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New guidance gets the balance right in stopping short of a complete ban. In new guidance, the General Medical Council GMC has warned doctors to think long and hard before embarking on a sexual relationship with a former patient. It has not introduced a blanket ban, which might have been vulnerable to a human rights challenge, but it is far from permissive. Consider the general practitioner in a remote rural practice. The edict could cast the shadow of inappropriate behaviour across any future partner he or she may meet. Surely the medical oath did not include a vow of chastity? Previously the GMC prohibited only relationships with current patients.

It is not unethical for a doctor to date a current or former patient. Until now, the General Medical Council has discouraged doctors from having relationships with former patients deemed vulnerable at the time they were being treated, and it conti. State medical boards generally take a dim view of doctors becoming romantically involved with their patients. However, even the staid American Medical Association seems to give a pass to doctors who become involved with ex -patients. The Associated Press. The state medical board has adopted a sexual-misconduct policy that includes a ban on doctors dating patients, despite objections from lawyers and a doctors Seattle Times Staff.

I also notice his voice gets very soft and higher pitched when he is up close. I really feel there is a mutual chemistry there, but am afraid to say or do anything about it.

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I am trying to find a way to let him know I am open to a personal relationship after the doctor-patient relationship ends. I will really miss the opportunity to chat with him. He is a genius and I could listen to him for hours.

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I literally could feel my eyes dilating the last time he was examining me. It was just my leg, but I found myself admiring his hands! Do you think he can tell I have these feelings? One of my friends says this doctor is probably just comfortable with me and uses the extra time to take a little break from the routine.

Maybe I should just put this aside and assume if he is interested and available that he will find a time and a way to approach me?

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Or should I give him a parting thank-you note when I am released, that suggests I am open to being friends after the doctor-patient relationship ends? I find him very attractive and I am fairly certain he is spending considerably more time with me than his other patients. What does a doctor do when he is attracted to a patient? How would I know? Transference is the psychoanalytic process by which emotions originally associated with one person are unconsciously shifted to another person, especially to the analyst or, according to your overly analytical friend, the surgeon.

One need not invoke such a deep explanation for your response, which, as I see it, is simply the basic human tendency to like people who are kind and take the time to express genuine interest in others.

Or is it genuine interest on his part? I'll return to that later on, at which time you'll realize that this matter is not as simple as it may seem.

Let me guess.

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Your surgeon was initially aloof, brief, and arrogant-in other words, a typical surgeon. Genuinely nice people tend to gravitate toward pediatrics or family practice, not surgery.

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Offhand, I cannot think of any surgeons I know who have captivating personalities. I knew one who was the prototypical nice guy, but he disliked surgery so much that he quit practicing medicine and is now a bartender in Montana.

A coincidence?

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Not in my mind. Different specialties tend to attract medical students with different personalities, and the training they subsequently receive further molds and magnifies their innate behavior. Let's just say that surgical residencies are not conducive to producing warm and fuzzy human beings. What could make the surgeon chat about non-medical things for a half-hour and do the dirty work that he would ordinarily delegate to his nurse or PA? One thing is clear: he wants you to like him.

Sexual relationships between doctors and former patients

The question is, why? Ten-to-one, he likes you. Or, to remove any trace of ambiguity, he has the hots for you.

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New rules for doctors and physician assistants Examples of sexual misconduct with patients prohibited by Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission. Every doctor and physician assistant in the state will be subject to the measure once it takes effect in about two months, The News Tribune newspaper reported.

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The policy lists 11 prohibited acts, and those who violate the rules could lose their licenses. Opponents also say the new rules could allow innocent medical providers to be accused of wrongdoing.

Other health professionals already operate under sexual-misconduct rules similar to the new policy for doctors and physician assistants.

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Later, the women found out about a third woman with whom the D. Further complicating the issue, a fourth woman claimed that Dr. Ramsey had a sexual relationship with her-a claim that Dr. Ramsey vehemently denied.

Aug 04,   The public is being asked whether doctors should be able to have sexual relationships with ex-patients without fear of reproach. The guidance sets out boundaries The General Medical Council, the body that regulates doctors, wants to gauge public opinion before ating its advice to doctors. Mar 26,   Doctors allowed to date former patients However, a number of senior doctors have warned that dating former patients is "flawed" and risks undermining the public's trust in . Apr 11,   Doctors and nurses may not be allowed to date ex-patients Doctors and nurses may be banned from dating former patients unless the contact between them was minimal, according to new draft guidelines. The recommendations follow a series of high-profile cases where healthcare staff sexually abused patients.

The women decided to take action. During a hearing that took four sessions before the chiropractic board of examiners, Dr.

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Ramsey was found guilty of four counts of sexual misconduct, and his license was suspended for two years. At the end of two years, he could apply for reactivation of his chiropractic license if he:.

In addition, as a result of a civil action brought by the four women, Dr.

Jan 05,   "The heart wants what it wants," a general surgeon told the publication. "Well-educated and informed adults can make their own decisions. But in a romantic relationship, the patient/physician. A physician must terminate the patient-physician relationship before initiating a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship with a patient. Likewise, sexual or romantic relationships between a physician and a former patient may be unduly influenced by . Some doctors don't necessarily see anything wrong with dating a patient. They may live in communities where everyone runs in the same social circles. Others think who they date is a private matter as long as it's between consenting adults. The following case study, written by Bruce Hodges, D.C., is about a real doctor who crossed the line.

Ramsey had to pay each claimant an out of court monetary settlement. The resulting publicity severely affected Dr.

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Ramsey had to hire a new graduate to keep his practice open during the suspension. However, Dr. Ramsey was required to remove the doors to his office, have a female on staff observe all of his treatments with female patients, and make other changes to his office policies before he could practice again.

Ramsey returned to his practice with the associate doctor who is now his partner. Ultimately, the practice was able to prosper again, but only after Dr. Ramsey learned a costly lesson and paid an enormous personal, financial, and professional price. The most important point is to never become involved with a patient or employee.

Doctors dating ex patients

If a sexual relationship is inevitable, the patient or employee can no longer remain your patient or employee. The person must be referred to another doctor for care or dismissed as an employee. Note: Some states never permit a doctor to date a former patient-no matter how much time has elapsed.

Claiming the relationship was consensual is not a viable defense.

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