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Model variants are listed here and fluid capacities here. TO30 production started in August at serial number This chart cross references TO engine numbers with serial numbers. Where do I find the serial number on my tractor. There is no plate around the steering column. I believe its a TE20 tractor but not sure.

Testimonials Here are some selected entries from our Guestbook. This is a great site with a lot of info. Thank you. I have been thinking of buying a Ferguson TO with a front end loader.

Ferguson farm tractors by model

I am hoping it will run better than it looks. Unfortunately my father in law passed away a few weeks ago and he had a TO on the farm.


Lots of good INFO here. Thanks for the site.

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We use it bush hogging in summer and scraping snow in winter. It keeps plugging on. BTW your site is in my favorites now.

Nov 25,   Can a Ferguson be Dated by the engine serial number only?The only number I see on the block is but this does not seem to fit with the jankossencontemporary.com original serial number plate on the dash behind the steering wheel and above the throttle is missing,but the four holes are there so it seems it is a TO or TO the tractor is in Ontario Canada. Nov 28,   Posted: Mon Nov 26, pm Post subject: Dating and restoring a Ferguson TE20 without a serial number Hello, I'm new here and also to the wonderful world of "old grey fergies". When my dad went into permanent aged care last May, he gifted my husband his most treasured possession, his "old grey fergie". Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture (Total built ,).

I own a TO Ferguson. Not as pretty as some on your site. Found your site informative and a pleasure. Hope to ask questions in the future about possibly repainting my tractor. Great site folks. The Ferguson 20 was widely used here and there are still many examples in existence. Indeed we hold the world record for the largest number of classic and vintage tractors working in one field - in excess of ! Ronan Kilkenny, Ireland, October 16, What a great web site.

The Gason cabin is fitted to many other makes of tractors such as Chamberlain, Caterpillar etc. The cabin fitted to mine was allegedly fitted to break a strike as the original drivers would not work the tractor in the wet.

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As well as basic implements such as ploughsharrows and cultivators the range included a number of trailers and loadersseed drillsa side-mounted balera very rare 'wraparound' combine harvestera muck spreadera sickle mower and a powered auger.

With its Power take-off the tractor could also drive stand-alone equipment by belt or driveshaft, such as pumps, milking machinery or circular saws. Ferguson became well-known for its effective and distinctive advertising, intended to demonstrate the abilities of the TE tractor to farmers who previously had used only draft horses and had little experience with mechanised equipment. Public demonstrations of Ferguson tractors and implements were held throughout rural Britain towards the end of the harvest season.

A typical demonstration was fencing off an area 27 feet by 20 feet 8.

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Advertising also emphasised that in the 'Ferguson System' the tractor was not merely a replacement for the horse but via its linkage and shaft-drive power take-off it could mechanise dozens of agricultural tasks previously performed either by separate machines, unwieldy drawbar-mounted trailed equipment or manual labour.

Here Ferguson dealers, salesmen and engineers were trained on the new machines they would be working on, and courses were also run for farmers to learn how operate the tractors and the various implements most effectively.

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Including all 'Ferguson System' tractors from May to July brings the figure to approximately 1 million. Harry Ferguson later helped the development of the 4-wheel-drive system which was used in the Land Rover, even though he had already made vehicles with a 4-wheel-drive system much earlier, just after World War I.

He died at his home Abbotswood, Stow on the Wold on 25 October due to a barbiturate overdose; it was never known if it was deliberate or not.

The Ferguson TE20 is an agricultural tractor designed by Harry jankossencontemporary.com far his most successful design, it was manufactured from until , and was commonly known as the Little Grey jankossencontemporary.com marked a major advance in tractor design, distinguished by light weight, small size, manoeuvrability and jankossencontemporary.comcturer: Ferguson Company. E Series Utility Tractor (Model Year ) H Series Utility Tractors. Series Utility Tractors. Mid-Range Tractors. S Series Mid-Range Tractors. Series Mid-Range Tractors. SL Series Mid-Range Tractors. Series Mid-Range Tractors. S Series Mid-Range Tractors. High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors. How to Identify Ferguson Agricultural Tractors Determining a tractor model and year of manu-facture is relatively simple if it has both tractor and engine serial number (SN) plates. The SN plate, made of aluminum or brass, is located at different positions on the instrument console, depending on the model. The plate includes the.

The engine was the Standard wet liner inline-four engine. Dimensions were:. The larger capacity of the petrol-paraffin engine was to compensate for the power reduction resulting from the low compression ratio.

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Newer versions of the petrol only engine has 85 mm bore as well. There were later versions that ran on tractor vapourising oil TVOsometimes called petrol-paraffin or power kerosene.

Some were converted in the UK to use a 3-cylinder Perkins diesel engine. These were built with the Z engines. TO30s were also built in Michigan with Z engines. Production ceased in The term "Fergie 28" refers to the nominal horsepower of the later range of tractors.

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To benefit from the reputation of the later models in the used tractor market, the 23HP TE is often advertised simply as TE; only very rarely is it referred to in Australia as a "Ferguson 23". There is a monument in Wentworth at the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers in Australia commemorating the time in when both rivers flooded and a fleet of little grey Fergies was used to build levee banks to save the town.

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Four petrol-engined and three diesel models were used. Some were supplied as half-trackswith steerable front skis, whilst others of the New Zealand team were fitted with an extra wheel on each side and full caterpillar tracksdeveloped by the expedition in the Antarctic. In both cases, the track kits were easily removable and in light conditions the tractors were used on standard wheels and tyres.

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Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson.

Old Ferguson Tractors The Good Stuff This site is devoted to antique Ferguson tractors, from the mid 's Ferguson-Brown and later Ford-Ferguson models (9n and 2n, made beginning in and respectively), the 's Coventry and Detroit Ferguson models, to the late 's and early 's models made by Massey-Harris-Ferguson.

Dating and restoring a Ferguson TE20 without a serial number. View previous topic : View next topic.

Ferguson tractor dating

Hello, I'm new here and also to the wonderful world of "old grey fergies". When my dad went into permanent aged care last May, he gifted my husband his most treasured possession, his "old grey fergie". Sadly dad passed away last month and we are very keen to honour his memory by restoring and preserving his tractor. Unfortunately the serial number is missing, rivets are still there but plate is gone.

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We would love to get her registered and be able to get involved with events, so would love any advice on how we can proceed from here. I apologise for the length of this post, but felt I needed to give some background, so you can understand how dear to our hearts this project is.

Ferguson tractor, old commercial

I will post some photos of numbers we have found on the tractor including the engine number. Back to top. Charles in Aus. Casting numbers under the rear transmission dip stick will give you a year.

Cross reference the serial numbers and year of manufacture for the TE, TO and TO30 tractors. Model variants are listed here and fluid capacities here. TE20 manufactured by Standard Motor Company, England . rows  Massey Ferguson was created with the merger between Massey-Harris and the . Harry Ferguson started in the tractor business selling Waterloo Boy tractors (renamed Overtime) in Ireland and England during World War I. While working with farmers to maximize the use of their new tractors, Ferguson began working on a better system to attach implements. His "Ferguson System", later known as the three-point hitch, would become.

Y The last single digit will be the year during the 40's or 50's Specifically between 46 and Thank you Charles, The below photo is I think, of the casting numbers you refer to.

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