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We know your habits. And for TV junkies, few destinations are as expansive as Hulu. Here are the shows - and only the stickiest series that will get you totally hooked, and plenty of fresh plotlines to keep you guessing over the course of a single weekend - just waiting to be discovered by your random scrolling. Looking for good movies on Hulu? We have those queued up. Need some help diving into Hulu's massive list of anime titles? We've got that, too.

Teenagers and their mental health issues are rarely shown, especially with this much realness.

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But the dark comedy and our desire for Rae to win consistently provide relief. Oh, 90s Brit-pop, we love you so! Detective Andy Sipowicz. The landmark show may be remembered for pushing the boundaries of network television hello, naked behinds! While watching, we felt immersed in the 15th Precinct. Gritty, heartbreaking, thought-provoking and, at times, hilarious, the series set the bar high for all cop dramas that would follow.

I still get chills thinking about it. If you have grown tired of the zombie takeover of TV, movies and videogames, revive yourself with In the Flesh.

The specifics of how this would actually play out in a sleepy English village, though, is what gives the series its emotion and charm. The series is a testament to the creativity that can still come out of what seems like an oversaturated genre, and the deep truths that manifest through a focus on what it means to be human. If he fails?

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The show may have run from untilbut it was a sporadic run, as there are only 24 episodes. However, those 24 episodes are excellent. Each episode installment has created indelible characters that stay with you long after the last tragic turn of events has unfolded. Hawley deftly explores universal themes like the death of the American dream, the struggle to feel self-worth, and the potential evil that lurks inside many of us.

He does this with dark humor, eloquent violence, and thought-provoking plot twists. Hawley upends our expectations. Things never unfold the way we expect. And we cannot wait for more.

Over the course of seven seasons, spanning 25 years in all, Mirren found in Tennison the resignation, and the rage, that faces any uncompromising figure in this comprised world. And yet she etched in our memories a uniquely compelling, damaged character, one to whom every detective to appear on TV since bears no small debt. To put it another way: In Prime SuspectMirren delivers one of the most brilliant, influential performances in the history of the medium.

Full stop. The Gang never change and they never grow, but we love them for it. A perfect distillation of 90s goodness, Daria holds up as an animated series that both understands and lampoons high school life.

Daria is the poster child for Gen X and early Gen Y culture, and the series remains a delightful time capsule that still holds many truths.

The 50 best shows on Hulu right now

Leave it to Joss Whedon to dream up a space show without aliens. Watch the way-too-short-lived series in full before finishing with its feature length film Serenity. The two pursue each other from Bedminster to Bruges more or lessin funny, flirty, fascinating fashion.

When the breakout hit returned, it did so with a second season that acted as an almost perfect inverse of its first. Villanelle is knocked off-kilter at least at firstand Eve ready and willing to commit violence- the dynamic fundamentally changed. The show also remained incredibly interesting and stylish, and introduced us to a host of interesting new characters and dilemmas for our core duo to face.

The general premise centers on a gang of aspiring LA-based actors, writers and entrepreneurs who make ends meet by working at a catering company.

This being Hollywood, their assignments veer from the mundane corporate retreats, birthday parties, weddings to the absurd backstage concert parties, porn awards, orgies.

No matter what the setting, however, the lackadaisical crew of Party Down catering can always be counted on to ruin the occasion, frequently in ways that leave the audience crying from laughter. Taking cues from the best Judd Apatow productions, however, beneath all the crass, scatological humor and cringe-inducing scenarios lies a bittersweet story of dreams deferred and the lengths people go to, in order to find validation and acceptance.

Are network dramas supposed to be this good? Julianna Margulies stars as the title character Alicia Florrick, who in a storyline ripped from many, many headlines is subjected to public humiliation when her husband, Peter Chris Noththe District Attorney of Chicago, is caught cheating with a prostitute. The scandal forces Alicia back into the workforce, and she takes a job with her very sexy old law school friend Will Gardner Josh Charles. The brilliance of the series is that it deftly blends multiple and equally engaging storylines that both embrace and defy genre conventions.

Each episode is an exciting combination of political intrigue, inner-office jockeying, family strife, sizzling romance, and intriguing legal cases. And, witness the transformative performance Alan Cummings gives as the cunning Eli Gold.

Solar Opposites - Trailer (Official) A Hulu Original

Many series start to fade as they age, but The Good Wife peaked late in its mostly glorious seven season run. Happy Endings could have and should have lasted far longer than three seasons, but sometimes the TV gods are cruel.

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Bob Newhart had the best second act in sitcom history. Newhart featured career work from Tom Poston, Julia Duffy and Peter Scolari, and its remote Vermont setting lead to the creation of three of the most memorable breakout sitcom characters of the s: Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl.

Newhart was a smart, confident, hilarious show, and people still talk about the ingenious twist in its final episode decades later.

For viewers of a certain age, there was a period of time in the early to mids, when Adult Swim was just getting started, that remains a kind of Golden Age of absurdist animated television. Here, Harvey T.

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Birdman is as advertised a lawyer, having taken on a new career after his superhero days with the Galaxy Trio have come to an end. The visual joke is that the character design and animation remains unchanged; Harvey is still masked in his superhero outfit, consorting with heroes and villains who also look exactly the same as they always have. Created by: Loren Bouchard Stars: H.

Once you have, its warm, sentimental streak, so deftly balanced with its zanier elements, is impossible to miss: As Bob H. Too bad. Creator: Pamela Adlon and Louis C. The series begins quietly and expands greatly over the course of its seasons, but it has never lost the emotional core that explores the lives of a black family in the south.

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Becoming more overtly political as it has continued, Queen Sugar has become a hugely necessary and rarely-seen depiction of the south the good and the ba as well as an exceptionally compelling portrait of a beautifully complicated family.

The general principle would be that June was making Chloe better, though it was more that Chloe was making June worse which may have, in turn, actually made her better.

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Sometimes that required Chloe to tranq June or dose her or trick her into signing adoption papers or the original tactic having sex with her boyfriend on her birthday cake. The series can sometimes be crude and crazy, but never without tying it all back into a bigger metaphor about how we feel when we fall in love. The poor decisions here, in a terrifying frozen wasteland with no food sources and sudden and mysterious deaths lurking around every ice block, seem to be the only natural course-even as the supernatural comes to bear in those decisions, and as more and more of the crew and its officers go mad from the extremes about them that want them dead.

The Terror is a series that rewards patience while remaining knuckle-whitening the whole way through. In this case, the historical event being explored is an American and sadly timely one: the internment of Japanese Americans in camps during the Second World War. Most importantly, it never sacrifices story and especially character in pursuit of those reactions. There are horrors of worlds beyond ours, and horrors of our own making.

By confronting its characters with both, Woo and AMC make the latter much, much harder to ignore. To enjoy black-ish is to enjoy all that the show has to offer in the name of entertainment. The sitcom about a wealthy black family is especially hilarious when the child stars Marsai Martin and Miles Brown are leading the plot.

It has been pure joy to see the Johnson children continue to grow up and the show continue to blossom. Sex and sexuality. Repression and Puritanism.

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Madonna-whore complexes. Masks and veneers. Ghosts from the past. The never-ending battle to stay solvent, stay relevant and stay independent in a ruthless, snakes-and-ladders universe. Harlots has it all. First aired in Britain on ITV Encore, Harlots focuses on a bitter rivalry between two brothel-keepers in Georgian-era London, where, according to the opening scene, one woman in five was a sex worker.

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Soap opera-worthy machination and intrigue are hardly the whole story here, though. Steven Universe has been the best show on Cartoon Network for quite some time. Such a cheerful show, right? Actually, yes: The core of Steven Universedespite its unbelievably heavy subject material, is love-not only of every creature on Earth, good or bad, but of life itself, regardless of the terrible circumstances it hurls your way.

Not every sketch was political, and not every sketch was a hit, but at their best, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele hilariously attacked issues few other comedians or shows would dare to touch.

They used comedy to become a vital part of the national conversation. Being in your 20s is like going to war, and no show on television understands that better than Broad City.

War is surely ugly, but the going is easier with a trusted, hilarious comrade by your side. Where Meredith and Cristina hugged each other and cried, Abbi and Illana tripped out on mushrooms and crashed parties.

Nathan for You

Through five seasons of hilarity and shenanigans, joints and jazz singers, guest stars Hi, Hilary Clinton! Some me might even say they one-upped their HBO foremothers.

During a decade with many successful black sitcoms, Living Single was the flyest. It remained in the top five most-watched programs by black audiences throughout its five-year run, and eventually knocked Martin out the No. The beloved series had unforgettable style, unparalleled verbal sparring between Kyle T. Yvette Lee Bowser, a producer on A Different Worl drew on experiences from her life to create Living Singlewhich followed six single black twentysomethings living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, N.

One of the most brilliant shows on television, Rick and Morty uses its nerdiness and intelligence not as a gimmick, but as a way to open the literal dimensions of creative possibility, whether the ideas are original interdimensional cable, a sentient gas cloud named Fart or tongue-in-cheek homage to The PurgeInceptioneven its own interdimensional cable episode. Season Two, in particular, took protagonist Rick Sanchez into a profound depression matched only by BoJack Horseman among animated series aimed at adults.

Had they stuck with such a formula, I suspect they still would have created one of the most important and compulsively watchable shows of But because they dared to break away, they created one of the most entertaining and jaw-dropping series as well-and in doing so, sent a powerful message about the difference between a slave and an enslaved person.

My tongue is still getting used to saying the latter instead of the former, but my brain is already beginning to see the difference. What was an enslaved black person, in America?

I imagine dances and yellow ribbons Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Rosalee. I imagine blood spilled for the sake of a map to freedom, faked injuries and tattoos on top of lashings Aldis Hodge as Noah. I imagine flames to cotton, and lost men looking for redemption-or, simply, a way out Alano Miller as Cato. In addition to giving us an incredible series with heart-stopping storylines and performances, Underground gave us permission to re-imagine the past, and-perhaps most importantly-re-envision the future.

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And with its documentary style taken just as seriously as its campy effects and extravagant costumes, the cretinous cosplay is beautifully straight-faced and completely winning-especially when the show goes to oxymoronic extremes of mundanity, like a city council meeting about zoning ordinances. The sinister, simmering miniseries The Act is a fictionalized telling of a very real crime: the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard.

But where things get really messed up is in the realization that Dee Dee had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, essentially torturing Gypsy for years to make her seem ill, infantile, and mentally and physically disabled. Patricia Arquette and Joey King give powerhouse performances as the mother-daughter duo at the center of this nightmare, as Dee Dee is able to fool doctors and neighbors for years about Gypsy, who longs to be a normal girl.

Sex, Guaranteed. Girl Most Likely. The Female Brain. Get Big. The Layover.

Start your free trial to watch Electric Love and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. It's all on Hulu. Skip Navigation Electric Love. Comedy Movie Four couples traverse the modern dating scene in Los Angeles utilizing popular dating apps. Watch Trailer. Four couples. Best reality dating shows on hulu - Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Breathing new life into the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Musketeers is packed with action, adventure and romance. Set on the streets of 17th-century Paris, where law and order is more an idea than reality, the series follows the horse riding, sword-wielding Musketeers Athos, Aramis and Porthos.

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