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Using Plenty Of Fish, the free dating site. It was like the Netto of dating sites. I chatted briefly with one woman before telling her I was going out for a few drinks. Next day I checked my messages and she had sent some. I sent her a message the next day to never contact me again. Had been arrested for a federal hate crime as a neo-Nazi and was ineligible to practice. Thank god for google.

March will mark our 1 year anniversary. I matched a girl who looked really cool and complimented her hair. She replied, upset, and then unmatched me. Met with a girl at a bar in Philadelphia on a Friday night around 6PM.

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We are getting along well and she says that she needs to use the rest room. She took her jacket and purse to the restroom.

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The bartender kinda realized it. I took two drinks off your tab. Oh man, the first time I contacted someone it was via The Onion personals, which were really a thing inI just made fun of a band she said she liked. I still cringe. Share This Image. I spend a lot of time alone doing things that actually could be done with company, 1 shooting pool, 2 karaoke, 3 eating out.

I could see how this app could help me find someone to do those things with on the spur of the moment or maybe if I got bored doing that by myself. Adonis comes in looking for me. My smartphone would be a magic dating lantern. Need hot guy? Just rub your finger on the Tinder App.

Anyway, the phone uses your profile pics in your facebook and your real name.

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No thanks! EwwwwGrossGrody even. I personally have had much better luck using it than traditional online dating. It might be due to the area where I live which is very tech friendly.

WTF Moments from Celebs Go Dating with Olivia Attwood, Vas J Morgan & More - Pt. 2

I have found that more of my dates are from my typical type of social circle and sometimes we know people in common which helps too. I probably met about 10 guys. I like it for coffee dates. I prefer getting to know someone in person and knowing right away if I find them attractive or not. Reading and writing online profiles feels exhausting to me. To me, it makes in - person interactions quicker.

I agree and it makes me feel sad for the culture I am now part of living in. I would rather be part of creating something better. Or am I missing something?

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Maybe you could try talking to the people you are interested in to learn about them? Just a thought.

What is the biggest dating WTF you've experienced? Close. k. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. What is the biggest dating WTF you've experienced? k comments. share. save hide report. 95Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. Dec 31,   Dating doesn't always go as planned. 8. I matched a girl who looked really cool and complimented her hair. She responded with something along the lines of "I'm so glad you messaged me, most of these guys just match and never message.". Dating WTF. likes 2 talking about this. We scrape the bottom of the dating barrel for funny dating profiles, weird dating photos and creepy private Followers:

Many of the women have zero interest in meeting live. Too many horny guys and too few horny middle aged women.

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After all, over 40 women are frigid and bitter anyhow. I think consuming either requires self-control and moderation to be enjoyable without causing you severe, expensive problems later in life.

But despite that wisdom, not everyone can afford or has time to eat healthy, or they live in an area with low-quality options. Same idea with dating, I think, which Tinder is capitalizing on and rather brilliantly, I have to admit. So hey, why not reduce dating to nearly the same adjectives?

Tinder, WTF?!

Quick, cheap, feels good, and does the job of curing the pangs for companionship. However, it seems to me that like fast food, using stuff like Tinder would be unhealthy in the long term if used rather exclusively. While I may not ever use it, I accept it as yet another reflection of western or maybe mostly American cultural values. Although some men choose to list those stats as they may perceive them as assets or want to avoid being judged eventually for lack thereof.

I was a huge skeptic at first and just signed up for laughs. You are publishing your location, the fact that you are single and probably alone. Ewww and Eeek!

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My limited experience on non US dating sites suggests that having a list of characteristics to assess is an impediment to actual meeting. There is a tendency to search through a lot of profiles rather than just get out there and do it in the real world.

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I imagine that using Facebook as the root source will screen out the married not yet separated seemed like half the women on sites I used and those with otherwise steady partners. The level of identifiability will also discourage other deviants. So, you get down to a real world meeting much faster.

You will spend time meeting people rather than thinking about it. Hell for Aspies. However, given its origins in Grinder.

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The fast food example was a very good one. On Tinder I was constantly sad because I would meet men in person and on Skype have intimate conversations, enjoyed the attention and in many cases became physical: all building up in my mind a relationship.

I have friends who have found their boyfriends on Tinder and I have read blogs describing Tinder from everything to a digital bar to the hook up app woman actually use. However I can tell you after almost a year on Tinder I have never had more self inflicted emotional hurt and distraction. But based on some comments maybe there is a little more to it depending on your location. But like all new technology, it will have its good and bad and it will be up to people to leverage up the good while screening out the bad.

Dating wtf

It seems from the experience of people here, that it has it;s advantages in allowing people to meet up earlier and not waste time pursusing leads that will lead no-where - eg. However, it also appears to provide a more attractive option for people who just want to hook up and it could mean running into more players which you need to know how to screen out for.

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Making them wait to meet is one option, but could still potentially screen out genuine people. The link to Facebook is a good idea, but would not help if someone has put very little information up on Facebook. Was it because you kept running into players? My gay friend loved the Blender site initially but gave it up as it was addictive but completely unsatisfying for the reasons you outlined in your article.

Dating in Portland: WTF. Help Me. This is aiming to be a general discussion about dating in Portland, and the general dating scene. For male or female. Rant or rave. What's your opinion? Are you male or female? What are you looking for and do you find it? Amelia I don't get the appeal as well, but I think stuff like Tinder is to dating as fast food is to, well, food. I think consuming either requires self-control and moderation to be enjoyable without causing you severe, expensive problems later in life.

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