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May 25, PM. I just finished reading Sputnik Sweetheart and I was wondering what other people made of the ending. I read some people's theories online that possibly the narrator committed suicide at the end. It kind of made sense to me, but it was completely different from the impression I got. I thought that Sumire came back from the "other side," but the Sumire that came back reciprocated the narrators love.

On 8 August, the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union approved the proposal to create an artificial satellite. They decided to develop a three-stage version of the R-7 rocket for satellite launches. On 30 January the Council of Ministers approved practical work on an artificial Earth-orbiting satellite.

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Preliminary design work was completed in July and the scientific tasks to be carried out by the satellite were defined. These included measuring the density of the atmosphere and its ion composition, the solar win magnetic fieldsand cosmic rays.

This data would be valuable in the creation of future artificial satellites; a system of ground stations was to be developed to collect data transmitted by the satellite, observe the satellite's orbit, and transmit commands to the satellite. Because of the limited time frame, observations were planned for only 7 to 10 days and orbit calculations were not expected to be extremely accurate.

By the end of it became clear that the complexity of the ambitious design meant that 'Object D' could not be launched in time because of difficulties creating scientific instruments and the low specific impulse produced by the completed R-7 engines sec instead of the planned to sec.

Consequently, the government rescheduled the launch for April Fearing the U. The selection was approved on 12 February by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, but the site would not be completed until The first launch of an R-7 rocket 8K71 No. The launch of the fourth rocket 8K71 No. The launch of the fifth R-7 rocket 8K71 No. The rocket, however, was deemed suitable for satellite launches, and Korolev was able to convince the State Commission to allow the use of the next R-7 to launch PS-1, [37] allowing the delay in the rocket's military exploitation to launch the PS-1 and PS-2 satellites.

On 22 September a modified R-7 rocket, named Sputnik and indexed as 8K71PS, [40] arrived at the proving ground and preparations for the launch of PS-1 began. PS-1 was not designed to be controlled; it could only be observed. Initial data at the launch site would be collected at six separate observatories and telegraphed to NII A second, nationwide observation complex was established to track the satellite after its separation from the rocket.

Called the Command-Measurement Complex, it consisted of the coordination center in NII-4 and seven distant stations situated along the line of the satellite's ground track. Data from stations were transmitted by telegraphs into NII-4 where ballistics specialists calculated orbital parameters. The observatories used a trajectory measurement system called "Tral", developed by OKB MEI Moscow Energy Instituteby which they received and monitored data from transponders mounted on the R-7 rocket's core stage.

Outside the Soviet Union, the satellite was tracked by amateur radio operators in many countries.

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It had a mass of Two of these batteries powered the radio transmitter and one powered the temperature regulation system. The batteries had an expected lifetime of two weeks, and operated for 22 days. The power supply was turned on automatically at the moment of the satellite's separation from the second stage of the rocket.

The satellite had a one-watt, 3. Signals on the first frequency were transmitted in 0. Temperature and pressure were encoded in the duration of radio beeps. A temperature regulation system contained a fana dual thermal switchand a control thermal switch. At Borisov, where reception of Sputnik 1's "beep-beep-beep" tones confirmed the satellite's successful deployment.

Reception lasted for two minutes, until PS-1 fell below the horizon.

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The designers, engineers and technicians who developed the rocket and satellite watched the launch from the range. On the first orbit the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union TASS transmitted: "As result of great, intense work of scientific institutes and design bureaus the first artificial Earth satellite has been built.

It was a first magnitude object following behind the satellite and visible at night. Deployable reflective panels were placed on the booster in order to increase its visibility for tracking. The core stage of the R-7 remained in orbit for two months until 2 Decemberwhile Sputnik 1 orbited for three months, until 4 Januaryhaving completed 1, orbits of the Earth. Our movies and television programs in the fifties were full of the idea of going into space. What came as a surprise was that it was the Soviet Union that launched the first satellite.

It is hard to recall the atmosphere of the time.

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The Soviets provided details of Sputnik 1 before the launch, but few outside the Soviet Union noticed. After reviewing information publicly available before the launch, the science writer Willy Ley wrote in If somebody tells me that he has the rockets to shoot - which we know from other sources, anyway - and tells me what he will shoot, how he will shoot it, and in general says virtually everything except for the precise date - well, what should I feel like if I'm surprised when the man shoots?

Organized through the citizen science project Operation Moonwatchteams of visual observers at stations in the United States and other countries were alerted during the night to watch for the satellite at dawn and during the evening twilight as it passed overhead. News reports at the time pointed out that "anyone possessing a short wave receiver can hear the new Russian earth satellite as it hurtles over this area of the globe.

Then tune to slightly higher frequencies. The 'beep, beep' sound of the satellite can be heard each time it rounds the globe. They then drove the tape recording into Manhattan for broadcast to the public over NBC radio.

Students working in the university's FM station, WKCRmade a tape of this, and were the first to rebroadcast the Sputnik signal to the American public or whoever could receive the FM station.

Sputnik 1 (/ ? s p ? t n ? k / or / ? s p ? t n ? k /; "Satellite-1", or "PS-1", -1 or Prosteyshiy Sputnik-1, "Elementary Satellite 1") was the first artificial Earth satellite. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October , orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died, then silently for two more months before Launch date: 4 October , UTC. The app - DonaldDaters - was launched by company CEO Emily Moreno in an effort to improve the experience of online dating for supporters of US President Donald Trump, who hold very low popularity rates in many urban areas where dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have revolutionized the romantic scene for young people. Mar 20,   There are plenty of differences as well (Alison wasn't a lesbian for instance), but I thought Sputnik was a stronger homage to The Magus than 1Q84 was to and that was homage which Murakami publicly acknowledged.

The Soviet Union agreed to transmit on frequencies that worked with the United States' existing infrastructure, but later announced the lower frequencies.

The success of Sputnik 1 seemed to have changed minds around the world regarding a shift in power to the Soviets.

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In Britain, the media and population initially reacted with a mixture of fear for the future, but also amazement about human progress. Many newspapers and magazines heralded the arrival of the Space Age.

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Sputnik 1 was not immediately used for Soviet propaganda. The Soviets had kept quiet about their earlier accomplishments in rocketry, fearing that it would lead to secrets being revealed and failures being exploited by the West. People were encouraged to listen to Sputnik's signals on the radio [83] and to look out for Sputnik in the night sky.

While Sputnik itself had been highly polished, its small size made it barely visible to the naked eye. What most watchers actually saw was the much more visible metre core stage of the R The launch of Sputnik 1 surprised the American public, and shattered the perception created by American propaganda of the United States as the technological superpower, and the Soviet Union as a backward country.

Before work was completed, however, the Soviet Union launched a second satellite, Sputnik 2, on 3 November Meanwhile, the televised failure of Vanguard TV3 on 6 December deepened American dismay over the country's position in the Space Race. The Americans took a more aggressive stance in the emerging space race, [88] resulting in an emphasis on science and technological research, and reforms in many areas from the military to education systems.

On Friday, 4 Octoberthe Soviets had orbited the world's first artificial satellite. Anyone who doubted its existence could walk into the backyard just after sunset and see it. Initially, U. President Eisenhower was not surprised by Sputnik 1. He had been forewarned of the R-7's capabilities by information derived from U-2 spy plane overflight photos, as well as signals and telemetry intercepts.

The sense of anxiety was inflamed by Democratic politicians and professional cold warriors, who portrayed the United States as woefully behind. The U.

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Sputnik also contributed directly to a new emphasis on science and technology in American schools. With a sense of urgency, Congress enacted the National Defense Education Act, which provided low-interest loans for college tuition to students majoring in math and science.

One consequence of the Sputnik shock was the perception of a " missile gap ". This became a dominant issue in the Presidential campaign. One irony of the Sputnik event was the initially low-key response of the Soviet Union. Sputnik also inspired a generation of engineers and scientists.

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Harrison Storms, the North American designer who was responsible for the X rocket plane, and went on to head the effort to design the Apollo command and service module and Saturn V launch vehicle's second stage was moved by the launch of Sputnik to think of space as being the next step for America. The launch of Sputnik 1 led to the resurgence of the suffix -nik in the English language. The flag of the Russian city of Kalugawhich, due to its importance as Konstantin Tsiolkovsky 's birthplace, is very focused on space, features a small Sputnik in the left section.

At least two vintage duplicates of Sputnik 1 exist, built apparently as backup units. One resides just outside Moscow in the corporate museum of Energiathe modern descendant of Korolev's design bureau, where it is on display by appointment only. Unlike Energia's unit, it has no internal components, but it does have casings and molded fittings inside as well as evidence of battery wearwhich suggest [ according to whom?

On Speed Dating, one can't help but occasionally smile at the exhibitionism of it all. The music is gluttonous. It's difficult, maybe ill-advised, to assess Speed Dating's emotive appeal; an ability to infer much (if any) is probably to the credit of the listener, not the music. Mark Applebaum excels in cool-headed indulgence, not. User Reviews 3 Approval 95Soundoffs 3 Album Ratings Objectivity 71Last Active am Joined Forum Posts 1 Review Comments 14, Sputnik should be in sentence Select category Travel Swear Words & Insults Scientific & Medical Terms Food & Drinks Shopping Address & Directions Dating Health & Fitness Money & Banking Common Phrases Titles Proverbs & Quotes Others.

Authenticated by the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, the unit was auctioned in and purchased by an anonymous private buyer, who donated it to the museum. Three one-third scale student-built replicas of Sputnik 1 were deployed from the Mir space station between and The first, named Sputnik 40 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1, was deployed in November A fourth replica was launched, but never deployed, and was destroyed when Mir was deorbited.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Sputnik disambiguation. First artificial Earth satellite. Radio transmitter Sputnik program. Main articles: Sputnik rocket and R-7 Semyorka. Play media. Further information: Sputnik crisis and Space Race. Spaceflight portal Soviet Union portal.

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Archived from the original on 30 October I watched it when I was younger and it never occurred to me how pretentious he came off.

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But the music always interested me, so I should check this out. Edit: I just listened to a few minutes.

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I no longer want to check this out. Fisher-Price Little People figures? Ah, the story is nothing special.

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I really really really like Bloc Party's Silent Alarm album. That album was released around the time I was signing up for different forums etc, so it was only a matter of time before I found Sputnik and used the name again. For the first year, I was actually bloc01, before asking the mods to edit it. Oh, actually there is some relation to Lego too.

I used to rep Lego block avatars for years haha. Mark Applebaum Speed Dating 2. Review Summary: This is my piece, and you - mine - can go - mine - and make - mine - your own. The music is gluttonous. Mark Applebaum excels in cool-headed indulgence, not heartstring tugging. The piece uses eight old analog synthesizers Moog MG-1, Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, and other goodieswith Mark winding the springs and watching chaos ensue, seemingly not getting involved or attached.

The issue with Speed Dating is that it feels more like a compilation than a consolidated vision.

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