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Namely, why is it that Jana Duggar is still single? While her siblings took that lesson to heart, with most of them marrying young and getting pregnant on their honeymoons, Jana has chosen a different path. From what we've seen, that path mostly involves helping to care for her younger siblings, and lots and lots of gardening. But if a new fan theory is to be believed, Jana's existence isn't quite as lonely as we've been led to believe. Jana and Laura have been so close for so long that Demasie has even helped Jana with the homeschooling of her younger siblings.

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Have you ever attended an ugly Christmas sweater party? Jim Bob and Michelle, Jana, and a few of the younger Duggar children are on a mission trip in Central Americabut the Duggars back home threw an ugly Christmas sweater party at the "big house. Friday, December 7, Dillard ate December For the Duggars, December mission trips to Central America have become an annual tradition. They arrived at their destination yesterday and are ready to start serving with S.

This time, Jim Bob and Michelle both went, and they brought some of their younger children along. Since we started blogging about the Duggars in nine years ago!

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For fun, here are a few throwbacks:. For those who were unable to watch the preview of John and Abbie Duggar's wedding on TLC, we have written an extended recap. It is also still available on the TLC website.

Duggars dating 2018

They started texting, became boyfriend and girlfriend, and announced their courtship to the Duggars-all within two weeks of meeting each other. Joy started crying tears of happiness. Abbie Burnett is from Stratford, Oklahoma, and is the fourth of eight children five girls and three boys. She has worked as a nurse for one year and has a passion for geriatrics. Within just two months, John and Abbie were engaged at an airplane hanger in Texas.

Like past Duggar couples, they save their first kiss for the altar. Jana is a bridesmaid, as are Abbie's sisters. Jim Bob and Michelle more than approve of the match and are thrilled to watch their eighth child get married. It's so cute to see them together.

Her dad really enjoys having a first look with his daughter before the ceremony. After walking her down the aisle, he gives her away, on behalf of himself and Cheryl, "with joyful hearts and our fullest blessing.

You can view them by tapping here. During the unity candle ceremony, Josiah and Lauren Duggar sing a song that has been a long-time wedding tradition for the Burnett family.

During the ring exchange, the pastor admits that he has no idea where the second part to Abbie's ring is. When it comes time to kiss the bride, John kisses Abbie's hands, arms, and forehead while she laughs and smiles before going in for a long and passionate kiss on the lips. They were seen in a car, driving together Shortly after the courtship "proposal," she was allowed to slide almost all the way over to Joseph.

Co-Ed Hide and Seek. In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal going public years later, Jim Bob and Michelle gave in interview in which they talked about all of the things they did in its aftermath. That's right, no two children regardless of age are allowed to go off alone, even in the context of this childhood pastime. How much that really helps the situation they were responding to remains to be seen.

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This is probably an obvious one if you know anything about the Duggars. The family does not smoke or drink. They do, however, enjoy the occasional sugary dessert or getting high on life and love. Romance Novels. Safe to say the Duggars are in the minority, having not read Fifty Shades of Grey the movie adaptation of which they won't be seeing either, we're guessing. The Bible warns not to "think about gratifying the pleasure of the flesh," so instead the family studies Christian text and not E.

James' erotic fiction. The Duggars' option is probably 1, times better-written, we will give them that much. Avert your eyes, Michelle Duggar!

The family matriarch feels that dancing encourages "sensual" feelings, while Jessa Duggar has said that she feels modern music promotes "sex, drugs, all that type of stuff. The Beach. Yes, seriously. There is Duggar-approved swimwear it's conservative and not very revealing, as Jessa Duggar recently showed us but when it comes to the beach, that's not happening.

At all. Blame the general public. As for why Ben Seewald has to keep his eyes averted when he's married to Jessa and there's only family around at the pool party pictured above, we have absolutely no idea. Can you even handle the scandal!? Even if you took out the boozy parties, sexy nurses and cats looking to get freaky and frisky with anything that moves, Halloween would still be a no-go for the Duggars. Because, according to the parents, magic and witches are "part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from," and this holiday qualifies.

To each their own. Hand Holding. Quote-Unquote Worldly Content. Jim Bob wrote Jim Bob wrote in a recent summer note to fathers everywhere to "start protecting your family" by "removing books, magazines, television, or internet that have worldly or sensual content. Replace them, he urged, "with good things like wholesome music, biographies of great Christians, good old-fashioned family fun and games.

Probably not. Did you go into your relationship hoping for marriage? That's the point of a relationship. Getting to know each other on a deeper, more meaningful level heading toward marriage. There's truly no need for you to be so cynical and nasty. They're not engaged, They're courting and getting to know each other better.

We predicts will bring more babies, courtship announcements and TV episodes for the jankossencontemporary.com: Rebecka Schumann. Oct 24,   Now that all the Duggars who were in courtships are married, all eyes are on Jana Duggar. She has been busy this summer; not with her own dating life, but with planning weddings for all her siblings. But recently, a new boyfriend candidate, who seems to be close friends with Josh Duggar, emerged, and she is now rumored to be dating him!Author: Jenny Cox. Jan 23,   Duggar Courtship News Josiah Duggar is in an official courtship! Who's the lucky girl? It's Lauren Swanson, Josiah's "special friend" who accompanied the Duggars on their trip to Australia and New Zealand. Lauren is 18 and the oldest of eight, and her family has known the Duggars for years. (Treating dating like trying on shoes in a shoe.

A Duggar courtship is a It's only a matter of time til he buys the ring and proposes. So predictable, announcement just in time for the new season. Nothing different or unexpected happens in this family, just waiting on Jessas baby no 3 announcement.

And nothing officially happens until People or TLC announces it! Who didn't see this coming? And you're right, Jessa should be announcing any day now, with the congratulatory videos to follow. I wish the big owner would strike posts like yours.

Negative and in poor spirit. And no need to explain what a "courtship" is to us anymore I predict engaged at easter, married in July pregnancy announcement by halloween. Congratulations Josiah and Lauren on your courtship.

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Can't wait to see you both on Counting On. Bless you both Great news! I'm glad Josiah was able to find the right person for him. I hope things continue to progress. She seems like a really sweet girl.

Above comment is suggesting that Josiah is ugly and that Lauren is out of his league therefore he is not worthy of her. Tasteless, rude comment.

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Its a term used usually by guys to roast each other when someone is romantically involved with someone more attractive than themselves, they will say 'hes punching above his weight.

Lauren is very pretty!! Guy friends tease each other like this all the time. They are not calling each other ugly, more that their girlfriend is very attractive, its teasing thats all. Some people here need to lighten up, the Duggar boys and I am sure their friends tease each other a lot!

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I agree. She's beautiful, but he has a great personality so I can see why she's attracted to him. I guess that would depend on how you describe "attractive". They both have some pros and cons as far as looks, as do most people.

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Thanks, I've never heard the term but assumed it meant something along those lines. So it is true! Congrats to you both Josiah and Lauren! I'm happy if you both are and may God always be first! Did anyone NOT see this coming? Poor Josiah, the Duggar male pattern baldness has struck early and hard.

Well it doesn't seem to be affecting his love life, so who cares. Some people bald early, it really doesn't matter, some people are just shallow.

How rude! If you could not just congratulate the happy couple why was it necessary to post anything? I don't think you would appreciate anyone being critical of your hairline. I have found I'm more critical of others when I'm unhappy about my own life.

Really hope you feel better soon. I have to say you must be one very unhappy individual. I'm going to pray for you. Women stop him on the street and comment on how handsome he is! Our society is so obsessed with looks; very shallow. I don't think OP means all balding people are unattractive, some people pull it off very well.

That's nice. Lauren's father is on the IBLP speaking circuit too. They have the same family background which is good for their relationship. And they will pass those same views on to their children, as no doubt Derick is doing with his.

What a sweet girl! She will make such a pretty bride assuming it will end up in marriage. She and Josiah seem well balanced for each other.


Do you know her personally? She is really bubbly and cute and great love for our Lord Jesus. They have their reasons as to why it wasn't meant to be for them. I'll bet they remained friends though. She's definitely mature for her age.

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Her parents did well raising them. She reminds me of myself at that age. I was thinking the same thing. Now if it were John David I could see them saying finally.

Jana Duggar: Secretly Dating "Best Friend" Laura DeMasie?

Does anyone know how he makes his living? If he works in the family business, I'm curious if he has any other ambitions. Yeah, the Duggars are quite mysterious with their jobs. What do Joe and Josh do? I'm not sure what jobs any of the Duggars have. Jeremy is the pastor of a church in Texas. The other adults in the family never mention any sort of employment so I'm not sure how they support themselves.

Josh is selling cars again, and probably because his first courtship didn't work out. If it is curiosity that makes you want to know great. However most just seem to complain about whatever job they do. So perhaps they stopped discussing it. I am sure they work within one of the family businesses. Nothing wrong with that. Family businesses are nothing new.

Unless you are a Duggar, then the public thinks you must get out,and find more. More temptation, more independence, probably less financial stability, debt, and be just like the rest of the worldly public. I think it is great to see a family stay together and have strong enough bonds that they can work together as well.

Excuse me,but my and my husband's jobs don't mean temptation, financial instability, or debt.

Duggars in Central America, December Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in Central America, December Since we started blogging about the Duggars in (nine years ago!) we have posted dozens of photos from their many missions trips .

Nor has "temptation" ever played a part in our professional lives. I don't enjoy being included in that group image you so broadly painted. Do you watch the show? They take care of commercial properties and rental properties that they own. They buy and fix up cars and sell them. They flip houses. Yes,I do watch the show, but I haven't seen Josiah at work or heard about him doing a particular job in a while. They haven't really focused on showing the guys' jobs in a long time. It's been about the weddings, outdoor adventures, etc.

The last things I remember seeing on the show were helping Austin with their new house and showing Ben's rapper friend how to use their big equipment. They are courting, so about three months, then the engagement will be about three months, so I totally agree that August will be the wedding date if things progress per usual.

A wedding timed to hammer out a deal for another season with TLC. But they'll show the wedding first, at the end of one season, then spend most of the next season showing the parties and planning leading up to the wedding. TLC, you have become too predictable. His courtship with Marjorie lasted 4 months, so I assume this one will be longer to make sure everything works out. I hope they've known each other long enough.

From the body language, they kind of seem like strangers. He strikes me as someone who would jump into a relationship too quickly. I never cared for Marjorie, his last girlfriend, but Lauren seems genuine. I don't see how she was around long enough for you to form a dislike towards her? I thought she seemed sweet. They seem like just friends here. It says in one of the two blog posts about them, that they've known each others families a long time.

And knowing the Duggar's, I'm sure none of them would court a stranger! They just have certain rules during courtship that they themself set. They might just be focusing really hard on not touching or bumping into each other, so they come off as more rigid.

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I find it strange that she had no idea he was interested in courting her, especially since they are suppose to be "friends". Surely, they would have at least spent time together as "friends" before he took that step, even if they had been chaperoned. He would have had to discuss it with her parents and his parents, especially given their extreme youth.

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I wonder if the Duggars know the difference between friends and acquaintances. The couple does not set the courtship rules; they just follow the rules and accept the rules set by the parents. Hope it was a surprise "proposal" and not a surprise courtship. I think it's peculiar how the courtship rules always seem to be the same, even though each couple supposedly sets them for themselves.

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