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Trying to decide whether or not living in The Philippines is the right choice for you? I love this country but there are many facets of life that can drive an expat crazy. Your own cost of living here depends on two main factors 1. Where you live 2. How you live. Like everywhere else in the world cities will cost more than rural areas. Where it gets expensive is in Cebu City and Manila.

Hey Wadja, Peace to you! One thing is for sure, unless you are the creator or admin of this site or that this site states it doesn't allow Filipino forumers, then you can't stop me or any Filipinos for that matter from sharing our opinion on anything that interests us especially about misconceptions. Just so you know, I'm well traveled, been to your country too, USA on my own expense and I speak my mind. If you can't take my opinion, that's not my problem.

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Have a great day man! Take it easy. Wadja Your very first paragraph was rude, condescending, sexist and racist. Maybe English isnt your first language and it wasnt meant to be like that.

But you were also rude and disrespectful to Gabie. So I'm not sure what to make of it all. You are fully entitled to give your point of view.

But in a polite respectful manner. Gabie is just as entitled to be here as you and I are. Most people would appreciate her input. I'm very happy here. Even though I'm single and alone I'm not jaded. There is prejudices here but not racism We all have prejudices and I have no problem with Filipinas who just aren't comfortable with my skin Hell they don't even like their own As for suggesting that Wadja leave the country is rude.

He's allowed to make note of things that he see. Remember if you don't walk in his shoes you can't chastise him. I'm here exploiting their economy and loving every minute of it. Yes I would love to share my life with someone but, if that is not going to happen I'm not going to bang my head against the wall You guys lighten up a bit Reality for black men such as myself is a nightmare for all of you.

You can't ever think you are going to be in a position to chastise us for our truisms that many of you deny exists. You are absolutely right but know this That's a black mans survival Our reality is that there are 10, poisonous snakes in the field and only are not poisonous I'm not ever going to walk about under the dillusion that I'm only going to encounter the non poisonous snakes Get real brother Remember in America your evening news shows you a 12yr only black child playing in the park and a police officer pulls up jumps out his car and blows the black child away The kid never knew what hit him Murdererd for playing in a playground with a toy gun that was clearly a toy orange tip to its blue plastic color and what do you white people do?

You become apologist for the police because black people have no worth in your eyes Seriously dude. Nathan ,i dont think you ore any other person have a problem ,we all have a problem that's called racism.

You are absolutely right Dirk I degress. As for the women here I think that most available women are afraid of being stereotyped so they act less interested in a foreigner even though they are experiencing loneliness just like everyone else.

Also it's tough financially for many of these women and they don't want to appear to be gold diggers My view is this :there's nothing wrong with wanting to live in financial freedom and a woman should think herself worth and worthy of being with someone who can take care of home I'm not bragging but being honest I'm able to support a woman and care for her children if she has them My needs may not be financially but rather in every other way It's more serious than it seems I will inbox you my contact information on facebook so we can chat each other up from time to time.

Totally agree with. Now for all men. You have to be smart enough. That's the best. I cannot see anyone too good. You'll have your own life not disturbed by any third party. You have to take care only of you two, not the whole clan. Far as I've noticed the parents, brothers, sisters and so on, they are all sane and healthy, so they are able to work and make money - not retards and disabled. So send them to work!

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You married the girl not her family. Now about the filipina girls. Like everywhere in the world. Most of are ok and nice. It's up to any of us to find out the best choice for ourselves.

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That's life. I have read all of the posts here and I find a very interesting mix of answers that do not fit all in any one group of people.

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My experiences are based on answering the following: Do some Filipinos make a potential mate selection on skin color?

Yes Do some Filipinos make a potential mate selection on religion? Yes Do some Filipinos make a potential mate selection on nose bridge? Yes Do some Filipinos make a potential mate selection on perceived wealth? Yes Do some Filipinos avoid a potential mate selection that has brown skin? Yes Do some Filipinos exhibit "inferior feelings that lead to white skin preferences"? Yes Does the above mean that only "White foreigners" can find true love?

Absolutely not!! Does the above mean that any person of color can't find true love? Does the above mean that any person of color that mix with a local will have children that may not meet with greater difficulties?

Regarding the expat's purpose here - I feel God sees what is in our hearts and if we are here to find a good woman not trying to lay every lady we meetwe will be blessed with a good match, in God's time. The match won't come in one afternoon in a mall or in any one set time. Regarding a preference for white skin - This does exit in Asia and here in the PI.

Regarding persons with color, brown, very dark and or black - Like most people in this country, I am a mix of many cultures, tones and peoples. Also just like most Filipinos, so called black American's are a mix of many different skin tones and features. My lady had a Fil BF that was much darker than me and most in my family and she remained with him until his death.

Find useful info to make the most of your expat project and get in touch with expatriates. Are you tempted to discover an archipelago comprising a total of 7, islands? Former Spanish and US colony, the Philippines have become a top destination for expatriation. Indeed, many foreign professionals and retirees have settled there over the years.

Perhaps in a few more decades the "inferior feelings that lead to white skin preference" by some ladies here will be replaced by a greater focus on the expat's character and moral compass. My personal advice is not to look for someone too young. An older not necessarily old woman will usually have her life more in order. She is usually more ready to settle down and have a life with someone.

I found my future bride online. She was 40, I was I think dirk has made a lot of good suggestions. Once you find someone, take time to get to know them and their family.

Because you WILL be marrying their family if you marry her. And there is nothing wrong with that. I love my wife's family. They would do anything than can for me. Do I help them out financially, yes from time to time I do. I have been very blessed with my marriage.

We also have 1 14 month old that we have been blessed with. Good luck, but keep your eyes and mind open. There are a lot of good women in the Philippines. Look at how shes dresses. Does she dress sexy or slutty? How does she acts towards others, her family. This is how she will treat you, if she wants a real relationship. Agaoin good luck! I agree it is not a requirement of a husband to feed the entire clan!

The purpose of dating is to know both, have privacy and have a life so never stay with the parents but stay with your own. It is not really a culture of the Philippines to ask the husband or wife to feed the entire clan of one of the parties so lets not exaggerate. Maybe there are cases during the time that the unemployment rate in the Philippines soar too high but it could not be forever.

There are time to help but just for limited period. Anyway it is not the obligation but just voluntary.

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I'm going to give an "Australian reply" if it's OK, Mate! From your post, I would say you're a bit afraid to "bend" to a different culture. Date, schmate! You should know what you like in a woman-if she fits, marry her! Don't worry about missing a big oppiortunity-they nearly all want to get married! In the old days, expats were allowed to advertise themselves in the newspapers.

This is how I met my wonderful late wife of 35 years. She was the one who placed my ad Show us the money. And there are no short French guys? Is that tall to you? How about this? Wow, very tall for an emperor! Ugly and fat too. Good behavior? How would you feel if a guest in your own house bad-mouth you? Financial resources?

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You look like one of them creepy French Musketeers. Who knows? Remember, "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones I have had four relationships with Filipino women all of whom I met on Facebook.

Okay three did not work out because one was on a dating site looking for other men and the other two were just after money. My current girlfriend is a lovely woman with two boys and is expecting our child in February.

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She was in a long time relationship before we met but had been single for a year or so before we got chatting and although she was never married, her ex had money and she was given some of this and also has a small shop selling basic supplies. She saves money for her kids education and is very savy when it comes to spending. When I went to see her we stayed in a resort and she never asked me for money and never has since I came back to England.

While I was there I did give her a little money but only to cover the taxi fare so she could see her kids and she always came back to me. I think there are good, honest and loving women there and with a little common sense you can easily find one but you may have to be willing to try several women before you find the right one. I have seen ytube videos of dating events in Cebu so I would imagine most of the larger cities will have the same.

Good luck. Fools rush in. I would ask where you fit into the equation? My bad for not looking at what country you are from but my guess would be correct.

Nov 12,   Dating in the Philippines? Philippines forum. Find answers to your questions in the Philippines forum. Blogs, pictures, forum Philippines on jankossencontemporary.com Philippines Expat Forum Social Club. Information about our Social Club Gatherings. Baguio Expats ? Who Wants To Meet. If you are looking to meet up with others post a topic here, don't forget to add photos if you get together with other forum members. Monthly meet up, Dumaguete. Living In or Visiting the Philippines. Life as an Expat. Oct 12,   34 Reasons to Date And Marry a Filipina. Philippines Dating Tips. Filipina Dating Website: ? jankossencontemporary.com ? Get Your Free 7-Day Trial of the SUPER-EASY Video Software I Used to Author: The Expats Report.

Surprised as your other posts have been interesting. Cheers, Steve. Trump opinion from Steve Don't worry Steve, Trump will make you great again. It's amazing you can't get real political news from the states because the only news available is CNN which so biased. For real news check Youtube for other news sources that are not Trump haters. Wondering how to keep yourself busy during your free time in the Manila, from my experience, is the toughest. Head out to the provincial Weekends are usually meant for spending quality time with family, With the hustle and bustle of city life, keeping an active lifestyle The food of Manila reflects an evolution over many centuries, starting Real estate is a sector that has been severely affected by the coronavirus While local authorities are taking strict measures to prevent a second Lockdown has allowed many households around the world to save money, but Economic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic is having a significant What are the risks?

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Life as an Expat Thinking of a new life in paradise? Living Costs The cost of living varies in different areas. Travel and Visa Information. Where to Stay What type of accommodation is available in the Philippines? Transport to from and in the Philippines Where do you want to go and how do you want to get there? Places to Eat Where are the best places to dine. Tell us your Philippines experience. Drinking Bars Where to find a bar for drinking and relaxation. The Philippines offers it all!

Disability's- Expats Living in the Philippines with Disability's Disability's, living or visiting the Philippines with a disability? Language and Local Dialects Do you need to know a few phrases before you get here? Culture How does the culture difference of the Filipino people affect you?

Building, Renting or Buying Real Estate What are the laws and regulations on buying or leasing real estate in the Philippines? Schools and Colleges in the Philippines What are the best education facilities for your children?

Health and Hospitals Where do you go if don't feel well? Shipping Goods How do you get your belongings to the Philippines? Where do I find? Looking for something in particular but can't find it?

Ask expats living in the Philippines. Driving and the Philippines What driver's licence do you need? Employment-Working as an Expat Employment questions and answers for expats thinking of working in the Philippines.

FilipinaLoves, active since July jankossencontemporary.com is the Filipino dating site that will assist filipino singles and Foreigners around the world to connect with each other easily, to create any relationship, friendship, romance, perfect match, traveling partners or marriage. We are the finest Philippines dating site, which provides a fully functioning communication service including. Philippines Expat Forum: Talk with expats living in Philippines and people moving to Philippines on our Philippines Expat Forum. Talk with other expats, read past discussions about cost of living, best places to live in Philippines, expat clubs and more. Your own cost of living here depends on two main factors 1. Where you live 2. How you live. Like everywhere else in the world cities will cost more than rural areas. If you want to live in Baguio, Dumaguete, or Davao City you can expect to pay around $$ a month for a one-bedroom apartment in a decent part of town.

Contractors and Tradesmen List contractors or tradesmen that you recommend or have had problems with. Immigration for Filipino Spouse Information and questions about immigrating your spouse to your home country. Social Security Social security issues. Emergency Expat Assistance The Foreign Assistance Center may be able to help when an expats lands in trouble wit the law. Safety and Security Just how safe are the Philippines?

Are there places foreigners shouldn't go? Laws and Regulations for Foreigners What are your rights and responsibilities as a foreigner? Crime and the Expat- News This forum is for information regarding major crimes that happen to Expats and tourist in the Philippines.

Scams to be aware of in the Philippines Scammers are always active whether online or in the Philippines. Banking in the Philippines How do you set up bank accounts and transfer money? Sending or Exchanging Money What is the best way to send money to the Philippines? Where can I get the best exchange rate?

The Filipina What cultural differences and issues can you expect? Internet Dating How safe is internet dating?

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Which service providers are the best? What is load?

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Computers and Electronics Which is the best for cheap phone calls from your computer? Voip, Magic jack? What Does This Mean? Need to know what was said? Ask for translations here.

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Housing and Land This forum is for advertising members private housing sales and rentals located in the Philippines. Motor Vehicles Advertise your Cars, bikes, boats, trucks. Philippines Videos Seen an interesting video,share it with us here.

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