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Our Decentralized Chapters Community is just a click away! Register Now! The University of Nicosia is proud to present the 4th annual Decentralized Conference, which will take place in Limassol, Cyprus, from 11 to 13 November Watch the Decentralized Wrap Up. Adam has worked on e-cash protocols since He was an architect and cryptographer at Zero-Knowledge Systems, and a consultant to companies such as Nokia and VMware. Adam holds a Ph.

But from the early s, with the advent of Web 2.

Ponder, a decentralized dating site hosted on the Ethereum blockchain (see t, combines the algorithmic capabilities of favorite dating websites with a value economy that integrates real-world connections into the digital dating process. Ponder reflects the in . Decentralized Network Across Two Blockchains. Two Blockchains serve DATE. STEEM and Telos. And each one provides a unique use case for the decentralized dating dapp project including Social Media and Smart Contracts. Jan 31,   Online dating attracts massive crowds, but in many ways, it has wavered in its effectiveness. Fortunately, match-making is moving beyond the internet and onto the decentralized blockchain Author: Maria Konash.

Instead users keep control of their data and connect and interact and exchange messages directly with others in their network. Why do we need an alternative?

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With the current web, all that user data concentrated in the hands of a few creates risk that our data will be hacked. It also makes it easier for governments to conduct surveillance and impose censorship.

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And if any of these centralised entities shuts down, your data and connections are lost. Then there are privacy concerns stemming from the business models of many of the companies, which use the private information we provide freely to target us with ads.

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The DWeb, say proponents, is about giving people a choice: the same services, but decentralised and not creepy. How does the DWeb work that is different? There are two big differences in how the DWeb works compared to the world wide web, explains Matt Zumwalt, the programme manager at Protocol Labswhich builds systems and tools for the DWeb. on Ethereum Blockchain: The World's 1st AI-Driven Marketplace for Dating & Relationships

First, there is this peer-to-peer connectivity, where your computer not only requests services but provides them. Second, how information is stored and retrieved is different.

Decentralized dating

Currently we use http and https links to identify information on the web. Those links point to content by its location, telling our computers to find and retrieve things from those locations using the http protocol.

By contrast, DWeb protocols use links that identify information based on its content - what it is rather than where it is.

MeetLuna is yet another decentralized dating platform that's looking to deliver better outcomes for those searching for the perfect match. Essentially, Luna engages machine learning to let you in on the best matches that are likely to improve your love life. Mar 09,   Since dating websites are collecting sensitive user data, there are security benefits to a decentralized arrangement. What's more, a tokenized economy allows users to reward those who add value to the experience, and new monetary models . Table of Contents The Decentralized Dating EconomyPonderHickyLunaThe Main Message Over the past several weeks, the social internet has exploded in chaos. A string of embarrassing revelations regarding Facebook and its misuse of a head-turning amount of user data has renewed our collective awareness of a system that we've all been complicit in for a long [ ].

This content-addressed approach makes it possible for websites and files to be stored and passed around in many ways from computer to computer rather than always relying on a single server as the one conduit for exchanging information.

Blockchain technology is the secure, encrypted technology that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ether run off. It provides a decentralised public digital ledger of transactions, which tracks ownership securely in an environment without trust. While the first applications of blockchain technology were for digital currency transactions, that same technology is now finding application in the development of the DWeb including recording the movement of data, registering unique user names and even data storage.

There are also cryptocurrencies themselves being deployed to help create the DWeb. And each one provides a unique use case for the decentralized dating dapp project including Social Media and Smart Contracts.

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The more DATE tokens you stake the more of a hand you will be given developing in the project. DDATE tokens DATE have a built in Telos smart contract feature DATE tokens will be used with a Steem Tribe nitrous front end dapp and a Telos main net dapp for the matching of users on a blockchain database using Ai analysis of their their steem posts and social media interests to create the best matches.

Sep 08,   Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web The decentralised web, or DWeb, could be a chance to take control of our data back from the big tech firms. So how does it work and when Author: Zoe Corbyn. Apr 15,   Another dating site that uses blockchain tech is the decentralized matchmaking platform known as Ponder. Ponder is designed so that anyone can be a matchmaker for their friend or even complete strangers. In fact, users can even make some cash fixing people up. According to their site. DECENTRALIZED 11 - 13 Nov | Limassol, Cyprus Save the Date! Buy Tickets JOIN A CHAPTER! Our Decentralized Chapters. Community is just a click away! Dr. Adam BACK CEO, Blockstream Dr. Adam Back is the inventor of hashcash (used in Bitcoin mining) and co-founder and CEO of Blockstream. Adam has worked on e-cash protocols since

DATE token provides the solution for Tinder style dating apps constantly asking you to pay them. Delegated Proof of Stake.

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Decentralized Network Decentralization means the community has power over this dating network and who gets seen more. Rate your Date Rate your Date can allow us to gather valuable data for matches transparently. The App Apps. Distribution of tokens.

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Ponder reflects the in-person dating experience in its digital platform. Since our intuition and interpersonal relationships can be valuable tools when helping identify intriguing relationships, Ponder provides a financial incentive for playing match-maker.

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Sometimes, these matches go really well, and a couple gets married. The blockchain is widely regarded as the most forward-thinking and capable technology of our time.

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It not only facilitates value exchanges, but its decentralized network improves security and reliability. Dating sites collect droves of personal information, and they are an extremely attractive target for hackers. Although Ponder has obvious applications for the dating scene, it can facilitate meaningful connections across industries.

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The same functionality that encourages users to play match-maker can work for professional contacts and personal associations as well. In short, Ponder is the scalable and incentivized version of the interactions that we already have every day.

Last fall, Ponder officially entered beta testing, and it now has more than 70 thousand active users piloting the platform.

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