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But this That thing you suggest" She couldn't even say it aloud. But I don't understand why you're against this. He's really hot! It's not me who wants to sing for fans". Such an opportunity doesn't happen too often. Besides, let me remind you what I told you a few years ago, when you started your career. Show-business is a cruel world.

Before we go on tour.

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We need people on your concert. Do you want to sing for an empty room?

Tikki knew that an empty room was Marinette's biggest fear. The singer loved her fans, especially when she could share her emotions with them - she always expressed in music.

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An empty room meant that there was no one to share those emotions with. Somewhere, at the bottom of her heart she felt an anxiety as if she'd just made the worst decision in her life.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. That plan - although perfect in theory - couldn't be successful. It involved him - a popular model, and her - a rising star of pop music in the craziest project of their lives.

Cartoons Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Follow/Fav What are friends for After he had managed to get caught up on his sleep again he decided it was better for him to pick his fake girlfriend than his father. "If I fake dated Marinette and everyone thought we were actually really dating like 75of the school would want to kick. Fake Dating A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic - jankossencontemporary.com. Marinette can't seem to get Adrien to notice her, even though she can talk to him normally now. Nino had tried to drop the hint to Alya that he likes her. One day, Adrien and Alya don't show up to school. Marinette and Nino need to work on a project Content Rating: everyone. It involved him - a popular model, and her - a rising star of pop music in the craziest project of their lives. When Adrien Agreste faces the challenge of showing with a girlfriend in public, his agent suggests a popular singer, LadyBug. Yet how to make two strangers pretend being in love? An AU story.

When Adrien Agreste faces the challenge of showing with a girlfriend in public, his agent suggests a popular singer, LadyBug. An AU story.

Have I ever made a wrong decision? Have I ever?

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I can't believe you agreed to that! It's not me who wants to sing for fans" "You're punching below the belt" "I'm too old for him.

An opportunity 2. A perfect plan 3.

Fake dating au miraculous ladybug

LadyBug 4. Not such a safe option 5. The first meeting 6. What's not to love about her! Mari, you really are a great girl, but I don't think you guys know how many people I would piss off if we dated. Fake or real," he said. The three friends were all surprised by the information he granted them.

There's honestly a bunch of guys, and girls, in this school who have a crush on Mari," he told them. Mari blushed. Then I just got curious and started asking random people if they liked you. Most of the time it was a yes. Her plan to get her best friend at least a change with Adrien had already crumbled.

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Marinette opened her mouth to say something when the teacher started the lesson. Adrien turned to face the front again and the four of them dropped the subject. There seemed to be no solution to this problem. Adrien dragged his feet as he walked in to the lofty and cold mansion. He felt entirely drained after today, physically from running around the school asking to fake date everyone and emotionally from the lack of progress he still had.

All he wanted to do was take a shower and sleep for an eternity. Unfortunately the moment he entered the mansion he was greeted with a clipboard and Nathalie's usual indifferent face.

He sighed and handed her his bag. When he peeked his head in the door his father was truly waiting for him.

He wasn't working or typing on the computer or on the phone, but rather sitting and waiting for him to enter. So he did, carefully walking in and closing the door behind him. Bourgeois not to long ago. Do you know what he wanted to talk to me about?

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Adrien paused for a moment. Did he want to know? I'm sure you remember playing with her when you were younger. I'm pretty sure you two are in the same class too," he replied. Adrien nodded. That was usually the case.

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Plus she had been more clingy than usually lately. Maybe it had something to do with Sabrina. Or maybe she heard he was looking for a fake girlfriend.

Either way it was annoying. Anyways, he wanted to know if you've been spending time with her like you two used to. He's really concerned about her well being, and as the mayor he doesn't have a lot of time to check up on her," Gabriel continued. I've been doing a lot of studying and focusing on school lately," he partially lied. He couldn't just say he was busy fighting an Akuma everyday. All color drained from Adrien's face as he stared at his father in horror.

She said so herself she would love to help you out with this. Plus she's also famous, so it's twice the publicity," he replied looking way to pleased with himself.

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I had a week to find my own g-girlfriend before you chose one for me," he reminded him. Gabriel looked displeased. Adrien gulped nervously and shifted his weight. UuuhhhhhI'm definitely dating a girland I'm gonna tell you that girls name.

I'm datinguh-".

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. It has minimal editing and was written at like one in the morning when I had some inspiration so be nice please and thank you.

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Notes: See the end of the work for notes. Work Text: Everything started falling apart one day when Mme.

Kagaminette Fake-Dating AU Fluffibon. Summary: Inspired by my Miraculous Ladybug One Shots work (my first fanfic). A Kagami/Marinette fake-dating au where they slowly fall for each other with a lot of pining and angst! This will include eventual fluff, a ladybug and chat noir reveal, and a hell of a lot of annoying obliviousness!!. not the fake dating au you were looking for medusawiththesnekhair. he snaps. And says some things that might be a little hard to take back. A reveal fic where Ladybug finds it absolutely hilarious that Adrien's Chat Noir as well as Salty Adrien I could get the fox miraculous and use that to stage some photos and maybe a video of you.

During lunch, Marinette gets a text via Tikki. Chat Noir: meet me by the notre dame? Are you okay. How about we do that tonight? We should probably head back to school now. Notes: Hi!

This is a one-shot by the way but I might make a follow-up chapter eventually.

not the fake dating au you were looking for

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