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As high-achieving women of this modern day and age, we all live in a highly masculinized world. My work rests on the fundamental premise that living and connecting with our feminine energy is the key to achieving love transformation in our lives and relationships. Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free guide [click here to download]. We are all women of an era where the messages of femininity have been mocked and equated with being a doormat, or somehow being subservient to men. These are myths that are propagated by those that have an incomplete knowledge of this concept and a lack of awareness on what it truly means to be connected with this Universal energy, endowed to us women by nature.

She attracts instead of chases.

A feminine woman revels in the present moment. She nurtures herself without apology and her well being comes first.

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An example of this would be, not being loyal to a non-boyfriend. The latter denotes apathy and this is not what I mean in any sense. A cool woman is a relaxed woman who has less turmoil in her being and is less anxious. She is the contrast of a ball busting or nagging lady. A feminine lady is excellent in receiving from men or from life in general.

This will trigger his instinct to provide and thus will make him feel so masculine at his core. So from now own workout those receiving muscles.

Feminine dating

Being a woman in a relationship is a wonderful gift. All you have to do is to relax and sit back and watch him display his love and devotion to you.

How cool is that? As a woman, there is really nothing to do. Sign in.

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They may want to coordinate every outfit or approve it before you head out for supper. He may even get cruel and make fun of some of the choices you make. One of the best things about dating a feminine man? They are really passionate in bed. They are much gentler and caring than a meat head from the frat down the street. They care about how you feel when it comes to being intimate.

They also expect you to care about what they are feeling. They expect equality. What could possibly be the downside of that? Well, there is a chance that he will take sex very, very slowly in the beginning. This may get frustrating.

He will be waiting for the exact right time, when the mood is right and when you are both in a good place. Some girls might appreciate that, but others may get a little frustrated waiting so long.

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How many cuddle sessions do you need before you can get it on? Building up the sexual tension is something that feminine men do well. Which, in turn, means that you gain a lot more friends than you had prior to dating this feminine guy.

He is probably going to have many more friends that are girls than he does men. That is because he will relate to them more and have more common interests with them than he will with macho men. You may find that he has a few guy friends, but they are almost as feminine as he is. This can be tough if you have a jealous streak. The best bet is to not get jealous when you are dating someone who is feminine.


About his sexual orientation. You might even have thought he was gay yourself. However, it is best not to say anything to him about it, because he is also very sensitive. A beard is someone who is dating a gay person to make them appear as if they are a straight person.

Dating Feminine Men

However, you both know that he likes women. Others might not think so. This can be irritating. I thought he was totally gay! Of course, you probably already knew this, but feminine men are extremely sensitive.

Should you date a feminine man? Are dating strategies reversed in a situation like this when traditional male-female roles are completely different? In the old days, "girls were girls and men were men", thus sayeth Archie Bunker, who saw things . The Feminine Woman by Renee Wade is a place where you can learn more about embodying your femininity, love, polarity and attraction in relationships, building trust and commitment with men and ultimately have a relationship others envy. I've heard it a million times: "Not all feminine guys are gay." But no matter how many times we hear it from both men and women, a lot of us feminine straight guys do not feel that people mean it when they say it. A lot of women say that one of their expectations in a boyfriend is a manly persona, something we unfortunately lack.

This can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on what type of person that you are. He is going to be like an open book for you to read. You will never have to guess what he is feeling or what is on his mind.

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That is because he will always be apt to tell you! He will also be sure to know what you are thinking and what your emotional status is like. Because, unlike your previous boyfriend who was oblivious to emotions at all, this new feminine guy actually cares. He operates his emotions like a woman would, but maybe a little less aggressively.

However, if you are looking for someone with a lot of empathy, a feminine man is the right man for you. Yet his sensitivity might get frustrating sometimes.

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You might feel like he can be a little too emotionally heavy about things. He may act like a brat just because he is in a bad mood.


You might as well throw him a box of tampons and some chocolate for the way that he is acting towards you. Some women do not like dating men that are too sensitive, because they already have enough mental emotional problems going on themselves. No problem. A feminine guy will respect whatever diet that you have decided to be on. He may be super into healthy eating, because he is always trying to watch his weight.

You might find your fridge to be stocked with all natural items from the organic section of the grocery store.

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This can be nice if you are into that type of thing. However, it can be annoying to deal with if you are not someone who is into that kind of food.

Yet it's hard for a man who is more feminine whether he is straight or gay and identifies as a man to find love. I think it's hard for gay men to find love period. That includes masculine guys and the select number of FTM gay men as well. Jul 25,   Dating feminine men is just a little bit different than dating masculine men. Not sure what to expect? No problem! Just check out the following nine things that give you insight to what dating a feminine man is really like! You'll Always Look On Fleek; Feminine men do their best to follow fashion trends or at least look good most of the jankossencontemporary.com: Jasmine Spoors. I'm a dating coach for strong women dreaming of a strong and masculine man who adores the ground they walk on. If you're anything like me, then you probably have been taught to develop your strong, proactive and independent side.

Maybe you love junk food, but he might judge you for eating that cone of french fries from McDonalds. He may even get snippy about your weight in an effort to get you to control your urges.

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