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I have no idea where you are or how old you are, but if you are anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area and in the age range there is a great guy looking for a great girl. So very cool of you to share your journey in dating. I know I am blessed beyond words to have my supportive husband, who your boyfriend sounds just like. Thank you. As you know, last month I wrote about this as well. It can be challenging for sure but my belief system has always been that if someone wants to be with you they will no matter what the circumstances are. However, I do believe it would be easier across the board to date someone that did have the same allergies because of potential cross-contamination in homes etc.

Also, the person might not look anything like their pictures so you could spend loads of time getting to know this person and really think you're hitting it off but when you meet you might think "Oh my god, you're nothing like your picture and I don't find you attractive at all".

Personally I think you should meet up sooner rather than later.

Steve’s Dating Pool: Steve Harvey Helps Dana Find her Guy

That way you will find out quite quickly whether you find this person attractive, if they can hold a conversation with you and if you both enjoy each other company. Doesn't hurt to say "How about us meeting.

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