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Register Here Menu. Members List Social Groups Calendar. July 17th, , PM d'Artagnan. Attached Files WWBoxes July 21st, , PM d'Artagnan. Having access to more brass than I could ever use, I choose recently manufactured cases, of whatever caliber, for my general reloading. Occasionally I'm either forced to use, want to use, or experiment with older cases.

No cases, but it does have a styrofoam tray. I also remember seeing a 38 Special SXZ box. My three oldest SXZ boxes are from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of January and latest is from 13 April 5. Interestingly, the top box was produced by the RockTenn Company - the same company that has produced Remington boxes and trays for decades - and contains the same white styrofoam tray found in Remington 38 Special boxes of that time. Printing of Winchester's new design grey box began in mid Winchester continued using styrofoam trays.

July 21st,PM K Images: People said this kind of thing would happen if gay marriage was made legal. But dating ammo boxes? My opinions are my own and not necessarily those of my employer. Which is self evident, because my opinions are so awesome! July 21st,PM fidelity.

Cool beans. Would love to get some of the old Winchester boxes with the bear on them boxes in pristine shape - don't need the ammo. See them on sale on every so often.

Remember the red Savage-brand ammo boxes with silhouette of the Indian chief in full headdress?

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Boxes and ammo were made by Remington. Remington made the Savage ammo from untilwhen the Savage brand name was dropped. The last caliber introduced in the Savage ammo line was Winchester in - only four years before production ended. Add another collectible box to the list. Wonder if they had them in February 4th,PM foxfirerodandgun. Dating Winchester Boxes. I am a new member and have a question regarding the dates of manufacture of the following Winchester ammunition.

I could not really determine the dates using your information. I guess that I get confused easily. Winchester Super X. February 5th,PM d'Artagnan. In 87NG61 the date is the last four characters NG The date is read right-to-left so the digits reverse, 61 equates to 16, the G is July, and - because the year letters cycle every 20 years - the N is or or or Because its a blue and yellow, presumably bullseye, box it probably was So 16 July probably The lot number on your.

I found the only Winchester shotgun shell box I have and its lot is 36Y1KE21, the last four characters equate to 12 May and the K is or or or Since its a recent box I'm going with Your white box lot number 21Z1GA26 should be in the same format but the last two digits, reversed, would equate to the 62nd day. That doesn't fly. The A in GA would be January. The G would be or or or Since the orange and red banner white boxes ran from toI'm putting my money on So January Last edited by d'Artagnan; February 5th, at PM.

February 6th,AM foxfirerodandgun. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your input. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Remember Me?

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company. Photos and information courtesy of Randy Hedeen. Here are some typical boxes from the Peters Cartridge Company, covering most of the 20th century. Although Peters was established in , the scarcity of early boxes places those beyond the scope of this project which is to help date commonly. Feb 06,   Uploading restrictions force me to break up my work on dating Winchester/Western ammo boxes. Attached Files. WWBoxesdoc ( MB, views) Dating Boxes by Box Design I found the only Winchester shotgun shell box I have and its lot is 36Y1KE21, the last four characters equate to 12 May and the K is or or or . Dating Shotgun Shell Boxes your experience is one that you Dating Shotgun Shell Boxes will never forget. Find local exotic, beautiful shemales companions and playmates in all areas of the world including but not limited to: Post an ad/

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Antique-Vintage Peters Shotgun-Shot Shell-Empty BoxesGauge-Lot. sold in last 23 mos. for $ 12ga, Sears Roebuck & Co. empty Sears Roebuck & Co. 12 gauge shot shell box. vintage Mallard shotgun shell box Sears Roebuck 12ga Smokeless powder box only. sold in last 23 mos. for $ 12ga, Western Cartridge Co. Western, Winchester and Olin Box Date Codes (Please send additions, comments and corrections to [email protected]) On the IAA Forum, d'Artagnan has done some excellent research on Olin codes dating back to He has determined that Winchester ammo lot numbers on the boxes have included the manufacture date encoded Size: 1MB. The hunting shell box came with rounds of 10 or gauge, new primed or ujankossencontemporary.comimed empties. You can easily find most types of rare shell boxes on at reasonable prices. What kinds of companies produced shell boxes? Manufacturers of vintage shotgun shell boxes can be divided into three distinct categories.

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February 4th,PM. Join Date: Feb Posts: Frankford Arsenal. Frankford Arsenal Forager shell.

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Boyd Co. GF Fiocchi. Fowler American Gun Implement Co. Fowler Plating Co. Gun Exchange Modern Snap Caps. Hunter Arms Co Made by Wra. B Fisher Same as name some have Phila, Pa also on stamp. Henry Industrial. Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett. Ideal Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett.

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International Flare Signal Co. Kelsey Cartridge Co. Kelsey Pat. Apd for Kelsey Cartridge Co. Kent Kent Cartridge Co. Keystone Keystone Ammunition Co.

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes. The following reference document is presented in an Adobe Acrobat file. Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes (, M).

Krider Phila Eley John Krider. LC Lake City Ammunition. Liberty Display Fireworks Co. Flare Cartridges. Liberty Bulk Liberty Cartridge Co. LM Co. Lowell Cartridge Co. Later part of USC Co.

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Mercury, New Trap Mercury, Victoria? Meyers Bros. Meyers Brothers, Minnesota.

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Micro Hunter. Moran Moran Electric. Norwestern Northwest Cartridge Co.

Noramco Northwest Cartridge Co. C gauge A. L Howard or N. Y Club Oath. Orion Red Meteor. Pac Meteor.

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Pachmayr Snap Cap. Paragon, Paragon Shell Reloading Co.

Dating shotgun shell boxes

PMC Red Star? Savage Superior M. W Savage factories Inc. San Francisco Gun Exchange. Squires Henry G. Special By IXL. Standard Arms Co. Superior Mogul or Superior Guaranteed M. W Savage Factories Inc. Taylor Arms TEI. White Powder No.

V Clow Co. Back Home.

Waterfowling Heritage Series - Peter's Shot Shell Boxes

S hotgun 1 USA. Shotgun 5 Other Europe.

Note: Exact Shotgun Cartridge Identification requires the identification of both the headstamp, primer and the shell case. Many companies, such as Winchester may only place a "Winchester" headstamp on the cartridge base for various models of . This very Winchester Star Paper Shot Shell "Christmas Box" sold recently for $39, a record for a shell box. Two " Count Boxes" produced by Winchester and UMC. Each box held empty shells, and worth about $2,00 to $5,00 each. Each box contained new, empty shells for reloading. Two " Count Boxes" produced by Winchester and Eley. Make Offer - Vintage Empty Shotgun Shell Boxes Remington 12 Gauge Lot Of 20 Ammo Box Remington Shur Shot Small Arms Ammunition Wooden Shell Box 12GA Bridgeport, Conn $ 2h .

Headstamp Start Page. Curtis Steinhauer. Steel Lined A. Extra Range C. D in a diamond D. Wil Del X raised ST. Hunter L. Co Retriever SO. L Springfield Same name C. E Hart case Patented H. RF Flare Cartridge R. G MFG Co. G Brown Co. Smiths Smiths Graphited Cartridge Co. Double Eagle Alcan. Alcan Inc. Alcan Alcan. Alcan USA. Alcan Italy. American Jackrabbit. L No Gauge Special Gauge. American Eagle.

Black Prince. AC Co, Invincible. Extra Range. D in a diamond. Made in USA. Federal Monark Circa 's to mid 's. Gambles, Tiger. Herters Universal. Herters USA. Herters Pat. Co Retriever. C and NY Club.

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Amron -present A-Zoom Snap Caps. Ballistic Tools Inc. Bismuth Cartridge Co.

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L Springfield Same name Charles Daly. Colt Industries. Double Eagle. Dri Bore Snap Caps. Eureka California Powder Works -?

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company

F 6 92 No 20 Frankford Arsenal Forager shell. Observed with many different dates. E Hart case Patented. Hevi Shot Modern.

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