating Service are here, you need not go anywhere to get prettiness. You can treasure us in Mumbai all over the city. We available on all locations and accept your location for SERVICE also/

Fusion - now called ' free Christian dating service' has always been open to Christians around the world internationally and mainly focused on helping singles, but was also open to any Christians looking for friendship and fellowship we have since changed it to focus just on singles as it was a little confusing and to that end we now have a separate - Christian social network.

So whilst 'Fusion' as it was originally called, started humbly from my parents garage as a British based website and mainly catered for UK single Christians - indeed our first members were from the UK, we quickly gained 's members from the US, Canada and just about every country globally. I originally envisaged fusion as a 'portal' - an exciting buzz-word at the time which is basicly a glorified term for a do-everything website where Christians coud not only find other singles for arranging dates, but a virtual meeting place where Christians could find world news, life advice, articles, Christian organisations to support, and a host of other services.

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I had in my mind that the entire thing would function as a kind of 'charity' and fund all kinds of worthy needs and causes - Christian and otherwise! I think using the web to fund causes was quite a new idea back then at the end of Now it's called 'crowd-funding. I quickly realized that with no money, no web knowlede and no members - I couldn't create my 'charirty' without some kind of membership base.

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At the same time I thought that perhaps my main goal - to help single Christians meet, could be the answer to that, and I could use this service as the springboard to hit my two targets with one arrow. It featured lots of other sites and services for Christians in general.

Fusion is a percent totally free dating site for finding single born again believers. Use our always completely free service without ever paying anything - Christian dating for free, truly no catches, no hidden fees, no charges, no credit card needed, no subscriptions or payment required! How . Fusion Dating Login, what to expect when dating a portuguese man, dating tech guys, gay men dating el paso/ Fusion UK Christian dating site. Hello, I'm Edward and I designed fusion Free Christian Singles in as I had a passion to make it easier for single Christians to find their husband or wife - having seen the exration my Christian friends and experienced myself the difficulties of meeting people at church.

Fusion, unlike most Christian singles web sites had one major advantage over its competitors; I was determined from the start to offer the best free Christian dating service there was and has to that end been succesful!

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